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9 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves in 2023

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Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

When riding through tough terrains on sunny days, all control is led by your hands. So why not protect them with the right pair of motorcycle gloves?

Some products fit into a nice-to-have category but others are a definite must-have and motorcycle gloves are one of them. Imagine one act as a motorist that does not involve the use of your hands. Impossible, isn’t it? 

That is exactly why you need to protect your hands and wrist from impact bruises and abrasions as much as the head during speed rides. This is where motorcycle gloves come into play. Not only do they protect riders from falls but they offer a secure control over the bike, durability in the gear and allow you to stay alert. Not to mention, they make riders look super cool!

Well, today we will tell you all about motorcycle gloves, why you need them, the types of gloves available in the market, what features and specifications to look for when purchasing one and lastly, some amazing expert-recommended products to look into today. 

Take out a pen and paper, go through the comprehensive product and buying guide below and mark your favourites for future reference and goals!

The 9 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced motorist, it is always the right time to add to your gear and be as protected from impacts as possible. For that, you’ll need a good pair of motorcycle gloves. So, let’s look at a few, compare their pros and cons and help you pick one today!

1. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Motorcycle Gloves

Convenient Choice – Most Comfortable

Constructed of premium leather exterior and a mesh integrated interior, the SMX-1 Air V2 motorcycle gloves by Alpinestars are perfect for riders that prefer versatility in their gear and would like an all-season type of hand protection. 

The gloves feature strategic perforation zones along with an air mesh surface for enhanced airflow and ventilation during the summer days. For durability, the gloves include sufficient padding on the sides as well as synthetic suede zones. 

The SMX-1 motorcycle gloves offer abrasion resistance through their hard polymer knuckle protection. The hands are secured by hook and loop grip wrist closure but offer enough range of movement through multiple stretch zones in the fingers and the backhands so riders do not feel claustrophobic.

by amazon
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Knuckle protection
  • Secure closure
  • CE certified
  • The fabric near the palms is not durable enough

Our Take:

With padded fingers, perforated leather exterior and a mesh liner, the SMX-1 gloves are all the rage. 

2. Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves

Editor’s Choice – Best Padded

The Eclipse gloves by Joe Rocket are just one addition to their long line of premium, world-famous motorcycle gear. They are constructed of a utility grade span/polycarbonate chassis which improves durability and enhances grip. 

TPR-reinforced knuckle protection keeps the motorists’ knuckles out of harm from roadside gravel during sudden impacts. Also the palm side is padded for added traction on the bike and the fingers are fitted with padding and conductive material so riders can access their touchscreen devices and keep their grip steady while speeding through the day too. 

by amazon
  • Best for all seasons
  • Great knuckle and finger protection
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Ventilated
  • Thinner than standard motorcycle gloves

Our Take:

The Eclipse motorcycle gloves by Joe Rocket are comfortable to wear, offer high impact protection and great value for money. The fitment is true to size and the lining is summer-friendly. Best pick for all types of riders.

3. Milwaukee Men’s Summer Gloves

Recommended by Experts – Most Protective

Originally made in Pakistan, these summer motorcycle gloves by Milwaukee Leather are constructed of premium cowhide leather offering maximum security against impacts and protection from injuries.

The palm side of the gloves is gel padded for cooling and comfort during the summertime. Also, the gloves weigh only 0.1kg, their lightweight structure keeps the interior ventilated and summer-friendly.

For closure, the gloves come with an adjustable strap on the wrist which is convenient considering the wrist is sized shorter than standard motorcycle gloves. 

by amazon
  • Simple aesthetics
  • No-fuss velcro strap closure
  • Great fitment
  • Well padded
  • May soak up water during rainy days

Our Take:

These motorcycle gloves by Milwaukee Leather are a great find for all motorists as it is breathable and summer-friendly, despite the leather exterior. They can also be adjusted to wear as slip-ons without feeling too loose or unsecure while riding speedily through the tough terrains.

4. ScorpionEXO Klaw II Men’s Gloves

Our Top Pick – Most Durable

ScorpionEXO products are a household name among motorists and their Klaw II motorcycle gloves are an addition to their famous gear. Featuring a goatskin leather construction with neoprene, the gloves are durable and protect against abrasions during impact.

