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16 Best Baseball Cleats [Ultimate Review]

Baseball Cleats

When it comes to sports, wearing the right type of shoe is necessary. You cannot just put any footwear on and start playing on the field. It will not only make you uncomfortable and harm your feet but also affect your ability to play better.

Baseball, which is a popular sport in many countries, has the same requirements. Since the baseball game is played on dirt, grass, or turf, the right baseball shoes should be able to provide better traction, allow for easy direction changes when running, and increase performance on these surfaces. The best baseball cleats can help keep you moving in the right direction by adding stability and grip to each move, whether you are playing on natural grass or an artificial surface

Lightest Baseball Cleats

Wearing lighter cleats while playing baseball provides several benefits, including less braking (and therefore less impact), less muscle strain, and lower energy output.

The lightweight cleats not only feel good on your feet, but they also help you run faster and perform better, regardless of which position you play. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques, such as less stitching, fewer overlays, and lighter midsoles, allow manufacturers to create cleats that are both light and comfortable while still providing excellent traction and grip. We review some of the best lightweight baseball cleats to help you decide which one is right for you.

Adidas Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Cleats

Adizero Afterburner V is the lightest baseball cleats Adidas has ever made. These sleek-looking cleats feature a full-length Litestrike EVA midsole with double thickness, which reduces cleat pressure on the sole while also increasing comfort. The distinctive feature of the Afterburner V cleats is their outsole Sprintframe plate that offers solid steel studs with a rotational adhesion zone to improve traction and provide unrivaled grip. The iron skin toe cap provides excellent toe-drag abrasion resistance. It also extends the cleats’ lifespan by acting as a buffer against the wear caused by repetitive toe drag.

The new Comfortable Mesh Lining and revolutionary Sprintskin Upper offer incredible comfort while minimizing weight, and the bootie construction technique offers a lightweight, sock-like fit and increases ankle support.

  • Lightweight Cleats
  • Sock-like Fit & Feel
  • Additional Ankle Support
  • Litestrike EVA midsole
  • Outstanding Rotational Traction
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Comfortable Mesh Lining
  • Less breathable
  • Narrow

Our Take:

Afterburners V is distinguished from other baseball cleats by its sleek design and a wide variety of color choices. You’ll be able to choose the best color to match your squad. Since the baseplate provides excellent traction, you can easily show off your high speed on the field.

New Balance 4040 V5 Baseball Cleats

The 4040 V5 cleats from New Balance successfully combine the performance-enhancing technology with classic footwear styling. These swaggy cleats feature a full-length REV lite midsole foam that provides excellent support and comfort during hard matches. The 8-spike plate with TPU molded cleat outsole provides stability and grip on both rough dirt infields and grassy outfields, giving you great traction and solid footing.

With their Kinetic stitch synthetic upper and lightweight rubber sole, they’re easy to run in without feeling like you’ll hurt your feet because you’re wearing cleated shoes. Moreover, it has an extra TPU film overlay on the toes to provide additional support in this region.

  • Breathable
  • Secure Fit System
  • Flexible Kinetic Stitch TPU-coated upper
  • Ultra-light REV lite midsole
  • TPU Molded 8-Spike Plate
  • Size running small
  • Difficult to break-in

Our Take:

New Balance 4040 cleats are available in a low mid metal cut, low and mid plastic cut, and turf, giving players more choices to match their style and needs. The lightest among all is the one we review here. It’s a bit expensive, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

Under Armor Yard MT Baseball Cleats

Since the first-yard model was launched in 2008, UA has been improving these yard cleats season after season. The new Yard MT model features advanced Microtips that are thinner, lighter, and 33% sharper than other traditional spikes, giving you more comfort, traction, and reduced cleat pressure.

For added comfort, a softer, more secure heel pocket has been added, along with a textile forefoot, and breathable mesh toe box.

The insole features a new molded SuperFoam sock liner to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption, as well as internal traction within your cleat.

The Midfoot construction has been upgraded with a Charged Cushioning midsole that provides ultimate lock-in fit, allowing you to be more confident in your footing, while helping you run faster and perform better. These cleats have a lightly cushioned tongue and collar, as well as a mesh lining for added comfort. Aside from that, the lace-up closure can be adjusted for a custom fit.

