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10 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets in 2023

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Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

A biker jacket has been around for a long time as a fashion statement but for experienced riders, it is a priority in their safety gear and a lot goes into considering one besides the classy look it gives.

As a beginner, most are tempted to purchase a simple leather jacket advertised as a biker jacket but in no way will it provide the same protection, comfort or even ventilation as a genuine motorcycle jacket.

See, motorcycle jackets are typically made of premium cowhide leather that can hold up to friction upon impact and help prevent road rash and open wounds while fashionable leather is more flexible and causes more injuries than prevent them.

Some motorcycle jackets are made of mesh which allows more airflow, some have more storage for audio connection and most have reflective technology so other motorists can see you at night. 

And this is exactly why every rider needs a motorcycle jacket, even in the summers! Here is a comprehensive guide on biker jackets, complete with expert-recommended products!

The 10 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Be it windy or scorching hot, as a rider you are going to need a good quality jacket to protect from the harsh weathers and even sudden impacts. Let’s look at a few options!

1. Joe Rocket Velocity Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Value Choice – Best for Daily Wear

With a cool dual colour design, the Joe Rocket Velocity Mesh jacket features a FreeAir mesh shell construction for exceptional breathability, a 6-point SureFit system for secure fitting and a waterproof removable liner for protection against rainy weather! 

It is a one-in-all choice for riders of the night with its reflective stripe allowing clear visibility to other riders and avoiding accidents. 

For impact protection, the motorcycle jacket features contoured armour at the shoulders and elbows as well as a dual density spine armour and a high density rib padding. 

Also, the Velocity Mesh jacket has two outer pockets and one inner pocket with extended belt loops on the back for pants attachment.

by amazon
  • Custom fitting
  • Clear nighttime visibility
  • Great impact protection
  • The zipper may be loosely made

Our Take:

The Joe Rocket Velocity Mesh motorcycle jacket is an all rounder for its secure fitting and user friendliness.

2. Alpinestars Men’s Leonis Drystar Air Motorcycle Jacket

Editor’s Choice – Easy to Maintain

Constructed of an extensive mesh panelling, the Alpinestars Leonis Motorcycle Jacket is one of the best choices in the market for breathability and with the addition of a removable DRYSTAR liner, the jacket becomes waterproof and ticks all the boxes for a smooth ride during hot and rainy weathers.

Besides an exceptional internal airflow, the Alpinestars motorcycle jacket also features multiple settings of adjustment for a secure and customised fit i.e raising the bar for comfortable wear.

The style of this jacket is also hard to miss. It features cool embroidery and embossed detailing on the front for daytime style and reflective detailing for nighttime clarity!

Last but not least, it has a waterproof pocket on the inside and zippered pockets on the outside.

by amazon
  • True to size
  • Excellent storage
  • Affordable
  • May take some breaking into

Our Take:

The Alpinestars Jacket is one of the best in the market for its comfort and easy wear.

3. ScorpionEXO Vortex Air Jacket

All-Rounder’s Choice – Most Aerodynamic

The ScorpionEXO Vortex Air Motorcycle Jacket is named so for its exceptional airflow management, using the company’s ultra-resistant Rhino-Mesh technology the jacket allows for up to 30% increase in internal airflow!

In addition, the Vortex motorcycle jacket also features extensive large gauge mesh panels in sweaty areas like the underarms, upper chest and the upper back. 

Comfort levels of this jacket are maximised through integrated action-back panels which claim to decrease fatigue and a low-profile neoprene finished collar for freedom of movement. 

Also, fitment of the jacket can be customised through multipoint adjustments, functionality is increased through snag-free zippers and a full-sleeve liner improves waterproofing.

by amazon
  • Multi pocket design
  • 360° reflective stripe on the back and upper arms
  • Sizes are on the larger side

Our Take:

With features that tick all the boxes for summertime riders, this jacket is a must-have.

4. Speed and Strength Men’s Textile Jacket

Premium Choice – Most Versatile

Versatile at best, the Off the Chain 2.0 textile jacket by Speed and Strength is constructed with 50% cotton and 50% nylon with a water-resistant AR-600 frame; making it durable against harsh weathers and comfortable for daily wear.

The inner liner is made of a cotton polyester mix, is removable and comes with a hood so riders can cover their heads when the sun gets blinding or the clouds get too dark. 

It also features a CE-approved, removable vault shoulder, elbow and spine protectors for complete security against sudden impacts and Speed Zip technology for ventilation.