Also, the fingers on the gloves are pre-curved for improved grip and traction on the bike. The finger side is TPR-moulded and fitted with padded protectors while the knuckle side is TPU moulded for enhanced comfort and security.

Despite the heavy leather construction and the maximum security addition, the gloves are designed to be summer-friendly through their integrated rib-stretch expansion panels on the knuckles which allow a full range of motion to the rider. In addition, a wrist relief panel made of neoprene is included for added comfort.

by amazon
  • Comfortable
  • Impact protective
  • Good grip allowance
  • Requires time for break-in

Our Take:

The Klaw II motorcycle gloves are a definite winner.

5. MADBIKE Smart Tech Riding Gloves

Best Overall – Most Tear-Resistant

These smart tech riding gloves by MADBIKE are selling like hotcakes for their wonderful aesthetics and grip capabilities. Constructed with a windproof polyester fabric, the motorcycle gloves can withstand all abrasions during impacts and keep the motorists hand away from harm.

The palm side of the gloves is tear-resistant which keeps the gloves from falling apart after one fall or a harsh rub on the gravel, and also protects the rider’s palms from bruises. The hand protection from the gloves is maximised through knuckle armour which is moulded and covered by fabric stealth.

Flexibility of motion is enhanced by a leather stretch panel on the fingers which is also integrated with a black microfiber for touchscreen compatibility. 

  • Windproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Perforated palm side
  • Anti-slip leather palm
  • May be a snug fit for some

Our Take:

The smart tech riding gloves by MADBIKE are an all rounder for every motorist.

6. Joe Rocket Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Unique Choice – Easy to Maintain

These motorcycle gloves by Joe Rocket may not be the first priority of every motorist because of their unique style but their fingerless design is as durable as a full glove. 

Constructed of a FreeAir mesh upper, the gloves allow great ventilation and work best in the summers. The half-fingers come in a pre-curved design allowing riders to bike without fuss. 

The cuff is made of aeroprene for additional comfort and there are leather reinforcements integrated throughout the gloves for a secure grip and traction on the bike. 

The palm side includes a thin layer of gel which disperses vibrations while riding speed and the wrist strap is made in a hook and loop style for easy access. 

  • Secure grip
  • Comfortable wear
  • Aerodynamic
  • The black dye may run slightly when exposed to water but does not stain

Our Take:

These Joe Rocket fingerless gloves are a summer rider’s best friend.

7. Tourmaster Select Summer 2.0 Leather Gloves

All-Rounder’s Choice – Reduces Hand Fatigue

Tourmaster’s newest release of summer motorcycle gloves are gaining traction for their great construction as well as summer-friendly features. Constructed of a perforated goatskin leather exterior combined with a spandex interior, these gloves are soft and allow air to enter, preventing heat exhaustion. 

The palm side of the summer 2.0 gloves is reinforced with a light layer of foam padding to reduce vibrational impact and shock when speed riding through tough terrains. 

Grip from the gloves is enhanced through the finger and thumb reinforcement panels as well as the pre-curved style of the palm and fingers, which also helps in reducing hand fatigue. Comfort is improved by the slip-on design of the cuff

by amazon
  • Shock absorbent
  • Soft and ventilated
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Size runs small

Our Take:

The Select Summer 2.0 biker gloves by Tourmaster are famed for their excellent breathability, comfort and convenience.

8. Milwaukee Leather Riding Gloves

Women’s Choice – Best Sizing

Originating in Pakistan, these riding gloves by Milwaukee Leather feature a premium cowhide leather construction, perforated to let air in during the hot summer days.

The wrist strap is adjustable for comfort and improved security while flexibility is improved by stretch panels integrated in the knuckles. The weight is light enough for motorists to grip their bike securely but bulky enough to protect their hands from harm when necessary. 

The style of the gloves is made to match a female hand’s structure where it hugs the hand in all the right places without feeling snug. 

by amazon
  • Well ventilated
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Durable construction
  • Does not come with a liner attached

Our Take:

The Milwaukee Leather women’s summer motorcycle gloves are here to win against the bulkiness of men’s biker gloves while offering the same comfort and security to female riders, if not better. This is a must-have for all females.

