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8 Best Budget Motorcycle Jackets in 2023

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Budget Motorcycle Jacket

Riding a motorcycle can only be fun when you are protected from head to toe. According to experts, wearing less protective gear while riding a bike increases the risk of serious injuries.

Protective clothing has the greatest ability to reduce rider injuries in collisions and jackets, which are arguably the next most essential gear after helmets, provide the most coverage against impact. Wearing a high-quality protective motorcycle jacket is important for your safety whether you are just riding around town, or going for a long trip.

The main goal of a jacket is to protect you appropriately in the event of an accident, a collision, or a fall. This is why Jackets for motorcycles are designed specifically to protect the rider against impact. They have protective features called armors on the shoulders, elbows, chest, and back to serve this purpose. Many jackets also include reflective elements that give riders added safety at night.

Together with impact protection, a motorcycle jacket also offers an additional layer of weather protection. It will keep you warm if it’s chilly outside and keep you dry if you are caught in the rain.

However, most jackets with ultimate protection and high-end features are pretty heavy on the pocket. It may seem a bit tough to look trendy and be safe while on a budget.

But no worries. In this article, we have come up with 8 of the best budget motorcycle jackets that provide great protection at an affordable price.

Let’s take a look at some of the finest budget motorcycle jacket reviews so you can save tons of money and most importantly your valuable body with just one purchase.

Best Budget Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Without any further ado, let’s get into the features of the best budget motorcycle jackets that are available within the price range of $60 to $200.

1. Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Our Top Pick – Best Fit

The Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh jacket has a removable waterproof breathable liner that performs well, keeping you cool and dry throughout summers, while the removable thermal liner helps to keep you warm and cosy on chilly days.

A full-sleeve mesh liner for the arms ensures ample cooling. It also prevents dust from entering the jacket by tightening the waist and sleeves.

The jacket contains CE-approved shoulder and elbow armors to ensure your safety when you hit the road. There is No backplate, however an insert can be added in mere seconds within the rear armour pocket.

For hot days, the ventilation and heat regulations can be maintained by folding down the collar.

Its external shell lining and Neoprene-lined collar give comfort in all weather conditions. 2 handwarmer pockets are there, 2 internal pockets, and a single zippered chest pocket inside that lets you keep all your important items safely.

  • Chest, back, and arms are equipped with mesh inserts
  • Oversized zipper for easy open and close
  • Waterproof rain liner added with mesh
  • Arms are insulates
  • Back Plate not Included

Our Take

If you live in a country where you meet all four seasons with a lot of weather extremes, then Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh is the perfect weather-protecting jacket for you. Sedici jackets are available in three different colours and sizes from extra small to 5XL, so riders can truly customise their fit and appearance for riding a two-wheeler.

2. Scorpion EXO Vortex Air Motorcycle Jacket

High-Quality Choice – Most Versatile

Scorpion EXO offers premium revolutionary motorcycle jackets with tremendous quality for more than ten years. Their Exo Vortex Air jacket is made with a combination of Rhino-Mesh, which is three-fold more abrasion resistant than conventional mesh, and regular large-scale mesh.

This innovative construction allows the Scorpion Vortex Air jacket to deliver up to 30% more airflow than normal mesh jackets.

The incorporated 600D polyester reinforcing provides improved abrasion resistance in major impact zones including the shoulders, elbows, and low back.

The C.E. Level 1 Exo-tech armour, can be upgraded to Scorpion Sas-Tec Armour which is low profile, and highly protective.

The interior of the jacket is water-resistant and windproof. It may also be utilised in cooler times as a wind blocker to make the jacket more comfortable. With its multi-pocket design, you always have room for those travel necessities.

Multiple points of hip, bicep, and forearms are adapted to match a personalised fit while Low profile, neoprene finished collar provides optimum mobility and long-lasting comfort to the rider.