For nighttime riders, the motorcycle jacket/hoodie is designed with a reflective stripe.

by amazon
  • Concealed pocket design
  • Microfiber-liner collar and cuffs
  • Comes with shoulder expansion gussets
  • Expensive

Our Take:

The Off the Chain motorcycle jacket adds all the basics and two more making it valuable and a premium choice for experienced riders.

5. Joe Rocket Women’s Mesh Biker Jacket

Stylish Choice – Best Fitment

With a tattoo-like design on the right sleeve and left side of the torso, the Cleo Biker jacket by Joe Rocket is bound to turn heads at every corner.

The jacket prioritises breathability through a Free Air mesh covering on the torso, arms and even the back so almost 80% of the jacket is ventilated. 

The full sleeve lining is waterproof, removable and comes with a snag-free zipper. Also, the ribs, hips and shoulders are textile reinforced. 

For complete impact protection, a removable CE-approved armour covers the arms and shoulders, includes a high-density back protector and a removable spine pad with an additional pocket.

by amazon
  • Reflective stripe for nighttime visibility
  • 9-point SureFit custom adjustment system
  • Waterproof pocket
  • Shoulder armour may dig lightly into skin

Our Take:

The Cleo Biker jacket by Joe Rocket is best in the market for female riders looking for a stylish, protective and lightweight jacket.

6. FROGG TOGGS Classic All-Purpose Suit

Women’s Choice – Most Waterproof

Constructed of an exclusive blend of Polypropylene nonwoven fabric with a DRIPORE GEN 2 layer in the middle, this FROGG TOGGS fully seam taped all-purpose suit is a winner at protecting female riders from rainy weathers and wet slides. 

The front zipping jacket features an adjustable and removable hood, offers freedom of movement using elastic cuffed raglan sleeves and prevents runoff transfer by designing a full length parka that can fit over pants. 

Though there are no pockets, the pants feature a straight leg design with an elastic waist and adjustable leg openings.

by amazon
  • Front zipping for comfort
  • Versatile jacket
  • Breathable fabric
  • Secure fitting
  • No pockets

Our Take:

This FROGG TOGGS all purpose suit is all the rage, amongst female riders, this summer for its exceptional waterproofing and breathability. The jacket and pants combination is lightweight and versatile i.e can be used while biking, hiking etc.

7. Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket

Our Top Pick – Most Convenient

Originally made in Pakistan, the Milano Sport motorcycle jacket is constructed with a complete CE-approved removable armour on the shoulders and elbows.

It also features a removable, thermal quilted liner keeping riders warm during chilly days and giving access to proper ventilation during the summertime.

For ventilation, the Milano jacket has zippered vents on the chest and the back and the frame is waterproof for rainy days. The mesh frame, low-profile collar with an adjustable closure snap and the velcro waist adjusters; all add to the overall comfort of wearing the jacket.

by amazon
  • Adjustable cuffs and forearms
  • Mesh frame
  • Sufficient padding on the back, elbows and the forearms
  • Reflective striping
  • Constructed one size smaller than standard sizing

Our Take:

The Milano Gamma motorcycle jacket is waterproof, breathable, comfortable and versatile. It can be worn while riding tough terrains, hiking up murky mountains or even while competing in sports!

8. ScorpionEXO Cargo Air Mesh Jacket

Best Overall – Most Durable

Pioneering cargo carrying jackets, ScorpionEXO adds to its exceptional collection with the Cargo Air jacket. Constructed of 600D premium polyester with a Rhinomesh frame, the jacket is fully abrasion-resistant.

For complete security against sudden impacts, the cargo jacket comes with Safe Tech CE Level 1 armour at the shoulders and elbows. Also, features a back protector with an extra pocket for additional CE armour.

The design is storage-friendly, proven by a pocket on the chest, two on the side as hand warmers and two on the inside for audio devices.

Where fitment is concerned, adjustable closures and buttons on the forearms and waist allow custom fitting. In addition, the jacket has NightViz Reflective striping on the shoulders as well as the back for night visibility.

  • Snag-free zippers
  • Removable and expandable cargo storage bag included
  • Fully ventilated
  • Dries fast
  • Does not come with a liner
  • Heavyweight

Our Take:

The ScorpionEXO jacket, though heavyweight, provides complete value for money with its excellent storage, moisture-wicking construction and great ventilation. 

9. Alpinestars T-GP PLUS R V3 Air Jacket

High Quality Choice – Most Protective

Known for their great quality, Alpinestars launched their next big hit with the T-GP Plus motorcycle jacket. Constructed with 600D polyester with a coating of double polyurethane, the jacket is the definition of protective. 

