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10 Best Motorcycle Armored Vests in 2023

Best Motorcycle Armored Vest

Whether you’re an aspiring motorcyclist or a seasoned rider, you know safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to speed on the road or in a race.

A motorcyclist is at risk of impact as well as abrasions from the crash. For impact protection, you’ll legally need a helmet but for abrasion resistance, you’ll need to cover up using body armor. 

One of the best types of body armor is a riding vest. It isn’t bulky, doesn’t ride up in the wind, and won’t make you look like a Power Ranger. Not to mention, it’s perfect for riding in the summer.

To help you narrow down your chase, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best motorcycle armor vests and laid down a comprehensive guide on what to look for!

Reviewing 10 of the Best Motorcycle Armor Vests

1.Spidi Defender Armor

Editors’ Choice – Most Impact Protective

Made with high-quality composite materials, the Spidi Defender Armor is a hard outer shell fit for a warrior. Proven by the CE level 1 and 2 armor, it absorbs shock like no other vest on the market as well as protects the chest, back, and kidneys from impact and harsh abrasions. 

Despite its tough exterior, the Spidi armor is surprisingly thin and can be worn as an underlayer to a textile or even a leather jacket! Perfect for winters when you’d want an extra layer of protection from the chilly wind. 

The Defender armored vest comes with an extended tail at the back to shield the tailbone from abrasions and protect the spine in its entirety. For riders with a short torso, this may get uncomfortable but it nestles nicely when adjusted. 

To maximize its versatility, the Spidi vest comes with a mesh liner that claims to improve airflow by over 50% – truly an all-season deal.

  • CE-certified chest and back motorcycle armor
  • Lightweight
  • Lined with mesh for ventilation
  • The tail at the back is longer than comfortable

Our Take:

The Spidi Defender Motorcycle Armor vest has one of the best-ranked features on the market. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for motorcyclists of every season.

2. Forcefield EX-K Harness Elite

Reliable Choice – Best for Beginners

Designed with high-speed riding in mind, the Forcefield EX-K Harness Elite vest is the true definition of body armor. It’s built with a CE level 2 chest and back protector, sewn together with Kevlar thread, and constructed to fit all different types of bodies. Safe to say, it’s quite durable as protective gear.

The EX-K armored vest features an open design system where there’s a front zipper for easy wear and take-off. To maximize comfort and convenience, the Elite harness comes vented for better breathing and has a tail at the back to protect the spine from impact.

Speaking of impact, the Forcefield motorcycle armor has Nitrex Evo reinforced into the build which molds the fit according to the body and actually improves the level of protection the more hits it takes using RPT! 

If, in case, a crash does occur… the front zipper opens easily, the vest can be adjusted to loosen, and has enough space for the medics to place on a neck brace without having to remove the vest.

  • 3D molding features
  • Fully adjustable
  • CE level 2 motorcycle armor for the chest and back
  • The build quality could be better

Our Take:

The Forcefield EX-K Harness Elite vest is a unique package of durability, comfort, and convenience. If you’re just starting out with motorcycle armor, this may be one to keep a lookout for.

3. Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest

Premium Choice – Best for Junior Riders

Constructed for extreme action, the Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 vest is feature-fed body armor. Not only does it have CE certified armor at the back, chest, and neck; but it also comes with extended armor for the shoulders as well as a neck brace. Talk about impact protection! 

While teens are still getting the hang of riding a motorcycle, this armored vest inspires confidence with its durability and offers parents incredible relief. The Fusion 2.0 vest has Velcro attachments at the front for easy opening and shutting as well as 3D molding for perfect fitting.

That’s not all. Despite its heavy build, the structure is lightweight and breathable. Not to mention, it’s made quite flexible using adjustable details and fracture points that snap off automatically in an emergency.

  • Emergency snap-offs included
  • CE-certified motorcycle armor for the shoulders
  • Incredible ventilation system
  • Expensive

Our Take:

The Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 armored vest is perfect for kids learning to ride the motorbike and handle speed. It’s one less thing to worry about on the road and that confidence is worth every penny – especially because this motorcycle armor is going to last quite some time.

