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Best Motorcycle Rain Gear – Jackets, Two-Pieces, and More!

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Best Motorcycle Rain Gear - Jackets, Two-Pieces, and More!

As a long-distance rider and a frequent adventure and touring motorcyclist, you’re bound to get caught in the rain once in a while. Forecast as much as you want, mother nature stands unpredictable – especially with the impact of climate change globally.

So, is regular riding gear going to be enough? Rainy weather on a motorcycle can be daunting but there are special protective elements you can adorn to keep yourself dry and ultimately, better focused on the journey. We’ve reviewed 9 of the greatest motorcycle rain gear and detailed a guide on how to choose rain gear.

Comparing 9 of the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

1. Klim Forecast Rain Jacket

Editor’s Choice – Best Adjustability

Outfitted out of the industry’s finest Gore-Tex Paclite technology, the Klim Forecast Rain Jacket is not only lightweight and durable… It also comes stacked with double layers of porous material to maximize water resistance and breathability.

Once the rain suit is on, the wrist cuffs can be adjusted and fastened using a simple Velcro strap. This also makes it easier to snap it open with thick waterproof gloves on. 

That’s not even half of what the Forecast jacket offers! The shock cord at the bottom hem is adjustable and the YKK zippers are water-resistant so no matter how torrential the rain is or how fast the wind is, this jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry.

  • Double waterproof breathable layer
  • Has own pocket for storage
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective panel
  • The zipper isn’t curtained and may fly open at high-speed wind

Our Take:

The Klim Forecast Rain Jacket is an all-rounder. It keeps every bone dry, illuminates the rider at night, fits well, and packs quite small at the end of every adventure so you can use it for years without fail.

2. BMW ProRain Jumpsuit

Our Top Pick – Most WeatherProof

Constructed out of soft textiles, the BMW ProRain Jumpsuit outer shell is abrasion-resistant and comfortable. While that may be it for cheap motorcycle rain gear, the BMW Jumpsuit is just getting started. 

It is lined with a heat-resistant material at the thighs and a non-slip fabric at the rear so you’re secured at the seat no matter how bad the weather gets.

The ProRain jumpsuit comes with a front zipper that can be shielded close with an additional flap to cover from the wind. Stick out the collar to protect the neck and adjust the arms and waist for the perfect fit. 

For storage, the BMW motorcycle rain suit comes with a large interior pocket and has a compact fold for easy travel. 

  • Heavy-duty adjustable hook and loop fasteners
  • Balaclava built-in
  • Optimal wind protection
  • Not much storage space

Our Take:

The BMW ProRain Jumpsuit checks off all the boxes needed in rain gear, especially if you need something that covers the whole body as well as every inclement weather perfectly while costing less than $200.

3. REV’IT! Nitric 3 H2O Rain Jacket

Reliable Choice – Most Breathable

A classic brand for riding gear, the Nitric 3 H2O Rain Jacket by REV’IT offers extensive breathing comfort despite being made out of tough polymer. Lined with light poly mesh lining, the jacket keeps the body cool in humid weather by circulating air inside.

When the clouds start to pour, the Hydratex Lite coating on top keeps water from entering and even absorbing so the H2O motorcycle rain suit doesn’t weigh down and causes discomfort in inclement weather.

With two large outer pockets, one inner pocket, and multiple points of adjustment in the arms, cuffs as well as an adjustable waist, the Nitric 3 H2O Rain Jacket is perfectly convenient.

  • Taped seams
  • Laminated reflection panels
  • Storage bag included
  • Not as flexible

Our Take:

The REV’IT! Nitric 3 H2O Rain Jacket is one of the most reliable pieces of rain gear and it’s especially perfect for novice motorcyclists with a knack for adventure.

4. Spidi Touring Two Piece Rain Suit

Beginners Choice – Most Convenient

Designed for the ADV rangers on the road, the Spidi Touring Rain Suit is constructed out of soft but durable polyurethane nylon. Along with waterproofing, it offers full body coverage leading to exceptional durability against impact.

The best part is, the Spidi Two Piece Rain Suit comes with separate pants and a jacket. This way you can style yourself with different gears or choose to wear only one element during light rain.

Speaking of fitting, the waistband and elastic cuffs are adjustable. To maximize safety, the Touring rain gear comes with reflective piping for nighttime visibility on both the jacket and the pants.

  • Comes with a self-fastening storm flap
  • Separate co-ord set
  • Easy to store
  • The size of the jacket runs small

Our Take:

The Spidi Touring Two Piece Rain Suit is a must-have for motorcycle riders with an eye for aesthetics. 

