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Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet Review [2022]

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bell super 3r helmet

Cycling, since the dawn of time, has been under gradual advancement and safety may be one of the sport’s most overlooked requirements. Unless trail riding or competing, helmets have yet to be stamped as a prerequisite for daily commuting.

However, times have changed and more individuals now opt to commute by cycle owing to its convenience in time and cost. Also, it is energy efficient and now that renewable resources have been adopted globally, cycling helps cater to both individuals and the environment’s sustainability.

When done right, cycling can be one of the most rewarding aspects of one’s living and to do it right, helmets are mandatory. 

The Bell Super 3r is a leading gear in the advanced marketplace for helmets. With its convertible feature and easy adjustments, it is a pioneering technology for mountain riders

Addition of MIPS allows double protection upon impacts so if you are a trail rider or an avid daily commuter, Bell Super 3r is definitely an intelligent choice. 

Bell Super 3r Features Review

Let’s discuss the clever design features in-depth and understand what makes the helmet the best of the bunch. 

Shell Construction & Durability

Bell Super 3r offers an advanced improvement against the previous models with its efficient polycarbonate construction and minimalist design.

To excel its durability, Bell has pioneered the process of Fusion In-Mold, which helps the external shell and the internal EPS Foam lining to bond therefore, enhancing the helmet’s sturdiness.

Additionally, the integration of MIPS technology in the 3r model provides an added protection against accidents and forceful impacts by reducing rotational forces. 

Safety Features

Bell has brought in significant elements to encourage safe cycling in its Super 3r model which has helped daily commuters, trail riders and mountain bikers to cycle with added trust and convenience.

Its interior is made up of X-Static Padding that efficiently provides a cushion against heavy impacts and energetic forces. 

Also, the EPS Foam Liner is made up of quick-drying materials that prevents odor and inhibits bacterial growth from sweat and grime. 

Additionally, the helmet is constructed with breakaway features i.e. it has a camera mount which breaks away upon impact and attaches seamlessly requiring no zip ties or tape.

Chin Strap

Most riders, whether they may be on their daily commute or high up on a mountain trailing beyond measure, are discomforted by the constant wear of a helmet. 

However, Bell Super 3r offers a removable chin bar adding to the helmet’s clever design. Users report feeling much lighter with the no-fuss technology incorporated in the Super 3r. 

The wraparound protective chin bar requires no tools and has quick fasteners that attach the chin bar to the helmet when necessary without causing any delays.

Additional features include the No-Twist Tri-Glides that help manage strap positioning and helps attach the protective chin bar to the hemet with a simple 3-step connection process. 

Although the chin bar offers a protective element and is a significant advantage, it also exposes one’s jaw which may be a concern while riding and encountering a forceful impact. 

Fit and Adjustability

The Super 3r uses Float Fit System to adapt to one’s head improving stability, enhancing a fitted structure and easing the process of cycling during a mountain trail ride. 

The Bell Super 3r also provides convenience with the addition of rubber overmolded dial that helps riders adjust the fit of their helmet and customise it with a no-fuss mechanism.

Although the inner padding enhances protection against impacts and offers structure to the overall fit of the helmet, it may be a tight fit for some around their cheeks. However, it is removable and can also be washed clean. 


With 23 helmet vents, 6 vents in the protective chin bar and 4 brow ports, the Bell Super 3r offers exceptional ventilation during extreme heat and energetic rides. 

The process of Fusion In-Mold in the overall construction of the helmet aids in the addition of large sized vents while providing a lightweight structure, custom fit and a durable shell. 

The overbrow ventilation system is an excellent addition to the helmet’s improved design featuring 4 intake brow ports that cycle in cool air through the air-channel matrix for complete head ventilation. 

The Bell Super 3r ventilation system is considered a prioritized benefit against its many improvements and technological advancements.


Although the helmet weighs 784g for a size Medium, its well-ventilated structure and removable protective design reduces the feeling of heaviness without compromising on its durability and sturdiness.

Whether one rides as a daily commute, trails up a mountain or races competitively, the added feeling of a weighted structure allows some to feel safe and blanketed against energetic forces.


Bell Super 3r is a step forward in the marketplace for helmets with its technological advancements, minimalistic design and an improved profile.

The integrated process of In-Mold fusion combining the leading slip plane technology i.e. MIPS allows the helmet great sturdiness and blankets any injuries due to rough rides or accidental tumbles.

Lined with X-Static Padding, the cheek pads create an environment for safe rides and the added feature of silver fibres keep the area sanitary during sweaty days and foggy nights.

The Bell Super 3r model also adjusts both goggles and glasses and comes with an adjustable visor for maximum convenience and comfort.


With such improvements and convenience based advanced design, the $224 price tag on the Bell Super 3r seems justified. There may be contrasting products available in the market but the Bell Super 3r may still be considered as a one-of-a-kind under the label of user-friendliness.

It is a heavy investment and although the disadvantages may get you to take a step back, the fantastic features of the Bell Super 3r may have you pedalling back towards it.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate Exterior

  • Construction: Fusion In-Mold

  • Inner Material: EPS Foam Liner

  • Impact Safety: Anti-Rotational MIPS 

  • Chin Strap: Removable Chin Bar

  • Fit System: Float Fit System 

  • Ventilation System: Overbrow Ventilation

  • Interior Padding: X-Static Padding

  • Goggle Compatibility: Available

  • Certifications: US CPSC Certified

What do we like most?

  • Sturdy Mechanics
  • Well-Ventilated
  • Lightweight Fit System
  • Adjustable Dial
  • Minimalist Design
  • Quick-Drying Padding
  • Increased Protection through Breakaway Features

What we don’t?

  • Tight Cheek Fit
  • Minimal Jaw Protection

Final Thoughts

May it be tough terrains, rocky roads, high hills or murky mountains; the Bell Super 3r conquers every ride through its well-ventilated, lightweight and premium stricture. Its minimalistic profile and breakaway protective engineering allows it to be a fan favorite among riders.

Although an added jaw liner may take the Bell helmet to a monopolistic high, the customised fitting and well-padding contrast the disadvantages by a firm line. 

Bell Super 3r gears you up for a ride of a lifetime blanketed under the modern era’s best protective gear available.

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