4. Alpinestars Track 2 Vest

Our Top Pick – Most Durable

Outfitted for a madman on a motorcycle, the Alpinestars Track 2 armored vest is tough, powerful, and more than just sturdy. It is built using proprietary materials and comes with a CE-certified back protector as well as a chest pocket filled with removable PE foam padding. 

The motorcycle armor vest is quite comfortable and can be worn under a tracksuit or over skin-tight workout gear. Although it’s a lightweight vest, the structural integrity of the Track 2 armor is unmatched. 

It stretches to fit the body comfortably and in a personalized manner which is reinforced by the user through the adjustable kidney belt provided as an added layer of protection.

For breathability, the Alpinestars vest comes vented and has great airflow. 

  • PE foam padding included
  • Stretchable for good fit
  • A removable kidney belt added
  • Size may run small

Our Take:

The Alpinestars Track 2 armored riding vest checks off all the boxes needed in a good quality body cover. It’s durable, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable motorcycle armor. Make sure to get the fit right and this will last you ages.

5. Icon Field Armour 3 Vest

Impressive Choice – Great Value for Money

Evolved from Icon’s best-selling protective gear, the Field Armour 3 Vest is a strengthened take on its predecessor’s best features and has little to no cons worth breaking the deal. 

The tough outer shell is injection-molded to provide better impact protection and abrasion resistance. Reinforced with bio-foam padding, the Icon harness is the true picture of comfort. 

To improve breathability, the entire chassis is built out of mesh materials so it almost feels like you’re wearing air on the road. The Field Armour 3 vest is fully adjustable and can be worn on top of clothing or layered underneath for a snug fit. The armor is cool on warm days and vice versa. Doesn’t feel restrictive either.

For convenience, the EN-rated structure comes shut using elasticated hook and loop closures that are easy to operate under emergencies and high-speed riding.

  • Injection-molded outer shell
  • Elasticated hook and loop closures
  • Ventilated mesh chassis
  • Shoulder straps are finicky

Our Take:

The Icon Field Armour 3 Vest is one of the best gears on the market if you’re looking for a comfortable but tough structure with a snug fit that is adjustable as well as breathable.

6. Fox Racing Raceframe Impact CE Roost Vest

Stylish Choice – Most Comfortable

Engineered for powerful road racers, the Fox Racing Raceframe Impact CE Roost Vest is a CE certified armor built with high-quality materials to offer maximum durability and impact protection.

Come crash or a wild attack, this roost guard-like armored vest is guaranteed to shield the body well. With adjustable shoulder straps and fast-action buckle closures, the Raceframe Impact vest is designed to hug every body type comfortably and improve performance in every riding position.

The roost vest comes with tough armor at the chest and back along with vents to keep the body cool. It is supposed to be worn as an under layer so having extra liners for cooling is a plus.

Since it’s outfitted as a simple roost guard, the sides are open – only held together by the concealed buckles. Make sure to strap it on tight and wear it under a jersey for maximum benefit.

  • Low-profile design
  • D30 CE certified motorcycle armor
  • Sturdy buckle closures
  • Does not have side protection

Our Take:

The Fox Racing Raceframe Impact CE Roost Vest is a one-of-a-kind statement piece, enjoyed by most motorcyclists – especially novice racers and city cruisers. It’s moderately easy on the pocket so for the features you get, it’s a great deal.

7. 509 R-Mor Protection Vest

High-Quality Choice – Most Ventilated

Designed for summer riders, the 509 R-Mor Protection Vest is one of the best designs in the market. It comes with a powerful exterior that is reinforced with CE level 1 armor at the chest and back.

To provide maximum impact protection, the tough exterior can be molded to a snug fit with the help of a stretchable liner woven under the shell, it breaks in the padding and results in a personalized fit. This also improves comfort while riding at high speed against the wind. 

Once the R-Mor vest is adjusted to a snug fit, simply zipper it shut from the front and enjoy riding securely and steadily on murky mountains, rough trails, and paved roads. 

If you’re worried about overheating, this protective motorcycle armor vest comes vented throughout making it almost ideal for the summer season.