9. GORE WEAR Unisex C5 Knuckle Gloves

Consumer’s Choice – Best for All Seasons

The C5 motorcycle gloves by GORE WEAR are unisex in nature and fingerless/short-sized in style. The exterior and the interior is constructed to be moisture-wicking so no water runs through the gloves or is soaked up during rainy or sweaty days. 

Breathability of the gloves is improved by perforated reinforcements throughout. A pull-out loop between the fingers and a light layer of gel and foam padding on the palm side allows increased dexterity while riding and resting on the road. 

The closure strap is velcro for easy wear and removal. Also, the gloves have integrated reflective details so riders can be visible to other motorists while riding in the nighttime.

  • Nighttime visibility
  • Improved dexterity
  • Moisture-wicking
  • The inside label may be sized larger than standard gloves

Our Take:

The C5 gloves by GORE WEAR are the best find for motorists looking for high quality fingerless gloves.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Right Pair Of Motorcycle Gloves

Besides safety, what are the pros to researching, measuring and finally getting the perfect pair of motorcycle gloves? Well, here are just three of the many benefits highlighting why motorcycle gloves are a necessary purchase for every motorist, beginners as well as experienced ones, out there.

Secure Grip

A high quality, reliable pair of motorcycle gloves is going to take your biking experience to the next level. Motorcycle gloves allow you to maintain a steady, controlled grip on your motorcycle, manage controls, push levers, handle helmet closures and even use touchscreen devices easily with no fuss. Most are water, dust and scratch-proof.

Comfortable Focus

Having motorcycle gloves that fit well around the wrist, offer a secure grip on the motorcycle while riding, touchscreen compatibility and easy use of buttons allows motorists to focus on the ride ahead, stay on alert and be free of any distractions during rain showers, sunny days and even snowfall. 

Impact Protection

Safety is the ultimate benefit of every motorists’ gear and motorcycle gloves are the best way to keep your hands from being damaged, not only during accidents but even from harsh weather conditions. Most gloves, today, are made abrasion-resistant, scratch-proof and completely impact protective. A foolproof pick is leather gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for motorcycle gloves?

Traditionally, all motorcycle gloves were made out of cowhide leather as it is highly resistant to abrasions but most companies now offer a variety of materials like carbon fibre, hard plastics and other man-made textiles. While leather remains a foolproof choice, especially for beginners, other textiles come down to preferences.

How do I know my gloves fit well?

When purchasing gloves, make sure to check the given size chart and compare. The best way is to choose gloves with an elastic or a slip-on cuff and if you have thin hands, then a velcro strap works well. Remember, there should be no space between your fingertips and gloves.

Are there different types of motorcycle gloves?

Yes, there are many types of motorcycle gloves and it all comes down to preference. Here are a few you might encounter on your search:

Fingerless gloves are rarely recommended by experts, especially for speed riding, but nowadays fingerless gloves are made with sufficient knuckle protection and offer great ventilation. They are a great pick for urban riders.

Next, we have the dirt gloves which are mostly targeted towards motocross riders as they are most in contact with tough terrains and need specialised gloves for protection. They are usually made of mesh for ventilation.

You’ll also find gloves with a short cuff and they are usually for short-distance commuters. Some are summer-friendly, made of mesh or perforated leather and textiles for airflow. Winter-friendly short cuff gloves usually come with an extra thermal liner and dual sport gloves are a mix of the two. 

Other types of gloves include specialised adventure/ADV or racer gloves which are generally similar to any of the above here but with added stability features or aesthetic designs for exposure. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a pair of motorcycle gloves does not seem so unnecessary now, does it? Remember, every motorist is identified by the type of gear they carry and no amount of impact protection is enough when it’s the case of life and death. Because you are preparing for the ride, you must not forget the slide and carry with you as much safety as needed to be your own hero. 

Now that you have seen a wink of the market from the detailed product guide above, read through the benefits and hopefully found answers to all your burning questions in the FAQ section, you are just one step away from getting the perfect pair of motorcycle gloves made just for you!

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