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8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves [2022 Reviews]

Youth Baseball Gloves

Baseball is a fantastic activity for kids because it allows them to build strength, improve coordination, enjoy collaboration, and have fun. Playing baseball is not only good for your children’s health, but it also helps them to develop better hand-eye coordination.

But, do you want your kids to have as much fun as possible while playing baseball?

If yes, then you’ll need to invest some bucks on the right gear for your young baseball players, such as a kid baseball bat, baseball cleats, and a youth baseball glove.

Baseball gloves are essential for all baseball players, especially for youngsters in their first summer league. A well-chosen youth baseball glove is the best present a parent can give to his or her 4-12-year-old child.

It has been proven that wearing a glove that properly fits the player’s hand and wrist will immediately make a difference in how comfortable he or she feels on the field when first practicing baseball skills and developing a passion for the game.

If you are not sure which glove will work best for your child then fortunately you’ve come to the right place. We wrote this review article with a buyer’s guide so you wouldn’t have to spend thousands of hours searching for the right glove for your child.

The 8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves in 2022

Here’s a detailed review of the top 8 best youth baseball gloves you can buy for your aspiring baseball star.

1- Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings has created more functionally innovative glove features and designs than any other glove manufacturer. That’s why Rawlings baseball gloves are worn by top players all around the world.

Their Pro-Lite line offers an interesting range of pro player styles gloves, allowing ambitious young players to wear the same glove style as their idols.

They’re made of a soft, lightweight all-leather shell with 90 percent factory break-in for a game-ready feel right out of the box.

Since they are youth gloves, they come with Rawlings Pro taper fit which offers a slightly smaller hand opening and gives a glove snugger fit, greater extension, and better overall control. The finger slots are also slightly scaled down for a more secure fit on a younger player’s hand. Rawlings has used highly comfortable fabric finger back linings within these gloves, giving youngsters a soft and luxurious feel every time they put their hands in them.

Furthermore, the cushioned palm and index finger provide unsurpassed shock resistance, while the padded finger back lining ensures a nice, comfortable fit, making this glove a safe and reliable option for young baseball players.

  • Youth Pro Taper Fit
  • Shock Reduction Palm Pad
  • 90% Factory Break-in
  • Cushioned Finger Back Lining
  • Index Finger pad
  • Expensive

Our Take:

This Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove (SPL150FL) is based on Francisco Lindor’s game model and offers a standard 11.50-inch size with an I-web. This style and size are ideal for young infielders aged 9 to 12, aiming to enhance their performance on the diamond.

2- Franklin Sports RTP Youth Baseball Glove

Franklin introduces these ready-to-play youth baseball gloves to make catching easier for kids who are just starting to learn the basics of the baseball game. it is made of composite synthetic leather to keep the glove lightweight and comfortable.

The glove’s soft foam construction makes it simple to put on and take off, while the hand-contoured pocket and breathable modified trapeze web construction make this glove flexible and easy to close.

Young players will appreciate the contoured wrist closure, which maximizes comfort and ensures quick catching.

This glove comes with its soft foam baseball, so you’ll have everything your child needs to practice throwing and catching indoors or out.

The 100% factory break-in feature and the RTP 2 construction make these gloves an ideal first glove for any young player looking to improve their catching and throwing ability.

  • Lightweight synthetic leather
  • No break-in required
  • Breathable
  • Trapeze Web Structure
  • Soft Ball included
  • Not fit great on smaller hands

Our Take:

Franklin RTP baseball glove will fit well and works great for players age between 4-7. Furthermore, with the variety of colors offered you can buy a glove that is more personalized and appealing to your learning tee-ball player.

3- Nokona Alpha Select Youth Baseball Glove

The Alpha series by Nokona is created with practically no break-in needed and has been upgraded with a mixture of AmericanKIP and SuperSoft leathers for the ultimate combination of game-readiness and durability. This S-50 model of the Alpha series features a small 9-inch size and a conventional open back with a classic Nokona logo.

This glove’s full closed web makes it ideal for young baseball players just starting in their careers.

For a more stable fit on a younger player’s hand, Nocona offers a small wrist opening with shorter finger stalls.

The American buffalo leather used to make this glove break in naturally, providing the glove long-lasting structure and a game-ready feel right out of the box. This model, like many others from Nokona, is created by 65% American labor.

  • Game-Ready
  • AmericanKip Leather
  • Supersoft Leather
  • Smaller Wrist Opening
  • Closed Web
  • Too tight for some players

Our Take:

These gloves are perfect for kids ages 3 to 7, and older kids having small hands. It will be above that t-ball level, so children will love this glove.