  • Lightweight Mesh construction
  • CE Level-1 EXO-Tec Armors
  • Well Ventilated
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Back Protector is not Included

Our Take

The Scorpion Vortex Air Motorcycle Jacket is a complete mesh jacket perfect for the hot summer days yet still has the necessary protection for fall or winter rides. These robust and fashionable jackets can effectively handle road abuse and make you feel fantastic at the end of your journey.

3. BILT Nomad Air Motorcycle Jacket

Value Choice – Best for Night Riders

BILT, an award-winning brand, introduces its leather motorcycle jacket to provide optimum protection even for low-budget riders. The external shell of the jacket is made of 1.0mm thick cowhide leather which is known for its sturdiness and durability.

The double-density CE-approved armour covers the shoulders and elbows

To ensure breathability, the jacket features fixed mesh linings making it a fantastic summer jacket and a removable quilt lining for the wintertime.

A Velcro strap on the waist allows the rider to get a customised fit. The motorcycle jacket has reflective blackout piping all around to increase nighttime safety by making the rider visible to other road users.

  • Cowhide leather construction
  • Loops for jeans added
  • Front pockets
  • Back Protector pocket added
  • Double Density Armour
  • Leather is Stiff

Our Take

For those who want the protection of a leather jacket under $200, the BILT Nomad Air Motorcycle leather jacket will become the ideal choice for them. The only concern is that the leather is quite tough but it changes over time. Before you wear it on the road, treat the jacket with softening oil to soften the hard leather.

4. REV’IT! Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

Best Overall – Connects to Audio Equipment

The REV’IT! mesh jacket is best for summer riding as it is constructed with a mixture of mesh and 600D polyester. For when you don’t want all of the ventilation there is a removable thermal liner included which helps with blocking wind when you’re riding at night or on cooler days in general.

The C.E. rated protectors on shoulders and elbows provide greater impact protection in these high-risk areas.

Snap double button adjustment on both arms for a safe armour fit and the adjustable waistline hook and loop enables the rider to get a personalised fit.

This high-visibility jacket along with its fluorescent colours features a laminated logo to further enhance nighttime visibility.

  • Mesh Shell for greater airflow
  • Reflective Piping
  • CE-Approved Armour
  • Ventilation Panels
  • Not True to Size

Our Take

This REV’IT! mesh jacket may become your go-to riding jacket as it is a lighter-weight motorcycle jacket that provides plenty of ventilation.

There are arm and waist adjustments available for a personalised fit, but there have been reports of the jacket running a little small, so make sure to follow the chest measurements precisely.

5. Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Riding Motorcycle Jacket

Editor’s Choice – Best Ventilation

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Riding Jacket is made with combined waterproof treated and abrasion-resistant Rock Tex fabric and Hitena outer shell to provide maximum impact protection.

CE-certified armour and shoulder compartments are accessible from the outside to quickly modify or replace the armour if required.

Although the back protector is not included there is an extra removable spine armour available to protect your back and if you want to install a CE Spine protector instead, there is a pocket available for that too.

A system of adjustable straps and fasteners called Sure Fit is added to ensure a more personalised fit and greater protection by keeping your armour in place in a collision.

A specially introduced wind tunnel cooling system, with waterproof zipper vents, enhances airflow during warm days while a removable, full-sleeve thermal lining is available to retain your body heat when riding in colder weather so that you can be safe regardless of weather conditions.

  • Wind Tunnel Cooling
  • Removable Long Sleeved Thermal Liner
  • Sure Fit Adjustable Strap System
  • Removable Spine Pad
  • Reflective Strip
  • Low-Quality Zipper

Our Take

Joe Rocket Atomic Riding Jacket is a functional piece of apparel available at an affordable price for all-weather riding. Although you might have to compromise on its zipper’s quality, overall, you will be pleased with this purchase for sure.

6. Alpinestars Women’s Stella Motorcycle Jacket

Unique Choice – Best Protection

It is hard to find a dedicated women’s motorcycle jacket, but Alpinestar performs a great job of satisfying female bikers all over the world. The Alpinestars Stella motorcycle jacket is specifically designed according to female body structure to give them a supermodel aesthetic while being dressed appropriately for riding on two wheels.

