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Bell Vortex vs Qualifier: Which Is The Better Choice?

Bell Vortex vs Qualifier

A lot of things are taken into consideration when you’re on a new helmet-hunt. Like the structure, size, and shape of the helmet, the retention capacity, visor, the inner cushioning, and most importantly the certification among many others. For people who take the protection during rides seriously, buying the correct as well as a suitable helmet is of supreme importance.

Some people also believe that all the helmets function the same, serve the same purpose, and have the same features – especially when it comes to the design and build of the helmets. But that is not entirely true. Despite so many features in common, some differences become visible when you combine a product with its alike-counterpart.

This brings us to the motivation behind writing this article – Bell Vortex vs Qualifier. We’ll help you choose the best of the two! To make things easier for you, we’ve made a detailed and meticulous comparison of the Bell Vortex and Bell Qualifier. We’ll be discussing the pros, cons, and special offerings of each and leave the final-decision making to your preference. Because let’s be honest, at the end of the day, it’s an individual’s requirement and need that defines one’s verdict.

Bell Vortex vs Qualifier

bell vortex vs qualifier


Noise is quite a concern when it comes to riding motorbikes. Although the ventilation system of the Bell Vortex is great, it comes at the cost of noise. The airy bottom offers great ventilation which is great for the rider’s comfort but the noise coming from all sides can get annoying.

Verdict: The Bell Qualifier wins for us in the noise department since it comes with padded wind collars that reduce wind and road noises. If you are okay resorting to earplugs, then Vortex is not a bad option at all!

Comfort and Hygiene

Both Bell Vortex and Qualifier come with removable and washable cushioning. They are not only easy to clean but offer excellent comfort as well!

Verdict: Even if you’re obsessive about hygiene and value comfort in your life, both Bell Vortex and Qualifier can be your go-to-helmets for all your regular-to-sports rides.


Ventilation is the most important feature that is considered after checking the protection capacity of any helmet. Poor ventilation does not only make the ride difficult but creates other health concerns for the riders like fatigue, nausea, and tiredness.

Both, Bell Vortex and Qualifier have Velocity Flow Ventilation systems that guarantee comfort to the rider. The Bell Qualifier has vents strategically placed all around the helmet but Vortex allows you to adjust it as per your needs

Verdict: If you are an independent spirit and like to manage things on your own then go for Vortex that has an adjustable ventilation system. The Bell Qualifier with the same velocity technology is also a great option.


The Bell Qualifier weighs 3.5 pounds whereas the Bell Vortex is around 6 pounds. As the Vortex helmet comes with Department of Transportation (DOT) certification while meeting the snell standards, it has gained some weight. So riding for long hours with the Bell Vortex Helmet can get a bit challenging.

Verdict: If you have no issues in riding with a heavy helmet, then go for the Vortex helmet but the heavyweight can get a bit uncomfortable. For less weight and more compact size and shape, you should opt for Bell Qualifier.

Appearance and Design

Everyone likes to look great and have a style statement that others know them for! Riders, be it of any sort, sure wants to slay their bike look. The Bell Vortex and Qualifier came in different designs but the Vortex one with so many jaw-dropping and good-looking styles and colors.

Verdict: Considering the variety of style, design, and colors available for Vortex, we believe it would be tough for Bell Qualifier to compete with it. But if black is your go-to color then Bell Qualifier shades of blacks will be a good fit for you!


Bell Vortex and Qualifier, both have polycarbonate shells that make them durable and strong. Their warranty and certification by DOT speak for the durability factor.

Verdict: Although both Bell Vortex and Qualifier are DOT approved, in our opinion, Vortex takes more numbers with its Snell certification. However, both helmets are DOT-approved and designed to ensure perfection. So choosing one in terms of durability is now a matter of personal choice. We leave this one to you.


Money matters and spending money on the right product matters the most. This is the reason we are starting with comparing the cost of the Bell Vortex and Qualifier. Looking at both the helmets with the lens of technical features they offer i.e. Polycarbonate shell design, washable interiors, D-ring lock strap, ventilation, and others, the one thing that sets Bell Vortex apart from the Qualifier is the variety of designs and difference in certification.

The Bell Vortex has many stunning colors and designs to offer and is also Snell rated.  Although Bell Vortex comes at a higher cost i.e. around $180 as compared to the $114 price mark of the Qualifier, both have the same features.

Verdict: If you have some extra money to spend on the looks and style of the helmet, you can choose the Bell Vortex helmet. Otherwise, you can go for the Bell Qualifier helmet and get ‘almost’ the same features at a lesser price.

And The Winner Is

The winner for us in terms of cost, size, design, comfort, and so many other areas is none other than the Bell Qualifier helmet. The Bell Qualifier doesn’t only have exquisite features but it’s also available at highly affordable rates.

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