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Bell Z20 MIPS Bike Helmet Review [2022]

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bell z20 mips helmet

Among Bell’s top of the line, premium road helmets is the Bell Z20 MIPS helmet. It is commendable of Bell to maintain their premium quality helmet around the price range of $200 offering a substitute to many high quality and advanced models available in the market.

If you are looking for a helmet with great comfort and ventilation then Bell Z20 MIPS is the perfect match for you. After years of examining the helmet’s qualities, fit and analysing feedbacks; the team at Bell came up with this unique progressive layering energy management system. 

The improved system utilizes two different layers of hard-shelled EPS foam along with the Integrated MIPS technology. The Bell z20 has a compact overall shape, sleek profile and is excellently ventilated.

This excellent model is further enhanced by the addition of a Float Fit Race retention system that focuses on height, with adjustables pads and tension. 

Bell Z20 MIPS Features Review

Let’s have a look at an elaborated review of Z20 MIPS to make sure you are getting what you are looking for: 

Shell Construction & Durability

Bell z20 has a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell and progressive layering construction that is engineered for advanced sturdiness and offers exceptional stability.

Its interior lining has dense areas in variety which helps reduce force of impacts during accidents, rough rides and competitive racing.

The model’s sturdiness allows it to be a trusted choice among mountain riders and daily commuters.

Safety Features

The Bell Z20 MIPS helmet also features an in-mold design which helps bind the internal EPS foam and the polycarbonate shell along with it’s progressive layering technology. The EPS foam shell of the Z20 is constructed with various densities maximising adsorption. 

Additionally, it is helpful in reducing secondary impacts, in case of a tumble which are quite common during mountain biking or competitive cycling on a terrain. 

It also features a dual laminate polycarbonate outer shell which accommodates better protection against minor impacts and in case of larger impacts, prevents it from splitting wide open.

Chin Strap

Although the Bell z20 helmet does not come with a protective chin gear, it does offer the addition of no-twist tri-glides that help position the straps well and customised to one’s comfort. 

The additional quick-adjust fasteners provide a no fuss element to adorning the helmet and prioritising being safe and steady.

Fit and Adjustability

Seamlessly integrated with MIPS, the Bell z20 model offers a Float Fit Race engineering that eases adjustments and helps in creating a customised fit against every size of head. 

The Bell z20 can be adjusted in three ways i.e. height, pad width and tension. Such features definitely help the helmet be an intelligent choice among riders especially those that may complain of non-inclusivity of size.

In addition, Bell’s Float Fit Race retention system utilizes a standard dial in the back to adjust the fit of the helmet. Although it may be a cause of pressure to some, all it would take is a little tug to dial it back into a customised position.


The Bell Z20 MIPS’ features 18 vents that work well with the Float Fit Race system and pedals in cool air for exceptional full head ventilation. 

The fusion engineering in its shell construction helps provide a durable and stable structure while also creating space to adjust large sized vents.

Overbrow ventilation is an added benefit which helps reduce heat strokes and feelings of claustrophobia while riding through heavy traffic, bumpy terrains and sunny fields.


Weighing 305 grams in a size Medium, the Bell Z20 MIPS may be a smart choice among riders that prefer a helmet with average weight. It provides riders with improved padding and protective layering during rocky rides, competitive cycling or daily pedals. 

As it does not come with a chin gear, some riders may report feeling heavy on the head and opt to discontinue wearing a helmet. But, its faults in feature do not compare with the added advantages of riding safe and steady. It is always important to remember that something is indeed, better than nothing.


Addition of sweat guides in the z20 MIPS model allows excess sweat to drip without getting in one’s eyes or on the lenses of one’s glasses. 

The X-Static and XT-2 Padding in its interior enhances cheek fit and adds protection to the back of the head reducing injuries upon impact.

Also, the lining is made of real silver fibers that inhibit sweat and grime from creating an environment for bacterial or fungal growth and causing odors. 

Provision of an extra pair of head pads also eases comfort while gearing up to ride on a mountain and be prepared beforehand for any accidents.


The price range of $200 may be costly for some but provision of excellent comfort and ventilation systems allow the helmet to position itself high up on the market tier. Its weight in measure and aerodynamic profile adds to the features that benefit riders in the long run especially during sunny rides and tough tracks.

Bell z20 MIPS has a variety of price tags available starting at $149.90 which allows one to choose safety over being gearless. 

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Construction: Progressive layering

  • Inner Material: EPS Foam

  • Impact Safety: MIPS-equipped

  • Interior Padding: X-static & XT-2 Padding

  • Chin Strap: Quick-adjust fasteners

  • Fit System: Float-fit-race

  • Ventilation System: Overbrow ventilation system with 18 vents

  • Goggle Compatibility: Available

What do we like most?

  • Efficient Fitting
  • Excellent Protection
  • Breathable Design
  • Highly adjustable
  • Exceptional Sweat Management

What we don’t?

  • Lack of a visor
  • Instructions may not be clear

Final Thoughts

Summing it all up, the Bell Z20 MIPS is a supreme all-around helmet. With an excellent price point, it offers exceptional durability, stability and sturdiness against rocky roads and tough terrains.

It is also the perfect option for you if you struggle to find a helmet that fits comfortably and adjusts to your liking. Its advanced features allow it to be positioned as one of the most advanced road helmets in the marketplace.

Although it has its disadvantage of lacking a visor, its superlative adjustability helps cover up any faults in the feature. The Bell z20 is an excellent choice for riders uphill and its safety features are a prioritized improvement. 

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