This jacket is constructed from hard-wearing 600 Denier polyester which is then covered by polyurethane for added protection.

Removable Nucleon Flex Plus shields and internal polyester reinforcements are included for further protection from abrasion in the case of a fall.

It also has back protection for added safety for your spine, along with shoulder and elbow armors. A comprehensive full mesh inside liner and a removable thermal liner allow the rider to adjust the jacket according to weather requirements.

The zip vents offer the highest degree of riding comfort by allowing you to adjust the airflow exactly as you want. This jacket also has a zip for connecting it with your favourite riding pants.

Furthermore, reflective detailing on the upper sleeve makes the rider more visible to other road users.

  • CE-Certified
  • Low Profile Collar construction
  • Reflective Details
  • Breathable and Waterproof Fixed lining
  • Removable Long Sleeved Thermal Liner
  • No Cons

Our Take

This Alpinestar Stella motorcycle jacket for women takes the riding gear into another realm of fashion to give female riders comfortable protection with a customised fit. Its advanced features make this jacket a perfect all-weather safety riding gear.

7. Merlin Hamlin Hoodie Motorcycle Jacket

Durable Choice – Most Comfortable

Merlin makes its budget-friendly, all-weather textile racing motorcycle jacket with 100% Dupont Kevlar construction to make it rugged and strong, but soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

This jacket contains CE-approved armour on the elbows and shoulders. Also, if you want to use your jacket as fashion wear, you can remove these armors easily.

The micro-mesh lining underneath makes the motorcycle jacket breathable, so you can ride safely in hot weather without getting soaked in sweat.

The jacket comes with a jacket-to-pant zippered connection which ensures a secure fit during high-speed riding.

  • Ribbed cuff
  • CE Approved Armour
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Low-Quality Zipper

Our Take

For a biker on a budget, it will be a relief to acquire such wonderful safety equipment at such a great price. The Merlin also offers sizes extra SMALL TO 5xl for this jacket.

8. Fly Racing Street Flux Air Motorcycle Jacket

Optimal Choice – Most Convenient Pick

Where most motorcycle jackets are constructed according to male body structure, the Fly Racing Street jacket is a versatile motorcycle jacket that is designed to fit both male and female bodies perfectly.

It features high abrasion impact armors that provide CE-approved protection for your elbows, shoulder, and arms as well.

It is perfect for summer motorcycle riding thanks to its full-sleeved, massive mesh panels in the arms and torso of the jacket which makes it extremely breathable. Moreover, it has a drop tail to cover the back and provide extra protection. This also makes sure the jacket doesn’t ride up.

Velcro is present around the waist to allow you to tighten or loosen the end and there is also a 3-step adjustable sleeve with a zippered cuff on the wrist so that you can tighten the jacket and prevent the wind from blowing the sleeve when riding.

The Flux Air jacket includes high visibility reflective piping that protects the rider from other vehicles during the night or when riding in low light visibility.

  • Highly Breathable
  • Full-length Side Expanders
  • Reflective Details
  • Zippered Pockets In and Out
  • 3-step sleeve control
  • Pockets are not deep enough

Our Take

The Fly Racing Street Flux Air is a well-conceived motorcycle jacket and the main contestant for top-budget motorcycle jackets. At a modest price, it guarantees high quality.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Motorcycle Jacket in a Budget

When it comes to protective features, you have to know what to look for, especially with less expensive jackets. Below, we discuss all the key features that you need to carefully look for when buying a motorcycle jacket.


The materials of your motorcycle jacket play an important role to protect your upper body if you hit the road, that’s why it has to be something strong enough to withstand the impact. When it comes to motorcycle jacket material, you have two major choices: leather or textile.

Leather – Leather motorcycle jackets better protect your body from road rash than any textile option. They are generally made of cowhide or kangaroo leather. Leather, however, is not waterproof, and is mostly high in cost. It provides considerable protection, though, and looks trendy too.