  • Stretchable, easy to fit
  • Zippered closure
  • CE certified padded protective gear
  • Wouldn’t work in the winter

Our Take:

The 509 R-Mor Protection Vest is an ideal motorcycle armor for riders who tend to get hot faster and those who need a reliable protective layer that wouldn’t need a lot of adjustments. It’s powerful, comfortable, and best of all, it’s breathable.

8. EVS Sport Vest Motorcycle Armor

Reviewer’s Choice – Best for Sportbike Riders

Constructed to improve a rider’s performance, the EVS Sport Vest redefines the level of impact protection an upper body armor can provide for less than $150. 

Built with a hard outer shell and a flexible interior, the Sports vest features chest and back protectors as well as special armor at the spine to establish a complete shield against abrasions and harsh hits.

In a low-profile design, the EVS Sports vest shell brings in adjustable shoulder straps and even a kidney belt for a snug and secure fit which, ultimately, improves the overall crash safety plus the comfort of the rider.

That’s not all. In fact, that’s just scratching the surface of how safe the armored vest is. On the inside, it features higher quality protectors and an excellent vent system to maximize breathability. 

The best part is, despite all of the tough features, the sport bike armored vest weighs incredibly light. This not only inspires confidence in riders, but it also ensures their focus is on the road ahead instead of the body armor.

  • Fully-armored spine protection
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Foam padding included
  • Not as attractive

Our Take:

The EVS Sport Vest provides a great bang for the buck, especially if you’ve just started mapping out trails to take your sport bike to. It’s reliable, durable, and quite breathable.

9. Troy Lee 3900 Hot Weather Armored Vest

Stylish Choice – Best for Summer Weather

The perfect pick for city cruisers and backroad riders, the Troy Lee 3900 Armoured Vest features a thin chassis constructed using advanced proprietary Shock Doctor technology and foam padding added at every sensitive body zone. 

It claims to provide industry-standard impact protection but is tested to have little abrasion resistance. However, it comes with a neck brace installed which can also be adjusted for a better fit by removing the clavicle pads. It serves to improve the level of safety as well as comfort while riding under the hot sun.

Speaking of the summers, the best feature of the 3900 armored vest is its integration of Vent-trak – a ventilation system that rivals all others on the market. Air flows through built-in channels and works with the full-mesh interior to cool the body down.

  • Advanced proprietary technology added
  • Incredible ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Does not provide much abrasion resistance

Our Take:

The Troy Lee 3900 Hot Weather Armoured Vest is rightly named for its magnificent characteristics. Because it isn’t as abrasion-resistant, it’s best to wear it as an underlayer and use it while riding on the city streets.

10. Fly Racing Barricade Zip Vest

Value Choice – Most Slim Fitting

Perfect for those in between sizes, the Fly Racing Barricade Zip Vest is built with soft and sturdy in mind. Using high-quality materials, the tough shell houses removable perforated foam padding in the chest and kidney zones as well as premium memory foam at the back – both of which are flexible.

Once adjusted to a snug fit, the vest contours itself according to the body’s proportions and improves the level of impact protection along with the comfort of the rider.

On the topic of comfort, the Fly Racing Barricade vest features an open mesh construction which allows air to flow freely and cool the skin down no matter how tightly the vest is pulled in.

One of the main concerns of narrow build motorcyclists is that the upper body armor tends to ride up even after a snug fit. Well, in this case, the flat-locked stitched seams and the front zipper are sure to hold everything in place.

  • CE-certified body armor and foam padding
  • Flat stitched seams
  • Open mesh construction
  • Size runs short

Our Take:

The Fly Racing Barricade Zip Vest is the most comfortable and breathable body armor for motorcyclists.

Do Armored Motorcycle Vests Work?

One of the main concerns of riders is whether armored motorcycle vests actually work to protect the body. Yes, they do. In fact, statistically, wearing an armored vest reduces head trauma by a whopping 80%! Here’s how an armored riding vest benefits the motorcyclist:

Impact Protection

As the name suggests, an armored riding vest’s main benefit is protecting the rider’s body during a harsh impact. Basically, the armor absorbs the majority of the harmful forces so the rider remains unhurt by shock.

