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The 10 Best Low Profile Bike Helmets in 2022

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Best Low Profile Bike Helmet

Everybody knows how essential helmets are when pedalling towards adventure land but when there are so many types available, it can get quite confusing to settle on just one because every helmet seems worth the extra penny.

This is where low-profile bike helmets come in, they combine the comfort of an open-face helmet and the durability of a full-face helmet to provide a lighter-weight alternative. Low profile bike helmets are quickly gaining momentum and if you’d like to get in on the fun too, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best-selling low-profile bike helmets and a guide on how to choose one!

The 10 Best Low Profile Bike Helmets

Let’s review 10 of the best low-profile helmets!

1. Retrospec Remi Multi-Sport Adult Bike Helmet

Editor’s Choice – Most Durable

Designed in a minimalist style and colour, the Retrospec Remi low profile bike helmet has a fully-formed ABS shell covering a layer of EPS foam and it is this dual-nature of the helmet that makes it exceptionally durable and impact-protective.

Though it is a low profile helmet, the Remi multi-sport comes with 11 carefully-placed vents which circulate air at the top and back of the head preventing heat exhaustion and sweat build-up. Also, for perfect fitting, the helmet has adjustable side straps which allow fine-tune sizing and ensures the helmet does not fly off in the wind.

by amazon
  • The nylon chin straps are reflective, best for nighttime visibility
  • The padding is removable and washable
  • Has a built-in visor to protect against the sun’s glare
  • Colour in real life may not be as seen in the picture

Our Take:

The Retrospec Remi low profile bike helmet ticks off all boxes.

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Multi-Sport Adult and Teens Bike Helmet

Recommended by Experts – Size Inclusive

Constructed with the classic duo, an ABS outer shell and EPS foam under-layer, the Triple Eight low profile bike helmet takes safety up a notch and offers incredible safety against gravel rash and crash protection. 

Also, it has a great fitting mechanism which includes two different sets of padding that is not only removable and washable but it is also moisture-wicking so cyclists remain cool and dry on their long rides. Add in the adjustable chin strap and easy-to-use buckle on the side, the helmet sits absolutely snug and secure on the head.

by amazon
  • CPSC and ASTM F-1492 certified
  • Aerodynamic
  • Fits head sizes up to 61cm
  • The padding could be made thicker

Our Take:

The Triple Eight dual-certified low profile bike helmet is one of the few headgears that is actually designed for multi-sport use and its features are true-to-claim. High-quality and impact-protective – what more could one want!

3. Schwinn Thrasher Child, Youth and Adult Bike Helmet

Best-Selling Choice – Most Lightweight

The Schwinn Thrasher low profile bike helmet is designed with two microshell layers which provide incredible protection against bumps on the road and keep the cyclist safe from even getting a head sore. The EPS layer underneath is added to provide extra coverage and cushion the head during long rides.

Speaking of cushioning, the Schwinn Thrasher is equipped with removable, washable padding as well as a 360° Comfort system which also helps fit the helmet snug on the head using a dial fit knob. In addition, the lightweight Schwinn helmet comes with a visor to protect against the glaring sun and any flying debris. 

by amazon
  • The visor is detachable
  • Angular design for better positioning
  • Side straps are adjustable
  • CPSC-certified
  • 20 vents included
  • May feel heavier on smaller heads

Our Take:

The Schwinn Thrasher has multiple benefits from its exceptional durability to its incredible aerodynamics, the low profile bike helmet has amazed everyone.

4. Giro Register MIPS Cycling Helmet

Our Top Pick – Most Impact Protective

The Giro Register MIPS low profile bike helmet provides extraordinary strength against road impact through its hard-shell polycarbonate exterior that is loaded with MIPS and even in-moulded to shave extra weight off the helmet. So, no matter if the cyclist pedals far or fast, the helmet is secure and safe on the head.

Speaking of security, the Giro Register bike helmet has a Roc Loc fit system which positions it on the cyclist’s head perfectly using a single-step adjustable dial system. Also, it has 22 vents thoughtfully placed around the helmet which optimise the airflow and keep the head dry.

by amazon
  • Has reflective accents throughout the helmet for nighttime visibility
  • Compact shape makes it feel lighter on the head
  • Comes with a removable visor
  • The padding is quick-dry
  • Side straps are unadjustable

Our Take:

The Giro Register MIPS helmet leads the industry with its top-notch features.