5. Dainese Storm 2 Jacket

Superior Choice – Most Advanced

Made with power protection in mind, the Dainese Storm 2 Jacket is the definition of rain-proof gear. The outer shell is made out of a Hi-Viz mesh fabric which offers premium comfort against humidity, exceptional visibility at night, and incredible waterproofing.

The fabric is stitched with 4-way stretch panels to fit over clothing perfectly, a hoodie that sits neatly under the helmet, and seams that are welded shut to protect against the wind. If there ever is a storm, you can count on the Dainese Storm 2 jacket to keep you dry.

  • Comes with a rain hood
  • Ultrasonic sealed seams
  • EN ISO 20471 certified
  • Has a narrower fit

Our Take:

The Dainese Storm 2 Jacket has quickly become a fan favorite of long-distance riders for its comfortable functionality at a great price.

6. Alpinestars Racing Rain Jacket

Premium Choice – Most Comfortable

The list wouldn’t be complete without any Alpinestars rain jackets in the mix. Their Racing Rain Jacket is designed with an advanced 2 mm material that offers 100% waterproofing with a mesh liner for breathability.

Despite its ultra-lightweight structure, the Alpinestars Jacket manages to offer crash safety using hard PU inserts at the sleeves and torso. Not to worry, they are flexible and ergonomic.

On the topic of flexibility, the AS Rain Jacket comes pre-curved for an easier fit and is transparent so the leather suit underneath matches seamlessly.

  • Pre-curved structural design
  • Flexible PU inserts at the joints
  • Ultra-lightweight material
  • May not be much breathable

Our Take:

The Alpinestars Racing Rain Jacket is perfect for trainees and seasoned roadrunners that need a leather cover that wouldn’t compromise their power ranger look when wet weather riding.

7. Firstgear Sierra Day Glo Rain Jacket

Durable Choice – Best for Nighttime Riders

Made out of a flexible waterproof garment and lined with soft fabric with seams taped shut, the Firstgear Sierra Day Glo Rain Jacket acts as an excellent rain protector and windbreaker.

It levels up basic features like reflective piping by introducing a glow-in-the-dark design so riders can enjoy a matte black look on water-resistant gear during the day and ride safely at night. 

  • Well-fitting, perfect for all riding positions
  • Collar-stuffed rain hood included
  • Black reflective material
  • The fabric used could be improved

Our Take:

The Firstgear Sierra Day Glo Rain Jacket is a nice up-and-comer if you’re looking to upgrade your current rain gear.

8. Tour Master Sentinel LE Rain Jacket

Stylish Choice – Most Feature Fed

Designed in the classic neon yellow and grey colors of law enforcement, the Tour Master Sentinel Rain Jacket attempts to offer an extra level of security against rain, wind, and harsh weather. So, while you protect the city, the jacket protects you.

Since the rainy season is quite humid, the Sentinel jacket is constructed out of ultra-breathable RipStop Nylon, an adjustable mesh backing as well as a special ventilation system.

Multiple zipper closures and taped seams on the Tour Master Rain Jacket keep water from entering even when the vents are open.

  • Full-length zipper at the front and side
  • Reflective stripes all around
  • Vent system integrated
  • The intake ports may compromise water-resistance

Our Take:

The Tour Master Sentinel LE Rain Jacket is the perfect picture of rain safety and security at an affordable price.

9. Frogg Toggs Toadz Kikker II Rain Jacket

Value Choice – Most Ergonomic

Perfect for sudden adventures in the season, the Frogg Toggs Toadz Kikker II Rain Jacket comes with a proprietary shell integrated with DriPore for maximum waterproofing. 

All pockets and zippers are water-resistant, the elastic waist is adjustable for a custom fit and the hood can be tucked in for extra comfort. The Kikker II introduced neoprene cuff openings with perfect adjustability.

  • Comes with a drip-free visor
  • Fits over leather armor
  • Removable hood
  • The front zipper is finicky

Our Take:

The Frogg Toggs Toadz Kikker II Rain Jacket offers extra bang for versatility, comfort, and rain-proofing for a sweet price tag of less than $90! 

How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Rain Gear?

Now that you know what the best motorcycle rain gears are offering at the market, it’s time to track down one that checks off all the boxes for your next adventure. Here are some factors to consider when buying rain protection covers.

  • Shell Fabric

When it comes to classic wet-weather motorcycle gear, the material used to construct it is especially what sets it apart from a basic waterproof jacket. There are two types of fabrics you can find on rain suits for motorcycle riding:

  • Textiles: 

These are breathable and perfect for summer and the monsoon season. Popularly known as Gore-Tex, textile fabrics have micro-pores in the shell that keep water droplets away from the body while allowing water vapors to escape which cools down the body. DryStar by Alpinestars is also a textile fabric.

