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The 5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets of 2023

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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

We have all heard the elders go ‘safety is key!’ as we struggled against their hands trying to fit us into a helmet when the kids ran outside to ride on their cycles. As we grew, so did our rides and now that you’re perched on a motorcycle, ready to speed towards the mountains and the seas, a bike helmet is one thing you must be wearing. 

Although having a protective headgear on can feel quite confining, with the right choice and investment you can get one best suited for your trips and tours. There are multiple varieties of helmets available in the market and one of the most popular choices among riders today are motorcycle helmets with an integrated Bluetooth system. 

Imagine speeding through the mountains with your best bud in tow, communicating on phone calls well despite the harsh winds and noise of traffic without having to stop on the way. Sounds too good to be true? We are here to tell you it’s definitely possible and available right down to a click.

Bluetooth motorbike helmets offer a built-in intercom system powered through wireless network that allows you to be protected and feel included among your group of riders at the same time. 

Bluetooth helmets are definitely an emerging technology and we understand learning about the technical details can be quite overwhelming. To help you narrow down to a perfect choice, we have provided a comprehensive guideline on all the best available helmets in the market and how you can choose the one best suited for you.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

You deserve the best there is and although biking gear can be quite a purchase, with the right investment you can have substantial returns year after year. We have highlighted a few of the best bluetooth motorbike helmets available to help ease your purchase decision.

1. Sena Impulse Modular Mesh Intercom Helmet

Recommended by Experts – Most Comfortable

A popular name among the rider community, Sena is a brand that continues to produce excellent, revolutionary models and its Impulse Mesh Intercom Bluetooth Integrated Mod Helmet is another bang for an average buck.

If visors tend to discomfort you but you are afraid wayward debris may enter your eyes, the modular visor on the Sena mesh intercom helmet is going to be just right for you because it attaches and detaches easily. Another note of ease, the chin guard lifts on the press of a button and transforms a full face design to a flip up model. 

The Sena model seems to be designed on a ‘everyone’s favorite’ model with its removable chin curtain, retractable sun visor, a 4-vent design and a tail light. So whether you’re fond of having extra protection or can do without, the Sena helmet adjusts accordingly.

Integrated Bluetooth 3.0 system helps you pair with a whopping 24 riders on a varying 18 hr talk time and 4 way i-comm. Also allows you to make, receive and reject phone calls with one touch. Jam to your favorite song, navigate through tricky roads and listen to a good podcast on FM Radio with just a click of a button.

  • Voice commands in eight languages
  • Premium speakers and microphone
  • Excellent Bluetooth System
  • Compatible with certain Sena models only.

Our Take:

Sena helmets are considered to be of the top available in the market so if you see one available with functions and technologies to your liking, grab as fast as you can it’s not going to stay there long.

2. Sedici Strada II Parlare Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Durable Choice – Most Lightweight

An exceptionally durable and robust design, the Strada II Parlare by Sedici offers intense impact and shock absorption. It is outfitted with a proprietary shell which consists of fiberglass and Kevlar blend, providing exceptionally light weight while maximizing strength.

It comprises a dual visor system i.e has a Pinlock-ready anti-scratch clear face shield and a drop down sun visor. With the ventilation system the Parlare has, every ride of yours is going to feel cool and breathable. 

Helmets, generally, have lingering smells of the food you ate, a bad area you took or through sweat. The Sedici Strada II Parlare, however, has a multi-density EPS liner and removable cheek pads that absorb sweat and clean efficiently. 

Though it is only 3.3 pounds in weight, the model offers excellent protection even against rain and does not stress your neck on long rides. Additionally, the priority feature on this helmet is definitely its Bluetooth v4.1 integration and the range it offers. 

The built-in intercom system lets you connect to up to 4 riders at a 1000 m distance with a 8 hr talk time and 7 days on standby making communication easy and convenient. A definite game changer if you like to travel with friends or join groups as a regular activity. 