Textiles – textile jackets do not give the same amount of protection as leather jackets but are more like a do-it-all jacket. They usually are composed of 600D polyester materials that are thick enough to remain in place and not tear if you fall and slide on the road. They have technological materials that give rain and wind protection. Many include thermal detachable liners as well to keep you warm in cold weather.

These jackets are excellent for sports riders, tourers, and adventurers and are usually less expensive than leather jackets.


Motorcycle jackets have vents that enable air to circulate through the jacket in summer. But not all jackets provide the same amount of ventilation.

Look for materials, such as perforated leather and textile mesh panels as they are designed to provide maximum breathability.

The number of available vents together with zip locks that can be opened and closed as needed is also important.

Body Armour

Armors are the most essential element of motorcycle jackets. Motorcycle jackets have armour, generally, on the shoulders, elbows, and forearms, that is intended to prevent bones and ligaments from getting damaged from crashing on the road or bumping into another vehicle.

For motorcycle jacket armors, CE marking is the most popular and trustworthy certification. The best motorbike jackets have CE-certified armors.

Some jackets also include integrated back and chest protectors to provide greater protection. Bear in mind that certain jackets are supplied with fixed or removable armors and some have armour pockets only, you have to purchase armors separately.

Armour can be stiff or flexible. Flexible armour is more comfortable, but less protective.

Reflective Features

The high-quality motorcycle jackets include some reflective elements at the back and sleeves so that other people can see your presence on the road.

These reflective features are not visible during the daytime but once darkness strikes, they make a significant impact by reflecting the light back to the source.

It’s also a good idea to use a bright, highly visible colour particularly when you are riding at night to ensure other road users can see you easily.


While all the other factors play an essential role in safety, the most vital part of a motorcycle jacket is the comfortable fit. If the jacket is too tight, the ventilation system will not work properly and if the jacket is too loose, the armour may slip and will not sufficiently protect you in a collision.

So, it is extremely important to select a size that suits you perfectly. The motorcycle jackets have various straps and fasteners that will assist the rider to get a personalised fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: a textile jacket or a leather jacket?

Genuine leather jackets certainly offer superior abrasion and road rash protection. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, you might find leather jackets heavy on your pocket.

Textile jackets, on the other hand, are incredibly affordable but may not provide the same level of protection. They are easier to maintain and lighter in weight, while still offering many high-end features such as increased airflow or waterproofing.

How can I measure myself for a motorcycle jacket?

Your chest measurement is the most important factor in determining the right size for a motorcycle jacket. By using clothing tape, measure the circumference of your chest, just under your arms, and note the reading. Then, use a chest measurement chart to pick the right size jacket for you.

Do I really need a motorcycle jacket?

Yes, a motorcycle jacket is an essential item to add to your gear. Leather jackets and tough denim jackets provide necessary abrasion resistance against cuts, bruises, and gravel rash upon impact. Also, wearing a jacket helps one keep warm while riding against the wind at high speeds. There are several different types of motorcycle jackets available on the market and there’s no need to scour through expensive jackets because there are great budget motorcycle jackets available too.

Will a denim jacket protect you on a motorcycle?

Yes, a denim jacket can add a level of protection while riding on a motorcycle. However, fashion jackets aren’t considered the best motorcycle jackets mainly because they do not have shoulder armour, or removable liners to wear during hot weather and work as a multi-season jacket. Also, the fabric’s outer shell can only provide abrasion resistance at slow speeds. For high-speed riding, you’ll need to wear CE-approved armour even if it’s a textile jacket.

Final Words

Motorcycle Jackets not just protect the rider against impact but are also ideal for weather protection, fashion, and comfort. Aside from being visible to everyone on the road, the fantastic patterns and protection of the jackets make you appear like a modern knight.

When selecting the best budget motorcycle jacket, you must consider the features that make it ideal. Get a jacket with an appropriate fit, approved armour ratings, and durable materials because that is what will keep you safe if you end up in a crash.

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