4- Wilson A500 Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson has been providing high-quality sports equipment to players of all ages for nearly a century. Their A500 baseball glove, with a 12.5-inch length, is designed for those young players who want a slightly longer glove.

They’re made of high-quality full-grain cowhide leather to provide an extremely lightweight feel. The Double Palm Construction of this glove helps to avoid premature glove wear and provides additional protection for young players.

The Velcro wrist design ensures a better fit and allows for greater glove control.

Dual Welting on the back helps in maintaining the consistent shape of the pocket throughout the life of the glove while an easy-to-close dual-piece closed Weave Web helps secure the ball into the pocket.

  • Full-grain leather shell
  • Double Palm Construction
  • Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Dual Welting on the Back
  • No Break-in required
  • Lacing will not last long

Our Take:

Wilson A500 is the lightest glove available for young players aged between 8-10, but it can also fit well for children older than 10, having small hands.

5- Akadema ARA93 Rookie Series Glove

Akadema Rookie Series ARA93 youth gloves are created to give young players a glove that works great for all positions. It’s an 11-inch glove with Rookie series leather palm, designed with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to give young players a personalized fit.

This glove is constructed with U.S deer hide leather and a lightweight mesh back to make it both comfortable and durable. It has an H web and open construction back, making it suitable for both infield and outfield players.

They are pretty soft right out of the box, can simply break-in by playing catch with your child while wearing this glove.

Since this is a Youth baseball glove, the opening is slightly smaller and finger slots will be slightly tighter for a more secure fit on a small hand.

  • All-Leather Construction
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Leather Palm
  • Recommended for all positions
  • On a pricey side

Our Take:

Suitable for children aged 6 to 10, depending on the size of their hands. They’re available in both right and left-hand throws, so you can choose the perfect one for your child.

6- Louisville Slugger Genesis Baseball Glove

The Genesis 10.5-inch youth baseball glove from Louisville Slugger is made of durable buffalo leather to make sure your child can use this for many years. The Full-Mesh back provided long-lasting comfort while being lightweight and game-ready.

It also features an all-leather palm with a weaved web, paired with a nylon ballistic shell to give improved flex and make it ideal for young infielders.

This baseball glove from the Genesis series will make catching the ball much easier for your child. Furthermore, it is available as both a left-hand and a right-hand throw glove, so you can pick the right one for your child.

  • Large pocket
  • Full-Mesh Back
  • Weave Web
  • Flexible
  • Run smaller in size

Our Take:

This 10.5-inch glove is perfect for infielders aged 4 to 8 and is especially useful for young players who are just started to build a reputation on the diamond.

7- Easton Future Elite Youth Baseball Glove

The Easton Future Elite Gloves are manufactured with authentic cowhide palm and web leather to provide durability while being lightweight.

This youth glove is easy to break-in due to its rawhide lacing and H-web. The ideal fit system has a pro-style open back to provide a custom fit and quick adjustments on the fly. 

Super soft palm lining not only boosts performance by increasing grip but also safeguard young player’s hands who are new to the game. The soft mesh wrist lining provides comfort while playing.

Finger gussets are extended for a more secure fit and better leverage while the pinkie loop has been repositioned to accommodate two fingers in the pinkie stall that provides an easy-to-close function.

  • Cowhide Leather Shell
  • Super Soft Palm Lining
  • Durable rawhide lacing
  • Ideal Fit System
  • 12 Color Options
  • No Cons

Our Take:

Easton Future Elite youth baseball gloves are specifically designed for 11U players and are available in 12 distinct color schemes, so they can easily match their glove with their uniform.

8- HAI+ Youth Baseball Glove

The HAI+ 10.5-inch youth baseball glove is designed with young players in mind. It’s made of soft and supple PU artificial cowhide leather having a high-grade thickness that adds strength to the glove. It is stitched with double suture thread to add double layer reinforcement for extra durability.

The wrist back features a Spongia stereoscopic design that shields the wrist from abrasion, and the adjustable binding strap gives younger hands a personalized fit.

The shock-proof, solid, and durable thumb design, as well as the cushioned palm pad, provide further impact protection and tearing resistance.

  • Cushioned Palm Pad
  • Extra Deep Pockets
  • Soft Faux Fur Lining
  • Additional Wrist Protection
  • Adjustable Binding Strap
  • Less Durable

Our Take:

This HAI+ 10.5-inch glove is designed for players aged 8 to 12. This glove will help your child learn quickly and gain confidence so that he or she could play better on the diamond.

How To Choose a Youth Baseball Glove?

Not all baseball gloves are made from the same material and are of the same size. Parents usually don’t know, what type and size of youth baseball glove they should buy, based on their child’s hand size and developmental stage.

