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9 Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots [2022]

Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Hey, adrenaline junkies, you know the importance of good motorcycle gear saving you from a lot of injuries.

You can’t wear an ordinary pair of motorcycle boots to hiking if you are adventurous. Just like other motorcycle gear, the adventure motorcycle boots are the first in line for defense against injuries. Even though adventure boots come in all shapes and sizes, what’s most compromised is the fact they aren’t sufficiently durable and comfortable.

However, as most brands claim to provide “waterproof” motorcycle boots they aren’t 100% water-resistant. When your feet are drenched in water, you realize wearing them all day long can be an obstacle in your adventure journey.

When purchasing the right adventure motorcycle boots, always look for CE certification along with water resistance. Do your homework and purchase right.

To lessen your burden, we have reviewed only the waterproof adventure boots, CE-certified and they are full in length. Besides, we have made sure to review the products that are expensive but worth every penny. Our strict review criteria will help shortlist according to your preference.

The 9 Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots in 2022

1- Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex

The top-selling Sidi Adventure 2 boots are lined with a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane constructed with top-grain leather with a fusion of split-grain leather.

They are exceptionally durable as it is lined with plastic support on the ankle area. Featuring a nonslip rubber role, with shin protection and ankle torsion control, these boots are fully CE certified providing TPU protection.

By looking at these boots, we can tell that they have been constructed with a solid thought and plan. A plus point is that it has a loop at the back so it is easier for you to take them off.

However, we have found out that these boots are stiff initially but they do mold with your feet after a few wears.

  • Highly durable
  • 100% waterproof
  • CE certified
  • Stiff initially

Our Take:

It is fair to say, we are impressed by how well engineered the Sidi Adventure 2 waterproof boots are. Constructed with a plan, these adventure boots have everything one can possibly ask for. It is comfortable, strong grip, and 100% waterproof. What else can one ask for?

2- Revit Discovery OutDry Motorcycle Boots

One thing you will find common in all motorcycle boots is that the design is pretty mediocre. The same average style with different features presented in the market. However, it is fortunate to see Revit going out of their way and thinking out of the box.

Revit features a lacing method to enhance comfort. The unique lacing method is a perfect match to get you on the roll. As far as the water-resistant qualities are concerned, this is lined with an OutDry waterproof membrane.

However, we recommend that you may want to go a bit size up as we have found out the sizing chart is a bit smaller than the regular.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Enhanced lacing system
  • Outstanding protection
  • Full-grain leather
  • Size issue

Our Take:

With innovations, Revit discovery OutDry motorcycle boots stand out from the rest. Constructed with full-grain leather along with an OutDry membrane, it is exceptionally hydrophobic. A perfect match to your skiing, hiking, and in short, adventures journey.

3Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex

The Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex is constructed by full leather and suede around the toe area. With their extra water resistance qualities, these boots are CE-certified. Offering sufficient protection, they incorporate an extra layer of leather panels giving enough protection during casualties.

In terms of comfort, the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex motorcycle boots give ventilation but since it’s highly water-resistant, it does not provide sufficient airflow.

However, we feel these motorcycle boots are more expensive than they should be. Costing about $500 per pair isn’t affordable.

  • Highly water-resistant
  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Made with full-grain leather
  • Expensive
  • Not enough ventilation

Our Take:

The Alpinestars Toucan boots are a great purchase only if you have enough practice with adventure motorcycle boots. If this is your first pair of motorcycle boots, we don’t recommend them to you. These well-engineered boots aren’t user-friendly for amateurs.

4- Kore Adventure Motorcycle Boots

We understand not everyone is ready to invest a fortune in a single pair of boots no matter how good they are. So here’s another choice, the Kore Adventure Motorcycle Boots are a perfect fit for your budget. Constructed with split-grain leather, these boots are waterproof with anti-abrasion breathable nylon.

The best part of these boots is that they have double stitching at high-stress areas giving increased protection. However, we feel that the top strap may be short for some riders.

  • Affordable
  • Full protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • The top strap is short

Our Take:

All in all, we understand finding the right motorcycle gear is extremely difficult. You can easily spend a thousand bucks and still be unsatisfied. However, the Kore Adventure motorcycle boots are an economical purchase. These boots give sufficient protection and are exceptionally water-resistant.

5- O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

Next, we have are the famous, O’Neal Men’s rider boots. With hundreds of positive reviews online, we found out that these boots are a perfect adventure plus sport motorcycle boots.