The Bluetooth system, also, has a one-button mechanism for all its operations from calling, receiving and rejecting to streaming music, FM radio and navigating. Now you can ride hands-free without having to stop on the way because your favorite song changed. 

  • Lightweight
  • Great Impact Protection
  • Waterproof
  • User Friendly Design
  • The visor may fog up

Our Take:

The Sedici Strada II Parlare is a revolutionary Bluetooth helmet with user-friendly design integrated and an excellent unit in place. Consider a purchase if you’re looking for a lightweight, functional design on a motorcycle helmet.

3. Sedici Sistema II Parlare Bluetooth Modular Helmet

Premium Choice – Easy to Maintain

With such exceptional models available, it definitely gets harder to compete. However, the Sedici Sistema II Parlare Motorcycle Helmet is constructed in an advanced fiberglass and Kevlar blend and is a lightweight structure. 

There are two points of high-flow ventilation and three rear exhaust ports on the Sedici model and if that hasn’t got you onboard, it also features removable liners and cheek pads that clean easily so you do not have lingering smells in the helmet. The chin strap is a double D-ring and the model comes with a dual visor system.

The Bluetooth 4.1 arrangement pairs automatically with available devices, allows pairing with up to 4 riders at a 1000 m distance and offers a 8 hr talk time with 7 day standby. The module works on multiple timed presses.

  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Advanced Bluetooth System
  • The timed presses may take some getting used to.

Our Take:

The advanced Bluetooth unit on the Sedici Sistema II Parlare Helmet gives enough reason to consider purchasing it. Although it may take some time to get used to the controls, the specific guidelines available ensure hassle-free learning.

4. BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Optimal Choice – Best Ventilation

Inspired by European designs, the BILT Techno 2.0 Sena is a sleek helmet with a hi-tech polycarbonate construction in its shell and chin that is also injection molded to provide lightweight durability. It is equipped with advanced EPS technology and is a compact structure offering all the protective features a bulky helmet might.

Its incredible venting system comprises intake ports and chin-mounted airflow vents making every ride of yours breathable and comfortable. 

The attachments of the BILT Techno 2.0 have a slider-based, drop down sun visor and a one-button release mechanism on the chin bar latch which allows you to ride without discomfort and disturbances. Also, the foam liner is removable and machine washable.

The main feature of the 2.0 Sena model is its integrated SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth v3.0 system that ensures compatibility with Android and iPhone. It comes with two speakers, 8 hours of continuous talk time and 7 day on standby.

Additionally, the model has a waterproof, glove-friendly control system and noise-cancelling microphone. It boosts the audio automatically in noisy environments, voices out GPS instructions when needed and shares music on all smartphones.

  • Well Ventilated
  • Sleek Structure
  • Waterproof Control
  • Easy Latch Release
  • May cause noise disturbances at high speeds.

Our Take:

The BILT Techno 2.0 Sena is a comfortable, sleek Bluetooth helmet and though it may have some noise disturbances on high speeds, the easy control system adjusts it nicely. The integration is seamless and works perfectly on all rides..

5. Sena Outrush Smart Helmet

Stylish Choice – Most User Friendly

A modular helmet design, the Sena Outrush model is a definite consideration if you are looking for a stylish, functional and HD network quality in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 

The smart helmet carries a 3-way ventilation system constructed in a multi-density EPS foam liner and lightweight shell. Such excellent construction allows you to ride comfortably even in the hot summer days and breathe in fresh air all year round. Also, the Outrush model has a drop-down sun visor with an additional face shield offering intense protection from the sun’s glare and flying debris. 

The Outrush is also user friendly and eases the process of control using a Jog Dial. No matter the speed, you can ride safely with the controls customized according to your standard. 

The Outrush model outweighs the other available helmets with a Bluetooth 3.0 integration that helps deliver crystal-clear sounds. The Advanced Noise Control technology surrounds you with a quiet, ambient environment and keeps away disruptions during intercom transmission. On a single charge, the helmet can be used for 15 hours of talk time. 

