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ABUS Gamechanger Helmet Review [2022]

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ABUS Gamechanger Helmet Review

Besides aerodynamics and lightweight, there’s not much that changed the bike helmet game for many years. However, cycling did advance quite a bit in this time and now riders look for better options and greater features in helmets such as adjustability, innovative safety protocols, comm systems and more.

The ABUS Gamechanger revolutionises the industry by bringing forward a bike helmet that is durable against impact, keeps the head cool, well-fitted but also reduces wind drag at high-speed cycling and optimises the features of the helmet according to the riding position – all of that in less than $300!

In this guide, we provide details on all the pros and cons of the ABUS Gamechanger along with an in-depth review of the bike helmet.

ABUS Gamechanger Helmet Features Review

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The ABUS Gamechanger’s hype is real in fact it has actually been worn and loved by Movistar pro cyclists! Here’s the complete breakdown of the expert-recommended bike helmet, complete with pros and cons to consider before purchasing it.

Shell Material and Safety

The hyped ABUS Gamechanger features a multi-shell exterior with in-mould construction offering lightweight durability on the road. It is impact protective, scratch and crash proof. 

The interior is lined with moisture-wicking pads as well as an EPS foam layer for extra protection. The shock absorbing elements of the ABUS Gamechanger complement the fitting of the helmet so the cyclist is protected at high-speed and long-distance rides.

Size and Fit

The ABUS Gamechanger is constructed in three different sizes: small, medium and large all of which feature an incredible fitting adjustment system called Zoom Ace. It is exclusive to the company and is used to create a flush-fit on the head without causing headaches or scratching the skin.

Design and Aesthetics

The industry-leading bike helmet is characterised by a streamlined profile which supplements the aerodynamics as well as the fitting of the helmet incredibly. The compact design particularly complements petite heads and narrow faces so they look extra cool on the road.

The ABUS Gamechanger is produced in eight colourways including a stark white and a glossy black. Each design is extra-focused to either be reflective at night (silvers, fiery oranges, neon reds and yellows) or perfect for a trendy ride out in the sun (blended galaxy ombrè and metallic blues).

The protective element of the bike helmet is further optimised by a multi-position design which prevents wind drag and balances the ventilation at all riding positions – even a downward head-tilt!

The intelligent design and aesthetics of the ABUS Gamechanger marks it a favourite among many cyclists and it’s not hard to see why. Despite being highly personalised, the company has managed to single-handedly cater to every niche of cycling with its design.


The biggest complaint of bike helmet users is overheating which takes the fun out of long distance riding and causes heat exhaustion. To counter the claims, ABUS Gamechanger implements an exclusive ‘forced air cooling technology’. 

It features massive vents that circulate cool air to the top of the head down to the neck and then expel the collected funky air from the rear at high speeds so sweat does not have to build up let alone cause heat exhaustion.

Since bike helmets only protect the top of the head down to the ears, wind noise can be loud and having massive vents can maximise it. However, the ABUS Gamechanger is whisper-quiet on the road.

Retention System

The ABUS-exclusive Zoom Ace technology comes with a retention dial at the back of the helmet that adjusts the fitting in small intervals. Although it does take a bit of effort, especially with thick winter gloves on, to twist it; the scratch-proof coarse chin strap supplements the dial fitting with a secure buckle and an ear-to-chin triangle webbing.


The ABUS Gamechanger weighs approximately two pounds which, albeit being heavier than most bike helmets, feels light on the head due to the clever engineering of the vents inside and the exterior multi-shell in-mould construction. 

Also, when fitted to perfection, the weight of the bike helmet is distributed evenly across the head so it feels like you’re wearing air on the top.

Comfort Level

The best features of the ABUS Gamechanger are supported by the efficient interior padding that includes strips of sweat-proof foam extending from the top of the head to the back so sweat doesn’t build up at the brow and run down the face, obscuring the vision.

Speaking of vision, the bike helmet also has pockets near the vent to securely hold eyeglasses and the convenience is maximised by the ponytail-compatibility of the ABUS Gamechanger.

Performance Limitation

Besides the dial retention system not being up to par with other bike helmets in competition, the ABUS Gamechanger is limited by its lack of MIPS integration. Experts are of the view that adding it in would increase durability against rotational impact which benefits the overall job of a helmet.


The ABUS gamechanger is priced around $171 and up to $260 for the large-sized helmet or the one with neon reflective colourways.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Multi-shell in-mould technology

  • Safety Certification:  CE EN 1078, CPSC 

  • Inner Lining: EPS foam

  • Retention System: Flutter-free skin-friendly straps

  • Ventilation: Forced air cooling technology

  • Sweat Proofing: Interior moisture-wicking strip padding

  • Sizing:  S, M, L

  • Adjustability: Zoom Ace technology

  • Fitting: Adjustable system

  • Weight: 2 lbs

  • Wind-tunnel optimised
  • Well-fitting
  • Scratch and waterproof chin strap
  • Ponytail-compatible
  • Built-in eyeglass-pocket
  • Impact protective
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Finicky retention dial

Final Thoughts:

True to its name, the ABUS Gamechanger bike helmet has topped charts with its incredible on-the-road features and clever engineering. Not to mention, the affordable price tag! 

It’s a must-have for beginner cyclists and recommended by experts for sport cyclists as well as long-distance riders. Pick one up before it leaves the shelves empty!

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