However, we wonder what’s the hype about, as they aren’t waterproof. Yes, that’s right! These aren’t water-resistant so this makes them ideal for hot weather. It is fascinating to see a pair of boots with no water resistance qualities and still famous in the market. This is because of the exceptional comfort and protection level it provides.

Made with synthetic leather, the cushioned insole gives extra comfort with MX inspired front toe cap and an air mesh interior. They have an excellent ventilation system.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent airflow
  • Not waterproof

Our Take:

These boots are a good entry-level purchase. If you have been into adventure motorcycle gear for some time, we wouldn’t recommend these as they are quite basic. A great purchase for beginners.

6- Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex Road Boots

The Sidi Gavia Road Boots are made with full-grain microfiber material. It has the famous GoreTex membrane allowing proper water resistance and airflow. These boots are all-year-round wear.

What’s best about these boots is that they are extremely lightweight. However, as much as it is a good thing that they aren’t heavy, we are quite concerned if they will provide sufficient protection.

These boots are CE certified and a polyurethane cap surrounds the ankle area. So we can assume the protection levels are average. 

  • CE certified
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy on and off zipper opening
  • Stiff initially
  • Too light in weight
  • Average protection

Our Take:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SIDI has done a fantastic job making these boots. Well constructed and all-year wear. If you are looking for adventure boots as well as for commuting, these are a winner.

7- Richa Adventure Boots

Richa Adventure boots are made with leather and lined with waterproof membranes. However, they lack protection and this is why they are pretty cheap in comparison to others.

With a combat-style bole, these boots consist of a buckle closure with a velcro strap. Moreover, they have soft padding inserted around the ankle for providing comfort. The waterproof lining isn’t Gore-Tex, so we doubt the quality.

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Lack of features
  • The average degree of protection

Our Take:

The very basic, Richa adventure boots are pretty outdated. In contrast to other motorcycle boots, we feel the manufacturers could have done a better job. However, if you are looking for something basic, these boots may be for you.

8- Gaerna Balance Oiled MX Boots

We rarely see companies making a transition of boots servicing dual purposes. However, the Garena Balanced oiled boots are motocross boots as well as adventure boots.

Constructed with full-grain leather, these boots consist of a three-piece buckle system and the good news is, the buckles are replaceable. So, they can be changed frequently ensuring a level of comfort.

Moreover, they are 100% waterproof as they are lined with Gaerna Drytech membrane. With a gum rubber sole making it exceptionally comfortable.

However, these boots aren’t cheap at all. With the exceptional quality to provide, we think the pricing is pretty fair.

  • Comfortable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made with full-grain leather
  • No drawback

Our Take:

Surprisingly. The only flaw we found in Gaerna Adventure boots is that they are too good to be true. With 100% water resistance providing excellent comfort and protection. These boots are the perfect wear all around the year.

9- RST Adventure 2 Boots

Next, we have is the talk of the town, the famous, RST Adventure 2 boots. One of the best-selling adventure boots, they are constructed with reinforced leather. The best part of them is that they are fully CE certified with a PU shin, ankle, and heel protector. Besides, these are equipped with memory foam giving comfortable ankle support.

Moreover, there is a two-buckle closure system and an abrasion-resistant panel. Lined with SinAqua waterproof membrane, these boots are water-resistant and keep an average airflow.

Starting at a very competitive price, these boots are packed with features. However, with our research in customer reviews, we found out that there is a good sum of unsatisfied customers. Some complained of not being waterproof enough while these boots didn’t last longer than the rest.

  • Feature-rich
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • CE certified
  • Lined with SinAqua membrane
  • Not 100% waterproof

Our Take:

While researching RST adventure 2 boots, we are quite double-minded. While we saw unhappy customers, we also see that these boots have an above 4-star rating and a huge group of happy customers. Before purchasing, we recommend you do your homework.

What to Consider Before Buying Adventure Motorcycle Boots

CE Certified: when it comes to buying adventure boots, always look for CE-certified labels on them. A CE certification label makes boots reliable as they must have gone through a number of tests before coming on the market.

Waterproof: during adventures, you are prone to get your feet drenched in water. Always look for a solid waterproof membrane like Gore-Tex or DryOut membrane. As much as the other water-resistant membranes are good, these two provide top quality.

How To Choose The Right Adventure Motorcycle Boots

It’s always a good idea to look through a significant number of products before investing a huge chunk of money in a single pair of motorcycle boots. Here’s a list of the features you should keep in mind while doing your homework.

Brand: Always look for famous brands. Look for customer reviews, research the adventure boots well and avoid buying it just because it’s anything famous especially if you find it online. Brands like Alpinestars, Sidi, Forma, O’Neal, Rev’It can be trusted blindly.

