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There is one thing common between a sporty dude who likes to smash his opponents in baseball, an aggressive rugby dude, and a cool chemistry nerd. Any guesses?

It’s the protective gear that comes forth as their shining armor whenever things go south. All the protective gear is designed to protect sports players, healthcare workers, or anyone else for that matter, from unintended hazards.

Types of Protective Gear

The five primary types of protective gear:

Head Protection

The head protection includes, but is not limited to items like helmets, bump caps, hard hats, guards, and similar accessories.

Eye Protection

The eye and face protection gear usually includes safety goggles, visors, face shields, and other eye wear accessories.

Hearing Protection

The hearing protection part is covered by specific regulations and normally includes gear like ear plugs, noise meters, acoustic foam, ear defenders, and communication sets.

Hand/Foot Protection

This would include padded gloves and safety footwear.

Fall Protection

Fall protection gear comprises of knee pads, elbow and wrist supports, back supports, and fall arresters, etc.

Which Sports Use Protective Gear?

Honestly, the right question in this scenario would be, are there any sports that do not endorse protective gear?

Because you’ll find that most outdoor games make it compulsory for the players to wear one or more items for protective gear. Be it a loaded-jockstrap for protection of genitals or a fully-loaded protective wear.

From the top of line, these are some of the sports that use protective gear:

Motorcycling, Racquet Sports, Ice Hockey, American Football, Cycling, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Association Football, Skateboard, and even a game like Tennis/Table Tennis.

And the answer to ‘Is there any sports that does not endorse protective gear?’ is golf.   

Why Is Protective Gear So Important In Sports?

Sports are proven to increase your physical fitness, mental health, and self-esteem. But that’s only possible if the sports players manage to stay safe from the injuries. Especially children, they are always at risk for sports injuries and it can be prevented by using proper equipment and safety gear.

Moreover, safety clothing is just as important for any workplace. Stay safe, stay active, and stay productive, that’s our motto!

Protective Gear vs Protective Clothing

Something that confuses many out there is the difference between protective gear and protective clothing. Most people assume the term ‘Protective Clothing’ to be an equivalent of protective gear which may lead to confusion during online purchases.

Here’s the deal, Protective gear refers to actual gear that’s worn for job related occupational safety, such as laboratory attendants or welding. It refers to protective items such as guards, masks, shields, helmets, and such.

Whereas Protective clothing only refers to traditional pieces of clothing. 

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