5. BERN FL-1 Bike Helmet

Value Choice – Most Comfortable

Don’t let the simple design fool you because the BERN FL-1 low profile bike helmet is actually quite feature-fed. The exterior is in-moulded which is why, despite the hard shell, the helmet weighs lighter on the head.

It is lined in moisture-wicking polyester which, with the help of 18 large-sized vents, maximises the air circulation and brings in cool air while expelling out warm air. The BERN FL-1 optimises the fitting of the helmet through its Crank-Fit adjustability system.

by amazon
  • ASTM F-2040 and EN 1078 certified
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Comes with extra ZipMold liners for protection against winter
  • Compatible with PDW bike light for extra visibility at night
  • The chin strap is long, may dangle and cause annoyance

Our Take:

The BERN FL-1 low profile bike helmet checks all the necessary features a cyclist needs and then adds in one more. It provides a great bang for your buck.

6. Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Premium Choice – Best for Mountain Bikers

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS low profile bike helmet provides lightweight durability through its intelligent shell design, featuring an EPS as well as EPP foam layer so cyclists are safe at high and low speeds.

With the incredible coverage, the A2 low profile bike helmet also integrates MIPS which maximises rotational impact protection and prevents riders from getting gravel rash. Also, it is equipped with massive ventilation ports and a quick-dry liner to keep the cyclist cool and dry in the blistering heat of the mountains.

by amazon
  • Comes with breakaway visor screws for anti-snag effect
  • Equipped with adjustable chin and side straps
  • Has an X-static Pure Silver Comfort liner for quick-drying
  • May feel heavier to small-head cyclists

Our Take:

The Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS low profile bike helmet benefits daily-commute cyclists as well as mountain bikers, offering an incredible impact-protection system and quick-drying, gently-cooling ventilation.

7. POC OMNE Air Spin Bike Helmet

High-Quality Choice – Best Ventilation

The POC OMNE Air Spin is a masterclass design of the company’s best-selling helmets and it features a hard-shell exterior as well as thick core protection zones for ultimate safety on the road while pedalling on paved roads or tough terrains.

The interior is decked out in EPS foam lining for extra protection and the head is cushioned by the company’s exclusive silicon pad system called SPIN. Also, the ventilation ports are huge and keep the airflow circulation maximised at high and low altitudes.

For the best fitting, the POC OMNE Air Spin low profile helmet has a 360° dial-adjustment system which allows cyclists to fine-tune the positioning of the head.

by amazon
  • Lightweight
  • Straps are adjustable
  • One-dial system can be operated using gloves
  • Expensive

Our Take:

The POC OMNE Air Spin low profile bike helmet is a true catch for multi-sport cyclists who’d pick a one-for-all type of helmet.

8. Pro-Tec The Bucky Bike Helmet

Reliable Choice – Best Low Impact Protection

Constructed in a HDPE shell, the Pro-Tec Bucky low profile bike helmet keeps the cyclists safe from high and low impacts. It maximises comfort through a 2-stage soft foam liner which provides optimal cushioning to the head and prevents head sores. 

Also, the Bucky low profile helmet offers incredible spatial awareness meaning the cyclists have a great field of vision. Along with a quick-dry fabric lining, the Bucky features 11 intake and exhaust vents which circulate cool air inside and prevent heat exhaustion.

by amazon
  • The straps can be adjusted to fine-tune the fitting
  • Comes with a buckle system for maximum security and ease of use
  • Retro style low profile helmet
  • Does not meet standards of protection

Our Take:

The Pro-Tec Bucky low profile bike helmet offers a vintage look in a modern feature-fed helmet design. It is durable, cooling, adjustable and easy to use for flat-ground skateboarding and cycling.

9. BELL Stratus MIPS Cycling Helmet

Industry-Leading Choice – Most Feature-Fed

The BELL Stratus MIPS low profile bike helmet is a cutting-edge tough polycarbonate-constructed headgear featuring fusion in-mould technology externally as well as internally. The intelligent manufacturing reduces the weight of the helmet without  compromising on the impact-protection.

Speaking of impact-protection, the BELL Stratus also has MIPS integrated which prevents rotational impact energy from harming the cyclist on far and fast rides. The helmet keeps the head cool and dry through strategically-placed vents and full-range sweat-guide padding inside.

by amazon
  • Features overbrow ventilation which reduces overheating
  • The Integrated Float Fit system perfectly positions the helmet
  • No-Twist Tri-Glides secure the straps from moving around
  • Equipped with reflective decals for nighttime visibility
  • The dial adjustment may be finicky

Our Take:

The BELL Stratus MIPS low profile bike helmet offers top-notch security against high-speed and rotational impact. Though its dial may take some effort to be manoeuvred, the addition of no-twist tri-glides provides additional safety and prevents the helmet from flying off.