  • Molded heel with soft heel pockets
  • Charged Cushioning Midsole
  • Advanced Microtips Technology
  • SuperFoam Sock liner
  • More spikes for Great Traction
  • Less Durable

Our Take:

With these UA Yard cleats, you don’t have to choose between the comfort of molded cleats and the traction of metal cleats anymore. It fits and feels like a running shoe, and the latest UA Micro Tips provide outstanding traction. More spikes and a wider base ensure stability and comfort, resulting in an even faster feel.

Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite 2

Nike designed these Lunar Ultrafly Elite 2 cleats to ensure multidirectional movement for baseball players on all fields. They are constructed with a durable synthetic upper with a Nike logo imprinted on both sides. For improved traction on the ground, these molded baseball cleats feature a hybrid stud pattern that consists of 6 metal studs and 2 TPU studs. On both sides of the cleats, traction swirls are molded into the plate and traction wings are also present that engage with the ground and allow for easier pivoting movements.

These Nike Cleats keep you save from sliding by preventing sideways movements even at high speeds. Also, the mesh upper has a skin overlay for added breathability.

  • Hybrid stud pattern for improved traction
  • Mesh upper increase breathability
  • Asymmetrical tongue and laces
  • Comfortable and Flexible
  • Flywire Technology
  • Expensive

Our Take:

The Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite 2 is specially built to provide extra grip and stability when running at high speeds. Their asymmetrical tongue and laces provide lateral support to the foot, making them a great choice for all players regardless of the type of field they are playing on.

Best Molded Baseball Cleats

Molded baseball cleats are the most popular among baseball players, especially in youth leagues because they provide protection along with long-lasting comfort. They also provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces and allow for easy direction changes when running.

The right pair of molded cleats proves to be highly durable and can last throughout the entire season. So, to help you decide, we’ve put together a list of some of the best molded baseball cleats. Let’s take a deep look.

Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Baseball Cleats

The UA Leadoff Low RM baseball cleats are the perfect molded cleats for maximizing any innings, whether you’re in the outfield or up for batting. They are constructed with a synthetic and patent leather upper that is abrasion-resistant and ensures optimum durability. Perforations in the toe box improve breathability, while mesh tongues provide excellent ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry during the game. The cleats are rubber-molded, resulting in increased traction for all field surfaces

The collar and heels are also padded with soft cushioning and the full-length EVA midsole evenly distributes cleat pressure under the foot, providing great comfort.

The low-cut design allows for plenty of mobility around the ankle, and the reinforced toe cap adds extra protection.

  • Perforated Toe box Increase Breathability
  • Full-length EVA Midsole Minimize Cleat Pressure
  • Padded Collar and Heel
  • Lightweight Rubber Molded Cleats
  • Toe Cap Protection
  • Affordable
  • Sizes Run Small

Our Take:

The UA Leadoff Low RM is one of the most comfortable and affordable mid-level Baseball Cleats that provide great traction. These attractive-looking cleats fit well, with no blisters from trying to break them in, and are easy to clean and maintain. They’re also ideal for people with a wider foot.

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Dominant TPU Molded Baseball Cleat

Mizuno is a popular sportswear company that is well-known for producing high-quality equipment to help athletes perform better on and off the field. Outfielders who don’t need metal cleats love their 9-spike advanced dominant TPU molded baseball cleats. These lightweight and comfortable baseball cleats feature abrasion-resistant synthetic overlays with reinforced stitching at the toe to provide structural support, durability, and protection. A unique lace-up style ensures a secure fit when playing, and dense padding on the tongue and collar provides added comfort.

Mizuno’s Proflex technology regulates shoe flex for improved efficiency in all major baseball movements, including running, batting, and throwing. Spikes is a 9-spike device on a synthetic outsole made of high-end molded TPU material that keeps you steady on any field.

  • Proflex Construction
  • 9-Spike Advanced TPU Outsole for extra traction
  • Comfortable heel to toe cushioning
  • Low-Cut Design
  • Not great for Wide footers

Our Take:

These advanced molded cleats of Mizuno have proven to be an outstanding non-metal cleat choice for players as they are designed to alleviate any worries about comfort and protection, allowing players to better concentrate on their performance and can compete at a high level.

