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Bell Bullitt Helmet Review [2023]

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Bell Bullitt Helmet

Vintage motorcycle helmets, also known as retro helmets, are more than just a means to protect your head. They are a timeless fashion trend, a nod to history, and a perfect combination of comfort, style, and protection.

There are a plethora of vintage-style helmets available today yet it’s rare to find a full-face vintage motorcycle helmet that offers eye-catching classic aesthetics, with all the conveniences one would expect from a helmet of the 21st century.

But Bell, with its innovative design approach, come up with a full-face retro helmet known as Bell Bullitt to satisfy the needs of antique lovers. However, with its stunning modern refurbishments, it provides outstanding protection and comfort for a modern-day rider.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Features Review

Let’s dive deep to explore the outstanding features this Bell Bullitt vintage helmet has to offer.

Shell Material

Bell Bullitt helmet features a 3K carbon fiber composite shell with a low-profile construction that makes it easier to wear and take off the helmet.

For the inside, it utilizes a Multi-Density EPS foam that ensures both comfort and safety while the genuine leather lining gives a vintage feel to the helmet.

Safety Features

When purchasing a helmet, the most important factor to consider is its safety and durability. Bell Bullitt helmet offers a high level of protection for riders with its 3K carbon fiber shell and multi-density EPS liner.

An adjustable chin strap with a stainless-steel D-ring clasp provides a secure and comfortable fit.

The helmet is DOT approved under the FMVSS 218 Standard. Moreover, its ECE certification and SHARP 3 stars safety rating make this helmet widely acceptable in the United States, Europe, and anywhere else around the globe.

Face Shield

One of Bullitt’s key features is its wide visor which offers unmatched peripheral vision and gives you the feeling that you might wear an open-face helmet.

Bullitt is one of the helmets that offer the broadest range of visors options with individually available colors. Some helmets come with a bubble shield while some have a flat visor preinstalled. You can easily remove and replace the visor with any color of your choice.

The flat visor is great to prevent visual distortions, while the bubble visor makes the helmet more ventilated and helps the rain run easier.

You can also use the helmet without a visor if you prefer to wear sunglasses or goggles instead.

Furthermore, the visor closed using the Bell magnetic shield closure system, which is incredibly useful and unique. With the help of magnets, the shield lock releases and closes in a snap.

It might take a while to get used to it, but once you do, you’ll probably love it.

Size and Fit

Designed to fit a rounder skull more naturally, the Bell Bullitt helmet is available in 3 shell sizes and 3 EPS sizes.

The helmet is more or less neutral from side to side but somewhat longer from front to back, so if you have an oval-shaped head you might need to alter the cheek pad size and thickness.

Make sure that you’re not feeling any additional pressure on any region of your head when trying on a helmet because for maximum safety, it’s necessary to choose a helmet that fits properly.


Despite being a retro helmet, Bell Bullitt is a well-ventilated helmet. It features four metal mesh intake vents at the front, above the visor. These circular vents serve as the major air intake vents.

The intake vent present on the chin region can be opened or closed to regulate the air intake within the helmet. It’s good to keep this open on a warm day, but if you want to keep the weather out, you can close it as well.

This chin vent will be useful to communicate with someone without removing the helmet. It also prevents fogging since it is next to your mouth.

The exhaust vent present at the rear of the helmet expels heated air from the helmet.

Together, all these vents guide air through the EPS channels effectively to give the rider a premium feel.

Noise Control 

While making a classy vintage helmet with profound safety and ventilation, the company overlooked the aerodynamic aspect of the Bullitt helmet’s design. Its wide visor has some leakage points from where you will get a pretty loud whistling noise, especially at high speed.

While the loudness is not severe and will not disrupt your riding substantially, this is not one of the quietest helmets as well. So, if you are on a very loud bike and likely to be going along motorways at high speeds, then this helmet is not for you because it will be too loud in this case.


As the Bell Bullitt is a vintage helmet that replicates the original Bell Star helmet, Bell put extra effort to make this an extremely lightweight helmet.

Weighing roughly 4 pounds, the medium-size helmet will feel as if there is nothing on your head.

Comfort Level

The Bell Bullitt helmet proved to be a strong competitor in terms of comfort and style. Aside from its exceptional ventilation and lightweight shell, the premium comfort of the Bullitt helmet concealed in a classic style has made it one of the most popular models of Bell.

For liner, Bell chose antibacterial and hypoallergenic top-grain leather that is removable and washable. It’s a fast-drying material, so you can easily wash and quickly dry the liner to feel fresh and free of odors.

You can also swap alternative liners and cheek pads to get a customized fit.

The tiny chin bar seems virtually nonexistent and gives you the sensation of open-face helmet comfort while providing full-face protection. 

Its well-cushioned leather strap is closed with a D-ring to provide secure your helmet, so in the event of a collision, it will not fly off your head.

3D cheek pads have a sophisticated microsuede feel to ensure a contoured fit, as well as it has speaker pockets to make communication easier and your rides more enjoyable.

Both the strap and the padding are antibacterial, so it is great for riders who sweat a lot.

Furthermore, with its 5-year warranty, this helmet will last for a long time and proves to be an investment in your comfort, safety, and looks.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: 3K Carbon Fiber Shell

  • Inner Foam: Multi-Density EPS

  • Face shield: Anti-Scratch Face Shield

  • Shield Lock: Magnefusion Shield Closure System

  • Communication System: Integrated Speaker Pockets

  • Weight: 4 pounds 

  • Ventilation: 4 Intake vents & 1 exhaust vent

  • Inner lining: Genuine Leather Interior

  • Retention System: Double D-Ring Leather Strap

  • Fit System: 3 Shell & 3 EPS Sizes

  • Certification: DOT & ECE 22.05 Approved

  • Warranty: 5-Year

What do we like most?

  • Vintage look
  • Wide Face Shield
  • Great Ventilation System
  • Genuine Leather Interior
  • Double D-Ring Leather Strap

What we don’t?

  • High Price
  • Not the Quietest Helmet

Final Thoughts

If you want a helmet that encapsulates the spirit of the retro look, is comfortable to wear, and provides sufficient protection to ride around town, then the Bell Bullitt will become the go-to helmet for you.

So put on your Bell Bullitt helmet with grace and hit the roads to fulfill your old-school riding fantasies.

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