Most armored riding vests are made of Kevlar which is as tough as a bulletproof cover. Some riding vests also include padding along the sensitive areas of the body such as the spine, elbows, and shoulders. 

Since such riding vests can be more expensive, you can settle for an armored motorcycle vest that at least has pockets to insert padding when the budget allows. 

Injury Prevention

Along with impact protection, motorcycle body armor like vests also guarantees injury prevention or abrasion protection. This means that not only is the rider protected from shock, but their body is also shielded from scratches and rashes.

While the exterior shell of the motorcycle armor disperses the shock, the interior lining blankets the rider’s skin. So, make sure the motorcycle armoured vest you choose has a tough lining. For colder climates, leather is a definite winner and for the summer months, go for Cordura-lined vests for better breathability.

Road Burn Reduction

Last but not least, a good motorcycle armored vest is the best solution for protection against road burns. Some of them are made to be worn as an underlayer which acts as an additional layer of protection and directly blankets the skin and spine from harsh friction on the gravel.

Road burns are quite serious. Apart from burn scars, they can get complicated enough to require surgery. This is why investing in a high-quality armored vest is important. They last up to 15 years. So, the better you’re protected, the more money you’ll save on medical bills in the long run. 

Are There Different Types of Armoured Motorcycle Vests?

Yes, there are different types of motorcycle vests and jackets. They are mainly designed to accommodate different riding styles like low-profile positions, high-speed chases, or motocross madness. We’ve detailed all four types so you can easily find one that is tailored to your needs:

Sportbike Vests

Perfect for street riders, a sport bike armored vest is the most versatile cover you can get. It is available in tough leathers, comfortable textiles as well as breathable mesh in order to accommodate all types of street riding as well as the seasons all year round. 

Speaking of seasons, sport bike vests usually feature removable liners and tough armored pads so riders can have more control over the ventilation, riding performance as well as the look of the vest.

Armored street-riding vests are mostly fitted for a sporty riding position where the upper body is suspended, knees are at the tank, and feet are placed at the pegs. 

The only disadvantage of sport bike armored vests is that there aren’t many pockets or storage space available.

Cruiser Vests

Great for short-distance riders and errand runners, a cruiser armoured vest is one of the most stylish pieces available. It is made in the classic leather jacket style, with zips adorning the front pockets and shoulder pads underlined for safety.

Usually made of textile fabrics and flexible leather, cruiser vests are quite comfortable and do not make a rider look like a power ranger. The fit is more flexible and breaks into the body shape within a few days.

Some cruiser vests may be short of pocket space but the safety through armored pads is always top-notch. Most of them have an additional layer of protection stitched or at least inserts to add back protectors. 

However, cruiser armored vests usually aren’t very breathable so they aren’t recommended for long-distance riders.

Adventure and Touring Vests

Made to complement long-distance motorcyclists and endurance riders, an ADV armored vest is the most feature-fed of the group. 

Not only is it offered in multiple different fabrics including Cordura and Kevlar, but it’s also built with different layers of insulation to offer comfort in every season. 

ADV armored riding vests maximize the comfort and convenience of the rider through multiple pockets (some even zippered!) and extra armored pads. 

Although ADV motorcycle armor is on the higher end, every penny is worth the investment if you’re smart. Look for waterproof outer shells and pockets, mesh liners, back protector inserts, and even hoodies – get your money’s worth for the adventure.

Café Vests

If you’re looking for a modern silhouette for short road trips and casual errand runs, then a café armored vest is the right pick. It’s a mix between sport bike vests and cruiser-style underlayers. 

Mostly made with leather, café vests come with built-in armor panels at the joints as well as mesh liners for breathability. They do not have as many pockets or extra features like waterproofing but café vests offer great impact protection. Plus, they’re stylish.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Armor?

Now that you know how beneficial wearing an armored riding vest is and have narrowed down the type of vest you need, it’s time to shop for one. Here are all the factors you need to consider when in the market for the best motorcycle armored vest.


Armored vests are made of a number of different materials and each provides various levels of protection. You’ll find vests made of leather, Cordura, Kevlar, textiles, and some even denim. 