Adidas Afterburner 6 Grail MD Cleats

Afterburner 6 Grail cleats by Adidas offer a one-piece upper with a wide lacing system and seamless design-build for a secure fit and feel. The upper, lateral, and medial sides of these cleats feature lightweight Sprintskin-material, which is a layer of mesh that helps to improve breathability. The rubber cleats and lightweight overall construction provide powerful traction and the ability to run faster and make rapid movements even at high speeds.

The tongue and collar also contained mesh along with comfortable padding. The shoe is constructed from a single piece and features a molded rubber outsole that provides sufficient cushioning as well as effective traction and grip on any surface. As a result, they’re more durable and long-lasting than their predecessors.

  • Abrasion Resistant Ironskin Toe Cap
  • Molded Rubber Outsole for great traction and extra grip
  • Lightweight Overall Construction
  • Wide Lacing System for Secure Fit
  • Narrow for Wide Footers

Our Take:

The Adidas Afterburner 6 cleats are ideal for baseball players looking to gain pace on the field, due to their lightweight construction and secure wide lacing system. They’re also one of Adidas’ most affordable cleats, with all of the amazing features of premium versions.

Nike Vapor Ultrafly 3 Keystone Molded Baseball Cleats

The Nike Vapor UltraFly 3 models are constructed from high-quality material for a stylish look and a comfortable fit and feel. These baseball cleats feature a sturdy synthetic upper with a supportive textile inner lining. The lightweight foam cushioning around the raised collar protects the ankles without losing mobility and also adds comfort.

The Nike Fastflex Outsole has 8 molded cleats in the forefoot and 4 molded cleats in the heel to help deliver traction effectively.

The lightly padded phylon midsole gives quick-step comfort for both practice and play. The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit while a TPU mesh tongue is included to keep your foot cool.

  • 12 Rubber cleats configuration
  • Fastflex Outsole
  • Ankle Support
  • Full-length Phylon Midsole
  • TPU Mesh tongue Increase Breathability
  • High Price

Our Take:

These elegant and modern-looking shoes are built to provide multidirectional movement on all field types, from grass fields to dirt and mud. Making these cleats exactly what you need to win the game.

Best Baseball Cleats for Pitchers

On the baseball field, the pitcher is the most important player, with the primary responsibility of throwing the ball to the catcher while staying on the mound.

Pitchers must stabilize their bodies to throw harder and faster, which is why a right pair of cleats is necessary for pitchers to perform better. Metal cleats are preferred for pitching because they provide a greater grip on turf, dirt, and grass. Since pictures have a habit of dragging their toes in the mud, cleats with reinforced toes last longer and work better for them. Take a look at some of the best metal cleats available for pitchers.

Mizuno 9-Spike Dominant IC Low Metal Baseball Cleat

The Mizuno 9-Spike IC low metal cleats are perfect for baseball pitchers. The IC in their name stands for innovative comfort, as there are no stitches for seams on the inside of the shoe to irritate your foot when you’re playing.

The 9-Spike configuration on the outsole improves traction mobility. The patented flex construction manages shoe flex for improved performance and feels in all three major baseball movements.

When hitting and fielding, the incorporated Mizuno Wave technology absorbs energy as players plant their feet and make aggressive plays, which is critical when pitching.

The full-length Euphoric X Midsole is present to withstand the shock of continuous movement on the ground and to have a bounce-back function in the midsole to improve performance on the baseball field. The bootie will help you get a custom, secure fit while still providing the necessary comfort.

The no-sew mesh and synthetic upper keeps your feet cool and dry while still providing durability.

  • Strategically positioned 9-Spike Configuration
  • Proflex Technology
  • Highly stable Base
  • Mizuno Wave Structure provides ankle support
  • Bootie Construction
  • Narrow

Our Take:

Mizuno’s 9-Spike metal Cleats provide a perfect fit for players, and the insole has a gripper function that helps to reduce power loss while making rapid movements, such as stealing a base, pitching, or throwing.

New Balance 3000v4 Metal Baseball Shoe

The New Balance Baseball Metal cleats are built to provide flexibility and excellent traction. This latest L3000 V4 model has many of the same features as previous 3000 versions, but one of the new features is the Full-length fresh foam cushioning in the midsole, which makes these cleats 20% softer than their predecessors. It also has a TPU mesh upper and an 8-spike traction shield. The woven geometrical pattern on the upper is one of the most visible features, which adds a little more flair to the design of these cleats.