Price: Never buy anything that is cheap. With cheaper prices comes poor quality. Remember, you invest in quality, not in the boots in particular. The more you pay for the quality the longer the last you. We never recommend items that are cheap.

Armour Protection: Of course, this is the most important point when buying the right adventure boots. Here’s a quick checklist of must-haves while researching:

  • Tough shin protection
  • Strong toe area protection
  • Brilliant ankle support

Sizing: For motorcycle boots, finding the right size is extremely important. Always go a size higher so your feet can have enough room to stretch and they aren’t too tight. However, it is ideal to try them and walk around in them before making the call.

Retention System and Flexible Sole: Top-notch clasps and buckles are a must. However, look for boots that have replaceable buckles. Moreover, look for boots that are rock-hard rigid to give maximum protection but feel good during off riding. They should have a flexible sole with providing comfort.

Ankle Protection: Finding the right motorcycle boots is difficult. But always look for boots that give maximum toe and ankle protection. Here’s a pro tip: around the ankle area, try flipping it across. If it flexes, it doesn’t provide sufficient ankle protection and you should look for another option.

All-Day Comfort: You need boots that are all-day comfortable. High degree water resistance, sufficient level of protection, and comfort. These three points should never be underestimated.

Off Bike Adventures: We understand investing in adventure motorcycle boots can be difficult but look for overall comfortable products. Off bike riding and adventure touring, all in all, they shouldn’t be comfortable during adventure riding particularly. Look for well-engineered motorcycle boots giving sufficient flexibility.

What Goes Best With Adventure Motorcycle Boots

As much as we recommend finding the right adventure motorcycle boots, it is important we understand that the adventure boots aren’t only sufficient to give maximum comfort. Adventure socks go hand in hand with your adventure boots making a lock and key combination. These socks manage temperature and moisture.

Adventure Motorcycle Boots Pricing

  • $100-$200: In this pricing range, you are likely to find boots that give average protection. They might be waterproof as much as they should be. However, your research will help you figure it out.
  • $200-$300: With this scale is a bit expensive but the motorcycle boots are likely to give an excellent quality with enhanced features.
  • $300- and up Adventure motorcycle boots mostly range above $300. These expensive products are a one-time investment but worth every penny spent. Of course, investing in a single pair of boots that cost you a fortune isn’t easy but we recommend you try purchasing these.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots?

Regular boots arent heavy duty. They provide an average degree of protection and comfort. But motorcycle boots are chunkier, heavy, and give maximum protection.

Is it important to get boots a size bigger than the usual shoe?

Yes! Some manufacturers recommend going half-size up but what you need to check is the size, length, arch, and width of the boots. Going a size bigger can result in blisters or other foot problems. It is recommended to consult a shoe advisor at the store.

Is it necessary to take care of motorcycle boots?

Not all brands require frequent care regimes. Different boots have different needs. But it is recommended to take good care of them so they last you longer. Moreover, the leather should be cleaned and polished to maintain its integrity.

Is it necessary to wear adventure motorcycle boots?

It is extremely important to wear the right adventure motorcycle boots to ensure safety and protection. Motorcycle boots made for commuting, off riding, or for other purposes aren’t very useful during an adventure. Adventure motorcycle boots are designed in a way to give you better quality protection.

Why don’t motorcyclists often tuck jeans into their boots?

We often come across motorcyclists not tucking their jeans. This is because tucking them in means the water can run down into your jeans and them into your boots eventually dumping them. But tucking jeans into boots also lowers the risk of getting caught in a chain etc. this is a personal choice to make as both of them have their pros and cons.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest with one another. We usually wear our regular motorcycle boots for those adrenaline-filling rides and we are all guilty of it at some point or another. So, let’s be clear on the fact that we can’t wear regular boots to our adventures. I mean, we can but where’s the fun in losing a regular beautiful piece of footwear to an adventurous wear and tear?

Why not invest in a sturdy piece of motorcycle boots that give us exceptional protection with comfort? Moreover, these motorcycle boots go perfectly with your journey and make you look like a pro. It’s a win-win situation.

These boots stand out from the rest of the motorcycle boots. Now that we have reviewed only the top-quality, supreme, and the most-sturdy motorcycle boots out there. We tried to make the list as precise as possible to save your time, and provided you with relevant information as you need to take your pick, you need to take the lending hand that is offered and make the call. And just like always, we assure you, you don’t regret purchasing these. And that’s our voucher! 

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