When narrowing down the choices of protective armor, make sure to consider the climate you’ll be riding your motorbike in as well as the speed. Soft materials like textiles are more flexible but they do not offer as much impact protection – a reasonable pick for a city cruiser.

Tougher fabrics like leather work well in the winter time but they take to break in while Kevlar and Cordura with mesh lining are preferred all year round for their lightweight durability and incredible abrasion protection.

Construction Quality

Next on the list is how well the armored vest is made. Body motorcycle armor can be bulky, tight-fitting, or even both. Ensure the jacket of protection you choose does not restrict your range of motion, isn’t too slim, and has multiple layers of fabric between the skin and outer shell. If you’re tight on budget, go for bests that have pockets for padding inserts.


The most vital factor to consider is the armored vest’s fitting. Whether you’ll be wearing motorcycle armor over casual clothing or as an underlayer, make sure the body armor is loose enough to move around but tight enough to not ride up in the wind. 

Along with the general fitting, see if the riding vest you’re choosing fits the position you’ll be in while riding the motorbike. For instance, cruiser vests usually fit right below the waistline, so they work well for a standard riding position but will leave the spine exposed to harsh impacts in a low-profile position.


Although not a part of safety, looks do matter for some motorcyclists and believe it or not, can be a deal breaker. Go for the right type of armored riding vest and then narrow them down looking for the features you need instead of searching the other way around.

This way you’ll invest in a style you’re comfortable with and substance that aligns with your needs. For example, if you’re a motocross madman riding in the summer, a sport bike vest made of Kevlar is better suited for you than an ADV vest as the latter may not be comfortable in your low-profile riding position.

Remember, the more comfortable you wearing the motorcycle armor, the more focus you’ll have on the road and hence, be safer while riding. 


Lastly, there’s no limit to safety. Whether you’re choosing a tough underlayer priced less than $100 or a stylish armored vest with reflective decals and multiple liners, always make sure it has extra armor panels.

Shoulders, elbows, and the spine are most vulnerable to shocks during an impact so, having extra padding there – even if it’s removable or flexible, helps absorb the harsh hits. 

On the topic of safety features, find an armored vest that has a good closure system so it doesn’t pop open and leave the skin exposed to road burns when you’re jerked forward. 

If you live in a hotter climate, go for removable padding or add panels with mesh lining for better comfort.

How is a Motorcycle Armor Vest Supposed to Fit?

A motorcycle vest needs to check off two things for a good fit: does it offer a good range of motion and does it match the riding position you’ll take? 

You should be able to move comfortably even after it fits snugly on the shoulders, waist, and chest – oh, it’s excellent for chest protection. It shouldn’t be loose enough to flap or ride up in the wind – a ribbed waistline and cuffed sleeves are your new best friend. 

Make sure it’s breathable and ventilates well especially if you’re on a long-distance trip. It shouldn’t be too bulky as that messes up the riding position. Just enough layers of motorcycle armor keep you protected on the road.

How to Wear a Motorcycle Armor Vest?

An armored motorcycle vest is generally worn on top of a fitted T-shirt or a high-neck in the winter – serving as protective gear for the rider. Since they are snug against the skin, it does not compromise the fitting of the vest which ultimately improves the impact protection as well as the comfort of the road racer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a motorcycle vest worth it?

Yes, a motorcycle armored is absolutely worth the purchase. It protects you from impact injuries as well as harsh abrasions while riding at high speed on the road. They last quite some time too.

Are Kevlar motorcycle vests bulletproof?

Although Kevlar is used in the formation of bulletproof armor, motorcycle vests and riding apparel made using Kevlar aren’t claimed to be bulletproof. It is mainly used because of its tough but flexible structure as well as durability.

How much does a motorcycle armor cost?

Motorcycle armor pricing ranges from $40 to $1000 – you can buy a vest, helmet, pants, boots, and gloves. We’ve particularly targeted abrasion-resistant armor fits in this guide.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle armor for the body is one of the best investments you can make for your ride on the road. Yes, it’s tough but it isn’t claustrophobic. In fact, for some riders, it actually increases breathability and comfort! 

There’s no rush to go all out. Start by layering up with the best motorcycle armor using the tips above and see how you feel. After all, something is always better than nothing.

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