New Balance’s baseball cleats feature textured elements in the sock liner to maximize breathability and grip between the sock and the cleat, enabling you to change directions easily and perform better on the pitch.

The mesh upper has a supportive padded foam collar that wraps around your ankles and prevents irritation.

Flexibility and protection are enhanced by the updated outsole plate. These fresh foam Cleats offer the lace cage tongue which keeps laces tucked away for a clean uninterrupted look.

  • Lace cage tongue design
  • Full-Length Fresh Foam Midsole
  • Synthetic mesh upper
  • Ankle Protection with padded collar
  • Lace Cage Tongue
  • Less Durable

Our Take:

New Balance cleats have become a lot more stylish and have many color options. They are super lightweight and have great durability. You can’t go wrong with these New Balance 3000v4 cleats at this price point.

Under Armour Yard Low ST Baseball Cleats

Under Armour Yard, ST Baseball Cleats are designed to provide the fit and feel of a running shoe, but with better traction, so you can play baseball effortlessly. These cleats feature soft suede panels that provide added stability and a secure fit. In the insole, high-rebound SuperFoam is used to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption. The flexible collar and additional cushioning around the heel and tongue ensure greater Step-in comfort and support.

The Charged Cushioning Midsole works great to convert impact into power and speed. The 9 metal cleats on the rubber outsole provide aggressive traction and excellent grip on a variety of surfaces.

The plush sock liner conforms to your foot perfectly and the tongue’s well-ventilated design keeps you cool all game long.

  • 9 Metal cleats Provide Aggressive Traction
  • Breathable Plush Sock liner
  • Charged Cushioning Midsole converts impact into power and speed.
  • Padded Heel and Collar
  • Ventilated Tongue
  • Less Durable

Our Take:

These UA Yard Cleats are light and look like a shoe, so if you’re looking for pace rather than a heavy cleat, this is the shoe for you. These cleats outperform many other brands while still being less costly.

Nike Air Clipper 17 Metal Baseball Cleats

The Nike Air Clipper 17 baseball cleats are fully made of synthetic leather, providing excellent support and defense. The Phylon midsole has soft and supportive padding, while the outsole has a sturdy 9-spike setup with three metal cleats at the heel and six upfront. The Nike Air sole device in the heel region provides unparalleled impact defense and shock absorption with every stride. Perforations on the toe box and tongue increased the breathability of these cleats.

Flywire technology on lateral cuts hugs the foot and keeps it tightly locked in position, which is essential for better performance on the field. The synthetic upper is sturdy and easy to clean and maintain, making these cleats ideal for long-term use.

  • Flywire technology
  • 9 Metal Cleats
  • Nike Air Unit in Heel
  • Perforated Toe Box
  • Less Cushioning at the heel area
  • Not Very Flexible

Our Take:

Nike Air Clipper Metal Cleats provides exceptional stability, acceleration, and performance for top-level play. It could take a little while for them to break in, but once they do, they’ll provide a soft, comfortable fit.

Best Baseball Cleats for Catchers

The catcher bears the most responsibility than any other player on the field. That’s why wearing the best gear is important for a catcher to successfully lead the team. Catchers should avoid rubber cleats and use metal cleats instead. Metal spikes give the catcher more traction, which is important when catching a pitch. Catchers are constantly on their toes, so durable cleats with reinforced toes will be more beneficial.

Catchers prefer low cleats with comfortable insoles because they allow for more ankle stability to crouch behind the plate for longer periods. It’s also important to have high-quality, long-lasting cleats so that you can wear them throughout the season.

If you want to be a catcher but aren’t sure which cleats have all of the requisite features, look through the list below.

Under Armour Glyde St Baseball Cleats

The UA Glyde St baseball cleats are great for catchers as they have a Lightweight, durable Synthetic upper with an abrasion-resistant toe overlay that adds protection and stands up against strap and studs. They offer a molded 4D foam footbed for all-day comfort and support and a lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit. On the inside, there is a fabric lining for a great in-shoe feel. The bottom is equipped with a rigid ArmourGuide TPU outsole with 9 metal blades that deliver optimal traction. Full-length ArmourBond Midsole provides Cushioning and evenly distributes cleat pressure for lasting underfoot pressure.