  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Good Audio Range
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Intense Sun Protection
  • Takes time to break in

Our Take:

The Outrush model is lightweight and a comfortable structure that has excellent ventilation and protection against the sun so if you’re a rider fond of the hot, summer days get the Sena Outrush model and ride the best rides of your life.

How Is A Bluetooth Motorcycle Better Than A Traditional Helmet? 

We get it, Bluetooth helmets just sound like a splurge right now since bike rides generally only need protection. The rest of the cool features may seem like an add-on but they serve a good advantage over the traditional motorbike helmets. Here are a few:

GPS Navigation

Definitely a must wherever you’re riding, through the mountains or to pick up a friend from an unexplored location. Having a Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet saves you the discomfort of drawing up your phone, trying to see past the harsh sun or hear through the slapping wind. Simply pair your device, mark the map and listen with convenience. 

Multimedia Source

No ride is complete without a good jam going and with Bluetooth paired and speakers installed into the helmet, your rides will feel right out of a movie! The only con here is you might get caught singing louder than normal. 

Uninterrupted Communication

The most dangerous part of riding is reaching a bumpy end and getting into an accident. It also does not help that most accidents occur because riders reach for their phones while riding either to relay their location to a friend or get to their destination faster. However, with a Bluetooth integrated helmet you can easily make calls, receive from a friend and even communicate when riding in tandem. 

Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Safe To Use?

Having a network surrounding the most sensitive part of your body in a confining space can sound quite disturbing and understandably so. Bluetooth functions on a data transfer network and though it is wireless; it works through wave signals. The wave signals emitted are short-range and of a mild intensity; they do not harm the human body.

Fortunately, the Bluetooth unit on a helmet has a wave signal frequency relatively less than your average smartphone’s and most of the transmitting devices are installed outside the helmet. So yes, Bluetooth helmets are absolutely safe to use and pair with any device available.

What To Consider When Buying A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet? 

Although we have highlighted the very best Bluetooth integrated headgear available in the market, we want you to be certain on your choice of purchase. A brief checklist on the helmet features you must be on the lookout for when getting a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has been provided below.

Bluetooth Range

Always check the maximum reception range on your helmet when considering a purchase. Personal Area Network or PAN has restricted coverage for Bluetooth and the maximum reception range can vary between 33 ft. to above 2,300 ft. Your riding setup ultimately determines the kind of range you should go for.


Before purchasing a Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet, remember to check on the units its Bluetooth system can cover. If you’re a regular traveler or like to commute with a selected few friends, get a helmet that can connect to all your travel buddies in tow. 

Area of Usage

Although a traditional bike helmet can cover the wind slaps on adventurous rides as well as the traffic noise when riding through the city, Bluetooth systems on motorbike helmets function differently in every area because of range distribution, obstructions and climate. If you’re a city rider, look for helmets that adapt to the noise and if it rains or hails a lot where you live, consider getting a waterproof Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet.

Voice Prompt Signal

One of the major advantages of having a Bluetooth unit integrated in modular helmets is communication and accurate navigation. However, if your helmet needs to be manually controlled to receive calls or mark your destination; the whole point of ease is defeated. Look for modular helmets that have a voice prompt feature to activate any setting and enjoy a safe, hands-free ride. 

High Quality Sound

A Bluetooth system integrates a microphone, an amplifier, speakers and a boom mic into its complete installation on your helmet. If the sound quality is bad to average, none of the components will work in harmony and your helmet may generally be of no good use. Having high quality sound available is a must-consider when shopping for a good brain bucket.

What Are The Different Types Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets? 

There are only two types of Bluetooth helmets available in the market but the variety in each can get you scratching your head real fast. Fortunately, with the considerations above and the general guidelines given here all you’ll have to choose is the type of modular helmet you want to go for. Each type is briefly described below.

Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmets

These modular helmets have the Bluetooth unit built-in and offer a holistic solution for purchase. Although they have a steep cost attached, a hands-free completely automated helmet appears convenient, remains sleek and isn’t subjected to human errors that might undermine its features.

Bluetooth Devices With Helmet Capability

If you have been riding through trips and tours for ages, you might not be keen on letting go of your trusted helmet. It is comfortable, fits nicely and works well but you would also like the benefit of the technologies. This is where you look for Bluetooth devices that are compatible with helmets. Depending on your choice of Bluetooth device, installation can be a simple attachment on the side or require a few drills and screws. Also, the boom mic the device comes with varies on the type of helmet you have so choose wisely. 

How To Get The Best Fit Helmet?

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you can be a challenge especially when it comes down to sizing it customized to the circumference of your head. It is crucial you choose the right size, though, for the helmet to offer impact protection. We have listed down a few steps you can follow to ensure you get the right size helmet even if you choose to purchase online. 

  1. Select the right style of helmet. Open Face helmets are least restrictive while Full Face helmets are most protective. Modular helmets are a mix of the two and offer good coverage for trips and tours.
  2. If you have the choice, go to the shops and try the helmet you have shortlisted. It is a definite game changer and the staff may also recommend a better helmet.
  3. If your helmet is padded well, you may have ‘chipmunk cheeks’ on a good fit. Move the chin bar and see if the helmet slides, go down a size and if it stays and your cheeks move, it is the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Bluetooth function on a motorcycle helmet?

The wireless data transfer network of Bluetooth allows you to connect your devices with your helmet and easily make calls, stream music and navigate accurately eliminating the dangerous act of using your phone while riding. Modular helmets with integrated bluetooth systems have a small battery to operate the short-range network and with correct use, talk time can be held up to 11 hours!

How much do bluetooth motorcycle helmets cost on an average?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets generally have a good-sized bill attached to them but with the functions and features it offers, the pricing seems justified. Depending on the quality, design and size of the helmet you choose, the average cost of a bluetooth helmet can be anywhere between $150 to $300 and above.

Is bluetooth installation difficult on a motorcycle helmet? 

No, installation is pretty simple. First, inspect and ensure the padding of your helmet has enough space to fit the bluetooth gear. Then, identify the ear pockets and cut around the foam liner to mount the speakers. Remember to clean with an alcohol swab beforehand. When the position seems appropriate, drill a hole for the retaining clamp and screw in the amplifier and microphone to the sides tightly. Press the connectivity wire into the liner to keep away securely and test your installation by pairing it with your mobile phone.

Are bluetooth motorcycle helmets too heavy to handle? 

Motorcycle helmets weigh around 3.25 to 3.50 pounds on an average. The weight of a helmet you choose can feel different on every head. A lightweight helmet one size too big can slide around and feel heavy due to improper weight distribution. Whereas, a heavier helmet that fits the circumference of your head perfectly may feel secure and lightweight. The size, design and fit of a motorcycle helmet decides how heavy or light your headgear can feel. 

Is a helmet Bluetooth system worth it?

Is a Bluetooth helmet a good investment? Bluetooth helmets offer a number of benefits to a motorcyclist, such as the possibility for wireless communications and navigation, and the possibility to listen and interact in audio. Bluetooth helmets don’t cost as much as normal helmets.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle gear can be quite expensive, to say the least and when they’re so up on the priority scale, all of it can seem too much too fast. However, getting a bike and riding through the mountains is not a dream for a few with all the advancements today. 

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets allow you to handle your rides with ease, safety and extreme security. With your favorite music streaming, a good view and your best bud in tow, a good ride can amount to one of your bests in life. 

Technology is the greatest revolution of our time and it would seem like a heavy buck gone to waste if we aren’t there to fully witness it. Investing in your dreams can get the world turning on your feet and with such a comprehensive guide provided to you, the world awaits you perched on a bike – protected, safe and jamming to the best music.

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