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Arai XD4 Helmet Review [2023]

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Arai XD4 Helmet

Motorcyclists of every trail – be it adventure riding, touring or off-road riding, have always been curious to see the next best launch of Arai helmets. Since its establishment in 1926, Arai has cataloged many of its helmets among the best available in terms of safety and comfort. The Japanese helmet manufacturer is also the first to achieve a SNELL certification and the first to produce a full-face helmet.

With such a grand experience, Arai has continued to launch premium quality brain buckets and their XD4 model is no disappointment. The recent update of the XD3 helmet features excellent ventilation, fantastic functionality and great comfort for off-road and adventure riding. In fact, it is popularly known as the ‘best ADV-touring helmets’.

Arai XD4 Helmet Features Review

Let’s go through an in-depth analysis of each feature the Arai XD4 helmet promises.

Shell Construction & Durability

Arai XD4, an improved take on the XD3 model, is constructed using an Arai exclusive CLC Complex Laminate design to offer exceptional strength and impact resistance. The CLC Shell Construction comprises super fibers or layers of fiberglass and makes the brain bucket rigid. 

The excellent fitment and great aerodynamic stability of the Arai XD4 allow motorcyclists to feel safe during long, short, and speed rides. Its high-grade durability makes it one of the safest options to consider when getting a helmet for dual-sport riding.

Safety Features

Arai XD4 positions itself among the safest helmets out there with a SNELL M2015, DOT, and ECE certification. The XD4 helmet protects riders on tough terrains, rocky roads, and competitive cycling through built-in multi-density polystyrene liners which absorb shock at all speeds. 

The XD4 helmet also incorporates impact safety measures such as the built-in EQRS or emergency quick release system that allows motorcyclists and medical aid to easily remove the helmet in case of an accident. Also, the incredible set of padding inside the helmet makes the rider feel secure against falls and tumbles.

Chin Strap

Although the XD4 features a chin guard, the chin strap used to secure the helmet is sized relatively shorter than a standard measurement and its D-ring fastener is designed near the cheek pad. Attaching the chin strap button to the D ring may prove difficult and constantly fiddling with it can be dangerous during speed rides and tough terrains.

However, the fit and adjustability options the XD4 offers help riders choose a custom option according to their head size and shape which considerably improves security and safety levels.

Fit and Adjustability

Arai XD4 is the only premium helmet that caters to every shape of the head. The shell is constructed in an intermediate-round oval design that helps tailor the helmet to every head and offers an excellent fitting. 

Regarding adjustability, the Arai XD4 comes in a whopping five sizes ranging from XS to 2XL so every rider can take the trails of their dreams with a perfect fit helmet.  

Apart from that, the Facial Contouring System adapted into the revised edition of the XD3 allows the rider’s cheeks to have a gentle ‘chipmunk’ effect elevating the fitment of the helmet. 


Having proper airflow during speed racing, adventure riding and off-roading bring even the worst helmets up a notch and the Arai XD4 tops every chart with its improved ventilation system which offers a multitude of internal air channels.

The dual-sport helmet uses venting as an alternative to anti-fog chemicals and involves two brow vents to circulate air across the rider’s head without fogging up the face shield. 

The XD4 features standard vent ports at the mouth guard front, three chin vents, and side cowl vents in its interior. For more control on the ventilation, it also includes a toggle mechanism.

That’s not all on the XD4’s premium ventilation mechanism. In fact, two more vents are available up top that can be opened or closed through a rocker switch. In addition to internal airflow, the Japanese helmet covers external airflow through two top rear vents that can be regulated and two vents below and behind the rider’s ear pads. 


The Arai XD4 weighs around 4 pounds and is one of the most lightweight helmets the Japanese manufacturer has launched recently. The updated design comes constructed in a special fiber laminate also known as CLC Complex Laminate by Arai. 

The use of fiberglass layers adds to the durability and rigidity of the helmet without making it heavy on the head. In addition to the extreme ventilation channels that aid in increasing airflow so riders don’t feel constricted, the lightweight of the XD4 also relieves riders of neck strain, headaches, and claustrophobia. 


Ventilation is not the only comforting advantage of the Arai XD4. With 5mm peel-away temple.pads built under the Facial Contouring System and removable, washable, and replaceable helmet lining; comfort is this brain bucket’s best attribute.

In addition, the XD4 turns all the winning knobs by implementing a Dry Cool technology in its complete interior. It is designed to keep riders dry and cool by wicking away moisture and heat aided by the wonderful ventilation engineering.

Additional Features

Though the excellent ventilation, innovative construction, and comfort system on the XD4 help riders understand the heavy price tag, its additional features justify it.

Firstly, the Arai XD4 offers riders a wide, crystal clear, unobstructed view of their trail with the use of a face shield in addition to the peak visor. Also, the peak visor minimizes sun glare with a matte black interior design. 

The helmet can be adapted to three different styles by removing either the peak visor, the clear face shield or both at the same time. 

Secondly, riders that prefer Bluetooth communication can also get the most out of their XD4 by utilizing the large ear pockets inside to fit their gadgets. 

Lastly, the dual-sport helmet is also compatible with glasses and offers enough room to fit them comfortably.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Fiberglass Shell

  • Construction: CLC Complex Laminate

  • Inner Material: Removable and Washable Liner

  • Impact Safety: Multi-Density Polystyrene Lining

  • Fit System: 5 Shell Sizes (XS to 2XL)

  • Weight: 4 Pounds

  • Ventilation System: Dry-Cool Technology with Large Cowl and Exhaust Vents

  • Interior Padding: FCS Cheek Pad System

  • Goggle Compatibility: Yes

  • Chin Strap: Standard D-Ring with built-in EQRS

  • Certification: DOT, SNELL M2015 and ECE Certified

What do we like most?

  • Exceptional Ventilation
  • Great Versatility

What we don’t?

  • Short Chin Strap
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

The XD4 model is a revolutionary launch among Arai’s catalog of premium helmets. Despite its hefty price tag, the Japanese helmet has been a fan-favorite among adventure and motocross riders.

Its excellent versatility allows riders to own a dual-sport, motocross, and full-face helmet all in one. In addition, the extreme ventilation system creates an environment of comfort for riders speeding during the hot summer days. 

Also, the durable construction on the XD4 is complemented by the use of fiberglass and positions the helmet among the most lightweight gears available. Though its chin strap may be a fiddle, the Arai XD4 delivers exceptional security with a DOT, ECE, and SNELL m2015 certification. 

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