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BELL MX-9 Adventure Helmet Review [2023]

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BELL MX-9 Adventure Helmet Review

BELL is a household name among expert motorists and their MX-9 ADV helmet highlights all the reasons why. The seamless profile, MIPS integration, aerodynamics and comfort characteristics are hard to come by, especially at a price point as good as this one. Here’s an in-depth review of all the good in the MX-9 ADV helmet.

BELL MX-9 Adventure Helmet Features Review

Since the MX-9 ADV helmet is a relatively affordable helmet, one might expect the performance level to be average but when it comes to BELL, every helmet gives more than it takes! Here is a brief overview of the features the outperforming ADV helmet provides:

Shell Material and Safety

Constructed in a light polycarbonate shell, BELL MX-9 is durable against impacts and highly efficient in preventing headaches or strain in the pressure points. 

The highlight of the MX-9 adventure helmet, however, is the integration of MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) that disperses rotational and impact forces outward, protecting the head from getting even a concussion. It is one of the most advanced forms of safety technologies created for adventure and touring helmets.

Even the chin strap closure is fitted with the most secure fastener available i.e a double D-ring. It keeps the head fitted snug and makes riding long distances a breeze.

The chin bar and the chin strap are padded as well to keep the interior feeling plush and the fitting secure. Since the interior is lined with a moisture-wicking liner, sweat doesn’t build up inside, the visor doesn’t fog up and the helmet does not feel stuffy.

Size and Fit

At this price point, one did expect BELL would compromise on the inclusivity of outer shell sizes, if not the features of the helmet; however, the MX-9 ADV helmet comes with a total of three outer shell sizes that would fit head sizes anywhere between XS and 2XL!

The padded interior including the cheek pads with the chin bar and the chin strap also facilitate better fitting of the helmet and most have reported that the helmet is true to size. This is especially helpful for beginners who are looking for a high quality, comfortably fitting helmet at an affordable rate.


The MX-9 ADV helmet by BELL is equipped with a removable, clear visor or face shield that is easily opened and closed using a ridge at the bottom of the helmet, an ideal position for most ADV riders. Also, it operates using a four-position ratchet that allows better airflow when the visor is cracked open, best during the summertime.

In addition, the MX-9 helmet comes with a removable, screw-adjustable peak that shields the eyes from low-lying sun and harsh UV rays. If the visor is fully open and the helmet accidentally hits the road, the peak protects the visor from getting scratched by the gravel which is a huge bonus.


After the MIPS integration, the biggest plus point of the MX-9 ADV helmet is definitely its aerodynamics. 

It is engineered with a velocity-flow ventilation system which, with the help of three chin vents and two forehead vents for intake and four rear vents for exhaust, circulate cool air from the front of the head to the top and then out from the back. 

With the interior liner a moisture-wicking fabric, cool air is channelled in and out without sweat building up or creating fog inside so every ride is a breeze, even if it’s 30°C.

Communication System

The BELL MX-9 helmet does not come Bluetooth-ready since it is an affordable, adventure helmet but it does include speaker pockets near the ears which can fit expert-recommended comm systems like the Sena SMH5s. The speaker pockets also keep the ears warm in the winter.

Noise Control

With the padded interior, sealed visor and carefully placed visors, the MX-9 ADV helmet is fairly quiet as compared to other adventure helmets. If it fits snugly and the riding position is right, it does work well in reducing wind rush noise and there’s no sound of wind whistling even while speeding on the freeway.


The BELL MX-9 ADV helmet weighs 3.5 lbs only which is incredibly lightweight for a polycarbonate helmet, especially one engineered with MIPS and an overhead peak. Also, the lightweight prevents any hot spots from forming at the temple, saving riders from heat exhaustion and strain during long distance trips.

Comfort Level

The comfort level on the BELL MX-9 ADV helmet is top-tier. Riders travelling long distances, speeding against the wind on tough terrains and going on adventures appreciate the high-quality moisture-wicking liner, its true-to-size structure as well as the option to comfortably fit eyeglasses or sunglasses.


We’ve been teasing around on the price of the helmet but it’s time we reveal it. You’ll be surprised to know that a MIPS-integrated, polycarbonate-shelled ADV and motocross helmet costs only $229! Considering they are priced well above $300, the BELL MX-9 is a must-have for beginners and experienced racers.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Lightweight Polycarbonate shell

  • Safety Certification: DOT and ECE certified

  • Inner Lining: Moisture-wicking, air channelled liner

  • Communication System: Speaker Pockets

  • Shell Sizes: 3 (XS - 2XL)

  • Retention System: D-ring closure and strap keeper

  • Weight: 3.5lbs

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • MIPS integrated
  • Durable shell
  • Secure fasteners
  • Comm-compatible
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Fairly quiet
  • Prevents hot spots

What We Don’t Like

  • The ridge at the bottom of the visor can get in the line of sight when it is closed

Final Thoughts

BELL MX-9 Adventure helmet offers riders incredible, if not the best, impact protection, ventilation as well as comfort from the plush interior. It is also quite convenient as it can be used with gloves, Bluetooth devices and eyeglasses as well. All of this in less than $250 is why it is an absolute steal of a deal for beginners, ADV/dual-sport motorists and experienced riders.

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