10. KASK Protone Bike Helmet

Unique Choice – Handmade in Italy

The KASK Protone low profile bike helmet offers exceptional crash protection through its first-class handmade exterior. Also, it fits the cyclist’s head perfectly via the OctoFit adjustment system which personalises the interior to conform to the head shape.

The KASK Protone helmet reduces wind drag and keeps the cyclist’s head sweat-free through an incredible ventilation mechanism. In fact, it has been verified to offer the lowest drag coefficients among all ventilated helmets.

by amazon
  • Wind-tunnel tested i.e maintains high-quality ventilation and a streamlined performance in all riding positions
  • Equipped with a masterclass fitting system
  • The 3D padding inside prevents sweat buildup and dries quickly
  • The eco-leather chin strap maximises comfort and sustainability
  • The front pad may get itchy

Our Take:

The KASK Protone low profile bike helmet offers all the best features in a compact and sustainable design.

How to Pick the Best Low-Profile Bike Helmet?

A low profile bike helmet looks quite easy to pick up but there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind so every ride feels like a breeze.

Outer Shell Construction

A helmet is nothing if not durable so the foremost priority when picking out a bike helmet – especially a low profile one, is to make sure it is constructed with tough and high-quality materials. 

Most bike helmets are constructed with a hard-shell polycarbonate exterior which offers the best impact protection as well as temperature-resistance. You can also find bike helmets made of carbon fibre which are the lightest in weight.

Every bike helmet also has an EPS layer integrated under the shell which serves as an added layer of protection and cushions the head against harsh impacts and gravel rash.

Head Size

Before fitting, get an estimate measurement of your head size. This will help you narrow down your choices and choose a low profile bike helmet that complements your head and ensures safety.

For smaller heads, make sure the bike helmet also comes with extra removable padding and adjustable straps for snug fitting. For larger heads, ensure the low profile helmet you choose is designed in an angular style so the base of the skull is also protected.

Besides head size, also determine the head shape as it will decide how the bike helmet is positioned and fitted on the head.


The experts say a well-fitting helmet is a safer helmet so make sure the helmet you zero in on comes with an adjustable dial system which is a one-step solution to proportionally sizing your helmet on top of the head. 

In most modern low profile helmets, you can also find adjustable side straps which allow fine-tune fitting of the head and increase safety. Also make sure the padding inside is removable so there’s room to get the perfect snugness.

When a helmet fits well, it feels lighter and cooler on the head i.e complements the features of the helmet.


A common misconception among cyclists is that a heavier helmet is a safer helmet when that’s actually not true. In fact, the lighter the helmet, the better it will prevent head sores and heat exhaustion which ultimately protects the cyclist from getting into accidents. This is why it’s important to pick up a low profile bike helmet that is easy to carry and feels like a breeze on the road.

Security Closures

In low profile bike helmets, the chin strap is what keeps the headgear from flying off in the wind so make sure the chin strap fastener is secure, durable and easy to use (with thick winter gloves as well) for maximum safety.


At first glance, ventilation in a low profile bike helmet may not seem like a huge concern as the front of the face is open. However, make sure the bike helmet you choose is aerodynamic i.e has vents at the top and back of the helmet to prevent heat exhaustion, headaches and sweaty forehead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are low profile helmets the same as open face helmets?

Low-profile helmets do share a few commonalities with open-face helmets like better ventilation but the biggest difference between them is the use of padding. Low-profile helmets do not have padding inside which creates their iconic look and prevents a ‘mushroom head’ (mostly designed in open-face helmets). 

Are low profile helmets safe to wear on the road?

Yes, they are safe to wear on the road. Even if low-profile helmets do not provide full coverage, having one on the head is ten times better than having none on. Please make sure the helmet you zero in on has a CPSC label which certifies the helmet is safe and legal to use on the road.

Which is the best low profile helmet?

It depends on your preferences actually but if we had to pick, we’d recommend the Giro Register MIPS for its exceptional durability. If you’re looking for optimal ventilation, go for POC OMNE Air Spin and if you’re a mountain cyclist, pick up the Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS low-profile helmet.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you have the complete gist of what low-profile helmets are, how safe they are on the road and which ones to look out for from the massive variety, you are a pedal away from cycling towards a low profile bike helmet perfect for you!

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