The aerodynamics of the jacket are also super as seen by the large mesh panel on the front, back and the upper sleeves. Also features vents on the upper side for optimal airflow. 

The fitment of the jacket is enhanced by the large stretch panel on the underarms and the shoulders. With a semi-automatic zipper, a hook and loop waist and cuff, the closure is secure.

Also, the collar is low-profile, does not dig into the rider’s neck and has soft lining for enhanced comfort. 

For storage, the Alpinestars jacket comes with two zippered pockets in the front, one waterproof pocket inside and two pockets on the inner liner for additional safekeeping.

  • Reflective stripe
  • Secure snaps
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Storage-friendly design
  • Size runs small
  • Takes some breaking into

Our Take:

The Alpinestars Air Jacket is best for riding in the summers, winters and the rainy days.

10. Milwaukee Men’s High Quality Leather Jacket

Unique Choice – Most Long Lasting

Leather in the summer may sound constricting to some riders but with Milwaukee’s biker jacket, the leather is their winning element. Made of premium cowhide, thick leather, this jacket is stylish and guaranteed to last many years.

The hardware on the jacket is antique brass, giving a rustic look to any onlookers and adding bucks to the estimated price tag. 

For storage, the jacket comes with two lower zippered pockets and ventilation is covered by chest, arm and back vents. 

by amazon
  • Built-in concealed weapon pocket
  • Dual striped highly reflective stripe
  • Removable liner
  • Heavyweight

Our Take:

The Milwaukee leather jacket is a sharp turn from the recommended mesh biker jackets for the summertime but its excellent features and construction allow it to perform well even on sunny days. It is spacious and pairs well with fleece, hoodies and extra liners needed in the winter and lasts a long time.

What To Keep In Mind When In The Shop For A Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Now that you have gone through all the products listed above and have a thorough idea of what to expect in the market when looking for summer motorcycle jackets, let’s look into a few elements in detail to help you prioritise better and ultimately purchase better; according to your needs. 


The highest priority while riding in the summertime is sufficient ventilation to prevent heat exhaustion. Look for jackets with mesh construction or lining as it draws out excess heat when sweating and keeps away moisture when raining. Also, vents are important in the back and the front for proper airflow.

Night Clarity

There’s more to riding safety besides heavy construction and good padding and one of them is visibility during the night. Being visible to other drivers and motorists is going to prevent any sudden impacts and accidents so make sure the jacket has reflective technology like visible piping or Hi-Viz colouring.


Abrasion resistance and impact protection is of key importance while riding speed so make sure the jacket zeroed in on has sufficient high-density foam internal body armour, lightweight for comfort and rigid on impact. The best in the market are those that are CE-approved as they are always properly insured.


Also termed as liners, proper insulation allows jackets to be versatile in usage i.e it can be worn during the winter day as well as summertime as most liners, today, are either removable or zip-out style. Some are lightweight, have additional storage and they may be full-sleeved or vest-like.


Biker jackets are usually made of premium leather or man-made textiles like Kevlar or Cordura. While leather is not the most breathable, it is highly abrasion-resistant, stylish and lasts quite some time. Textiles, on the other hand, are versatile, offer great ventilation, lightweight and waterproof but they also tend to wear out faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a motorcycle jacket a necessary purchase?

Yes, no negatives of having a biker jacket can outshine its biggest priority which is that it is a part of every rider’s safety gear. Where a helmet protects the head and neck, a good quality jacket prevents your shoulders, arms and back from accidents and injuries.

Is a leather motorcycle jacket better than a mesh motorcycle jacket?

Every material has its pros and cons and while leather is the most preferred material for its abrasion-resistance, mesh is more breathable and works well for riders who live in warmer climates. Leather is more durable and mesh weighs lighter. It all comes down to your priorities as a rider.

Does style matter when getting a motorcycle jacket?

Biker jackets typically come in four main styles i.e cruiser, racing, sport/street and adventure/dual-sport jackets. Each serves a different purpose and is made to fit the needs of different riders. Some jackets, especially sport/street jackets, are more versatile than the others and may be adjusted accordingly.

Final Thoughts

With bike riding, safety always comes first and a rider’s gear is not complete until there is a high quality, abrasion-resistant, versatile and well-ventilated motorcycle jacket fitted inside. The thought of wearing extra clothing on warmer days may get some riders to think twice on getting a jacket but it is always better to have something than to have nothing. 

Now that you have gone through the buying guide above and contemplated on the products listed here, it is time to set a certain budget and go shopping for a new summer motorcycle jacket so you can ride safely anywhere.

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