To make things easier for parents like you, we’ve explained some key features to consider while buying a glove for your child.

Position and Age

Position and age are two important factors to consider because youth baseball gloves come in a range of sizes to fit various player’s hands at different positions.

T-ball gloves are designed for children aged 3 to 6, who are mostly in their learning phase, and are suitable for all positions.

Infield players need a smaller and lighter glove that allows for quick hand movement. Infielders aged 7 to 12 can use gloves within a size range of 10.25 to 11.5 inches, while children aged 12 or above should use gloves within a size range of 11.25 to 12 inches. However, it is extremely dependent on the size of your child’s hand.

To catch high-flying balls, outfielders require a longer glove with a deeper pocket. Gloves size between 11.5-12.25 inches is ideal for players aged 7 to 12, while gloves in the size range of 12.5-12.75 inches are ideal for players aged 12 and above.


Youth baseball gloves are made from a variety of materials to make breaking-in the glove easier for younger players. Real leather, mesh-back, and synthetic fabrics are the three most common materials used in youth gloves.

  • Leather provides the greatest level of comfort, control, and feel. The higher the quality of leather, the better the glove. Youth gloves are mostly made of softened oil-treated leather, which is easy to break in and provides a game-ready feel. It also helps the glove to keep its shape for a longer period. Premium leather, which is more durable and takes more time to break in, is commonly used for older players going up in leagues.
  • Synthetic materials are lightweight, breathable, and require no break-in period. They provide the ideal stiffness to a youth baseball glove, which is neither too stiff nor too floppy. However, they are less durable than leather and will not resist the wear and tear of ball play.
  • Mesh-back gloves are less costly and can be used for multiple purposes in addition to baseball. They’re only suitable for playing catch with your youngsters at home because they don’t give enough impact protection for playing on a diamond.


The fit and feel of a glove on the player’s hand are the most significant features to consider. Youth player’s gloves are smaller and more customized, allowing for a more secure and snug fit.

If the player feels that the glove is going to slip off from his or her hand when his or her arm is down by their side, the glove, or at the very least the hand opening, is too large for the player.

The right glove has to be soft, lightweight, and easy to close as well to make sure your child feels comfortable wearing it.

Web Pattern

Like adult gloves, youth gloves are also made with different web patterns to offer young players the right glove according to their position.


  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Exclusively for infield players


  • Most common
  • Provides sun shield for players eyes
  • Can be used for both outfield and infield

Basket Web

  • Full-Closed Web pattern
  • Shallow Pocket
  • Recommended for infielders and pitchers

Trapeze Web

  • Neat look with leather lacing
  • Deep pocket
  • Best for outfielders

Wrist Strap

Most youth baseball gloves are made with wrist straps that allow players to make necessary adjustments and secure the glove to their hands. It also makes it simple for them to put on and take off the glove. Velcro, a buckle system, laced, or a D-ring closure can all be used on these straps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between a youth baseball glove and an adult’s baseball glove?

A youth glove is less expensive and designed for young players with small hands. They are not constructed of the same high-quality leather as adult gloves, but the materials used in youth gloves allow them to be more flexible and easier to break-in.

Youth gloves have smaller, narrower fingers and are recommended for players under the age of ten.

Children up to the age of 12 can also wear them, but children over the age of 12 should use adult gloves.

What is the glove’s orientation?

The orientation of a baseball glove refers to whether the throwing arm is left or right.

Before purchasing a baseball glove for your child, you must first determine whether he or she needs a right-handed glove or a left-handed glove.

RHG (Right Hand Throw): This glove is meant for players who throw with their right hand while wearing a glove on their left hand.

LHG (Left Hand Throw): This glove is meant for players who throw with their left hand while wearing a glove on their right hand.

How can I measure the size of a youth baseball glove?

To determine the size of a baseball glove, take a measuring tape and measure from the tip of the index finger (or the tallest point on the glove) along the palm to the heel of the glove. The majority of youth baseball gloves are 9-11 inches long.

Is it true that a larger glove is better for a young player than a smaller glove?

The size of ball gloves is the most misunderstood feature. Some parents believe that a small glove will make catching the ball more difficult, but this is not the case. A smaller glove makes it easier for a child to play as it provides better control.

The stronger a player’s glove control is, the better he or she can position his or her body and glove to catch and secure the ball. If a player wears an overly large glove, it will feel uncomfortable and may cause distractions.

Final Words

From professional all-star youth players to kids in their first summer league, a glove is an important part of the baseball kit.

From catching to throwing, a right baseball glove can help your child to improve performance in every aspect of their game.

A baseball glove that fits well is comfortable to wear, provides greater protection, and is suited for its position on the diamond is the greatest choice for a young player.

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