The Glyde ST is made with Charged Cushioning with a soft midsole padding that adds in quick movements and impact absorption.

Glyde ST cleats also feature a toe cap on each cleat, which is important for catchers as it adds to toe protection and cleats durability.

  • Molded 4D Foam Insole
  • Full-length ArmourBond Midsole
  • Breathable
  • ArmorGuide TPU Outsole Provides Rotational Traction
  • 9 Metal Cleats for Extra Grip
  • Forefoot Flex Grooves
  • None

Our Take:

Under Armour worked hard to make their Glyde St cleats as comfortable as possible. All its innovative features work great to prove a game-changer for catchers.

Mizuno Vapor Elite 7 Low Baseball Cleat

When choosing the right cleats for the catcher position, you can’t go wrong if you stay with some of the large shoe companies and Mizuno is one of them. The Mizuno’s Vapor Elite 7 baseball cleats feature premium dynamic synthetic leather for superior feel and durability, comfort, and breathability. The full-length EVA Footbed offers excellent shock absorption and an overall feel of premium cushioning.

The innovative 9-spike design with all-metal cleats provides excellent traction, stability, and quick movement for catchers.

Furthermore, the makers of the Vapor Elite paid special attention to the soles, which are now more absorbent and comfortable than previous editions. Pro-flex was added specifically to facilitate irritation-free forefeet movements and extra synthetic padding provides enough shock absorption for the forefoot and ankle. The lightweight air mesh tongue offers protection and ventilation to your foot.

  • Affordable
  • Provides Rotational Traction
  • Proflex Construction
  • Metal cleats provide excellent traction
  • Full-length EVA Midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult to break-in

Our Take:

The shoe is lightweight, weighs only 11.5 ounces, you will feel the difference when you just need a little more speed from home to first. These cleats are available in a wide range of colors so you can choose according to your style or match your baseball kit.

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro Low Baseball Cleat

The Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleats features a lightweight, durable textile and synthetic upper with a soft interior to provide a comfortable fit while also allowing your foot to breathe. The Flywire technology on the lateral sides of the laces wraps around your forefoot and offers a snug fit, and the lace closure provides a locked-in foot feel. On the basepaths, the Nike zoom unit is completely encapsulated for flexible performance. The deep cushioning in the midsole, combined with a solid outsole with cleats on the foot, keep you comfortable and steady.

The upper leather material has a lot of paddling in the footbed, and the midsole is made of Phylon, which gives you more energy and comfort. The stiff back serves as a break-in buffer and prevents ankle injuries.

  • Flywire Technology Provides Secure fit
  • 12 TPU Cleats for Better Traction
  • Ankle protection
  • Phylon Midsole with deep Cushioning
  • Less Comfortable

Our Take:

The Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball cleats are ideal for catchers in leagues where metal plates are not allowed.

New Balance 4040 V4 Metal Baseball Shoe

New Balance knows how to satisfy its customers by creating high-quality cleats that uniquely combine technology and comfort. Their metal baseball cleats, the 4040 V4, feature a new lightweight footplate that provides excellent traction and grip while also reducing stud strain. The upper is constructed of a lightweight TPU mesh with strands woven into the fabric for a more durable and relaxed feel than standard mesh.

The midsole is bounded to the plate and the one-piece toe protect also connects to the plate providing additional defense in high-abrasion areas.

The REV lite midsole in this pair of cleats is lightweight and provides underfoot cushioning and support for all of your necessary catcher movements. It also prevents socks from slipping inside the shoe and feet from slipping out.

The studs are positioned in a circle at the forefront to help the cleats penetrate the ground effectively and provide more grip.

You can also tuck your long laces into the lace cage to get a cleaner look and uninterrupted speed.

  • Full length REV lite Midsole
  • Synthetic TPU Mesh
  • Lace-Cage
  • Strategically Positioned Metal Studs
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • A Bit Narrow

Our Take:

The anatomical shape of these 4040 V4 cleats offers a more natural baseball fit that contour to your foot nicely. They always look great and have proven to be a tough shoe that handles the beating of a full baseball season.

How to Choose the Right Baseball Cleats?

