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Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe?

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Bike helmets simply make sense as a safety equipment but most cyclists actually pedal without it. This is because the majority commute to work on bikes and carrying a helmet around adds bulk. To address the concerns, a few engineers came up with foldable bike helmets. In this blog, we rundown if they’re actually safe to wear.

What Benefit Do Foldable Bike Helmets Serve?

A foldable bike helmet collapses into half its normal size and eases the added weight of carriage on the rider. Besides reducing the weight, here are other benefits a foldable bike helmet boasts:

  • It is easier to carry to school and work as most of them collapse down 50% and fit in a backpack or a drawer.
  • They are nice to look at. Foldable bike helmets are an incredible conversation starter.
  • Generally, they are made by engineering start-ups so buying one supports a small business and gives you a novelty bike helmet.

Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe?

To be safe to wear, a bike helmet must undergo a safety test and meet the federal safety standards. Most commonly, CPSC testing is preferred as it is rigorous but efficient and checks off all the boxes. 

  • The outer shell absorbs most of the shock
  • The retention system is strong
  • The field of vision is uninhibited

Foldable bike helmets are CPSC-certified, just make sure there is a label stitched inside as well as a sticker placed on top.

What to Look For in a Foldable Bike Helmet

If you’d like to take a shot at wearing a foldable bike helmet, here are a few factors to consider before getting one:

Collapsing Shape

There are three shapes in which a foldable bike helmet collapses down:

  • Accordion Style: these foldable bike helmets are quite technical and collapse into an eye-catching structure.
  • Fold in Half: these foldable bike helmets collapse down to the size of the palm or reduce down at least 30%.
  • Top to Bottom: these foldable bike helmets are a crowd favourite as it is the easiest to carry around and weighs the lightest.

Weight and Aesthetics

Foldable bike helmets, despite the collapse, can weigh at least a pound which does not support the benefits of portability or even safety. Make sure it is lightweight and fashion forward so you can make an easy statement.

Comparison of the Best Foldable Bike Helmets

There aren’t a lot of foldable bike helmets available on the market today, despite the fact that the earliest one was launched over 25 years ago! Here is a comparison of the six best foldable bike helmets:


Safety Certification

Collapsing Shape



CPSC certified




CPSC certified

More than Half


Overade Plixi

CPSC certified

Down to palm-size



CPSC certified

Top to Bottom



CPSC certified

Folds in Half


Park and Diamond

CPSC certified

Down to wallet-size


There are a couple other foldable bike helmets but they do not come close to the user ratings these have. As seen above, most of them cap around $200 and this is primarily because of the complex engineering. 

Consumers do get the most value for money, especially with the foldable bike helmets above, in terms of ventilation, impact protection and adjustable fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Closca foldable bike helmet sold at the Museum of Modern Art?

The Closca foldable bike helmet collapses in a unique, top to bottom style that creates an almost science fiction-like structure. It quickly gained fame and became a fan-favourite. In honour of the innovative art, it is sold at the Museum of Modern Art.

Are foldable bike helmets expensive?

Yes, foldable bike helmets are on the higher end of the spectrum but considering the unique style and high-quality features, the price tag is justified. Most road bike helmets, on average, cost $50 to $300 and you get the same benefits plus an easy carriage in just $200

Do foldable bike helmets come with a carry bag?

No, foldable bike helmets do not come with a carry bag but most of them collapse down to half their size and weight which allows bike riders to easily fit them in a backpack or a laptop bag. Some even fold down to the size of a wallet or the palm.

Final Thoughts

There’s still time until foldable bike helmets are available at mass production but now that you know about the benefits and the factors to consider, try one out and amaze your friends with the cool new gadget that is functional and worlds better than the traditional bike helmets.

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