  • PVC: 

Also known as polyvinyl chloride, this is a hard but flexible polymer shell. It provides exceptional waterproofing but has minimal breathability. Good for short distances and chilly rides.

  • Waterproof Treatment

The best part about having dedicated rain gear for riding is the reliability. Whether there’s torrential rain or a bad wave of thunderstorms, the rain suit won’t get weighed down by the excess water. 

This is because it’s coated with a Durable Water Repellent which beads water droplets so they slide away easily. It does wear out so make sure to spray a new DWR coat after using it heavily 10 to 12 times.

  • Sealed Seams and Zippers

Since rain gear is worn on top of casual clothing, it is crucial to have a tight fit. This way the body is fully covered against water. A smart addition to waterproofing elements is storm flaps on the zipper and sealed seams. They keep water from entering the rain suit and even drain any water droplets that manage to sneak their way in. Not to mention, they protect against cold weather too.

  • Ventilation Panels

An important part of motorcycle gear, ventilation panels evaporate any lingering water and sweat which cools the body down and prevents heat exhaustion as the humidity increases. Naturally, the wind stops when it’s about to rain so having well-positioned intake and exhaust ports allows necessary air to pass through and improve breathability.

  • Reflective Details

Lastly, make sure the rain gear has reflective details. You might be asked to evacuate the premise if a storm is pulling through or the journey might extend because you got stuck. Even if you’re not a nighttime rider, it’s important to prepare all safety measures beforehand. 

What to Do When it Rains While Riding a Motorcycle?

While riding the beast in the rain sounds like the perfect romance, it’s important to know the measures one must take in case the downpour gets heavy or there isn’t a shelter nearby. In fact, knowing the plan is as important as having gas in the tank!

Cover Up the Body

First, get your riding gear out and cover up under a shelter as soon as it starts drizzling. A jacket and pants with reflective details are a must-have. Other additions that improve comfort are waterproof boots and gloves. Remember the visor, make sure it is Pinlock-ready so you don’t have to worry about the vision fogging up. 

Maintain the Speed

The main point of focus while riding in the rain must be the speed of your motorcycle. Do not speed even if it’s a paved road. Go slow and steady, keep two fingers on the brakes for emergency stops and watch out for slick asphalt and manhole covers.

Seek Out Dry Lines

This goes without saying but always ensure you ride your motorcycle on drying road lanes when the rain stops. Moving on the sea of water on the ground can drag you behind especially if there’s traffic around. Car tracks dry out faster, keep a lookout for them.

Keep the Body Upright

The most important thing to note while riding in the rain is your posture. Generally, the body should be positioned in such a way that it keeps the bike upright and pressed to the ground to improve traction. 

For ADV, MTB, and dual-sport motorcycles, stand on the pegs while pushing the body weight downward. While riding cruiser bikes, lean forward almost pushing the head towards the mirrors. This way you’ll enjoy more control on the bike and keep it balanced always.

Press the Brakes Smoothly

When riding a motorcycle in the rain, the brakes must be prioritized. You could have to make a stop suddenly, swerve away from an oncoming vehicle or simply slow down as traffic gets jammed. Cover up the brake lever using two fingers so you can press it faster when needed and make sure to keep a 3-meter distance at least behind cars.

Check the Tire Pressure 

Always ensure the tires are in good shape before you set off for an adventure in the rain. Check the pressure, keep the inflation at the correct PSI and ensure they are warmed up well before speeding off. Spoiler alert: it does take longer to warm up the tires in the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should rain gear be worn over clothes?

Yes, most motorcycle rain gear like jumpsuits, pants, and jackets are worn over clothes as a waterproof covering. They bead the water droplets instead of absorbing them so they slide off immediately. If the rain gear is worn inside, it wouldn’t be able to perform the action effectively and will lose its purpose.

Is it OK to ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Yes, it is OK to ride a motorcycle in the rain. Just make sure to maintain the speed at a slow rate, keep on the dry lanes as much as you can, and be seated in an upright manner to improve balance. 

Should I protect my bike from the rain?

Yes, a bike should be kept covered when it’s raining. If you do forget and it is left out to soak, make sure it doesn’t marinate under the pouring rain for more than a day as the humidity and lingering water droplets can damage the mechanics. If you’re en route and it rains, focus on riding the motorcycle most then dry it off when you’re safe.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to choose the ideal motorcycle rain gear, you’re only a click away from enjoying motorcycle adventures to the fullest!

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