When it comes to buying or wearing the right pair of baseball cleats, there are several things to consider. In this guide, we’ve put together a detailed explanation of all the important features you should consider before making your next investment.


Baseball cleats are available in three different styles to fit the needs of different players. These are:

  • High top: these cleats provide additional ankle Protection, but they also limit the player’s mobility.
  • Mid-top Cleats: They are more comfortable than high-top cleats and also provide ankle cover.
  • Low Baseball Cleats: Low baseball cleats are perfect for speed because they provide unrestricted mobility and are a favorite style among pitchers, but they do not provide ankle protection. They are also very comfortable.

Cleats Types

Baseball cleats offer different cleat types to suit various field conditions. Players must consider their positions (infielders, outfielders, pitchers, catchers) and the type of field (dirt, grass, or turf) they will be playing on, before selecting the ideal baseball cleats for themselves.

  • Metal: They are best for pitchers, catchers, and infielders that play on soft dirt, as they provide a stronger grip and better traction that players need while running and braking. Similarly, for a catcher, it is important to have metal cleats because traction is a must behind the plate. Steel is the most common metal used in these cleats due to its hardness and toughness. Certain baseball leagues, especially at the youth levels, do not allow metal cleats because they can be dangerous when making sudden movements.
  • Molded plastic or rubber: Plastic is the most common form of spike because it is both inexpensive and easy to mold. The difference between rubber and plastic cleats is that rubber cleats typically have grooves and small protrusions in the center of the sole or around the edges. Plastic cleats, on the other hand, have a limited number of grooves in the same place. Although they have thick, hard plastic studs around the sole’s edge, rubber cleats are a more durable choice because they are attached to the outer sole and provide adequate stability.
  • Turf Shoes: Turf shoes are ideal for batting cage use because they hold the foot close to the ground and provide enough traction without putting the player at risk of a foot injury. You can wear turf shoes to get extra grip on any field where wearing metal or molded cleats is restricted. They are great for coaches as well.
  • Interchangeable cleats: These are metal-and-mold hybrid cleats. They’re normally attached to the foot and can be taken off after the game. However, these cleats are usually heavier than other fixed cleats.


Cleats are costly, so it is important to know about their durability before buying. They should be durable enough to last for an entire season. Cleats’ durability is determined by the material from which they are made.

Many cleats have less leather and more mesh. Mesh is lighter but it can rip more easily. If you are looking for durability, look for one with less mesh throughout the shoe. Also, after the game, feel pride in cleaning your shoes. It looks good and will help your shoes last longer.


When purchasing baseball cleats, look for shoes that fit snugly throughout the foot, with no slipping off the heel or sliding in the toe box.

When shopping for cleats, try to put them on with socks to ensure that they are the correct size for you. The cleats should be securely fastened so that your foot does not slip around on the inside, which is important for keeping everything in place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I clean my Baseball Cleats?

What you need is a wet rag or an old toothbrush dipped in a soap solution to remove all the caked-on dirt from your shoes. Dip the rag or toothbrush in a warm solution and scrub out the dirt gently. You don’t have to go crazy on them, it may damage the cleats material. After that, wipe it clean with a clean cloth and let it air dry.

Is it bad to wear my cleats on concrete?

It’s risky to walk on concrete while wearing baseball cleats as it can hurt both you and your cleats. This is because the spikes on the cleats might not be able to effectively grip the floor. you should remove your cleats as soon as possible when you have to leave the playing field.

Can soccer cleats be used for Baseball?

It will be difficult for a player to play both games with the same shoes because of the difference in stud pattern. However, you can wear still soccer cleats on a baseball field. But you can’t wear baseball cleats to play soccer. This is because baseball cleats have an extra toe stud, which can be risky during a soccer match.

Final Words

Baseball cleats are essential to wear, but selecting the right pair from the numerous choices available can be challenging. You must consider many factors before picking the right pair for yourself, including your position and role as a player on the field. Metal cleats are preferred in the infield because of greater traction while outfielders prefer plastic spikes because they are more durable and lighter.

In terms of brands, all of the big brands’ cleats we review in this article are excellent (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Mizuno, New Balance). The decision is completely up to you. Choose from the list above whatever feels most comfortable and appealing to your styles and needs.

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