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10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Every rider knows choosing a motorcycle is one of the most important parts of being a motorist and the experience is the definition of being personalised to each.

To complement the efforts and the meticulous pick and choose done for a high quality motorcycle, you will need an equally well-performing motorcycle helmet.

And now that you have everyone’s head turning, might as well let them do a double take for the helmet too, right? This is why we have brought to you a comprehensive guide on 10 of the coolest motorcycle helmets available, a few ways to glam up your helmet and answers to your questions!

The 10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Helmet companies now offer a wide variety of colourful and aesthetic options, some are kid-friendly too so young motorists can enjoy their experience as well. Here are our top picks: 

1. HJC I70 Motorcycle Helmet

Editor’s Choice – Best for Sport Tourists

Constructed with the company’s exclusive advanced polycarbonate material, the HJC I70 full face helmet is sleek, lightweight, durable and compact in size. 

Along with a moisture-wicking liner, the interior of the helmet features a sunshield to protect the rider’s eyes from harmful UV rays. It comes with a lever that can be easily operated with and without gloves. 

For optimal ventilation, the full face helmet has incorporated seven intake and two exhaust vents that help draw out warm air and circulate cool air back inside, especially helpful for warmer weather.

  • Fully removable and washable cheek pads for convenience
  • Moisture-wicking interior to keep the head cool and prevent heat exhaustion
  • It takes some time to break the helmet in

Our Take:

The HJC I70 full face helmet ticks all the boxes of comfort, convenience and security and offers it all under an affordable price tag of $197.

2. ScorpionEXO Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Premium Choice – Most Durable

The ScorpionEXO adventure modular helmet offers the security of a full face helmet and the freedom of an open face helmet using a removable external peak visor.

Composed of advanced polycarbonate, the helmet maximises durability using an internal layer of EPS foam and integrating a cooling Kwikwick II liner on the inside.

Ventilation is enhanced by top intake vents as well as rear exhaust vents (spoiler integrated) while the drop-down sun visor and the Everclear shield protect the rider’s face from UV rays, dust and debris. 

  • Meets DOT and FMVSS 218 standard, can be legally used on the road in the USA.
  • Includes double-d rings for a secure fit
  • Visors can be removed to use the helmet with goggles
  • Cheek pads may be a snug fit for most riders

Our Take:

The ScorpionEXO adventure modular helmet is packed with all the basic features in an attractive design so riders can look cool and be safe on the road.

3. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Unique Style – Best Anti-Fog Technology

With a Venom 2 design on the shell, the HJC RPHA 11 Pro full face motorcycle helmet is a trendy gear to have and will definitely turn heads while riding through the roads.

With PIM plus technology integrated, the helmet is comfortable to wear, light on the head and durable against impacts. The interior of the helmet is composed of a multi-cool, anti-bacterial fabric that wicks away moisture and dries the helmet quickly.

Also, the helmet includes an anti-fog shield, an anti-fog insert lens as well as a wider eye port for improved peripheral vision

  • DOT, ECE approved, can be used in the US and Europe.
  • Can incorporate goggles easily
  • Easy one touch lock and lever system for convenience
  • Size runs small

Our Take:

With front-to-back ventilation, anti-fog technology and convenience, the HJC Venom helmet is the coolest one to have.

4. BELL Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Retro Choice – Most Comfortable

Inspired by the old school style helmets, the BELL Bullitt full face motorcycle helmet is a low-profile, carbon fibre structure that is lightweight but impact protective and safe.

Bullitt’s ventilation is improved by front chin vents, rear exhaust vents with metal mesh intake vents for cooling during the summers and preventing heat exhaustion.

The leather interior is anti-bacterial, fully removable and washable for complete convenience. Also, the contoured cheek pads pull in the sides of the face for a snug and secure fit.

  • DOT and ECE approved, can be used on-road in Europe and the US.
  • Speaker pockets are integrated
  • The chin strap is padded and comes with a double-d ring closure for a personalised fit
  • May fit tight in the beginning

Our Take:

The BELL Bullitt full face motorcycle helmet is a retro style helmet, complete with features of safety and durability. 

5. ScorpionEXO The Bad Covert Motorcycle Helmet

Stylish Choice – Most Convenient

Constructed of an advanced polycarbonate shell and a multi-layer EPS foam blend, the ScorpionEXO bad covert full face motorcycle helmet is exceptionally durable against impacts and absorbs rotational energy well.

The interior is made of the Kwikwick II liner that helps dry off sweat and keep the head cool in warmer weather. To protect against the harsh glares of the sun, the helmet has a drop-down tinted sun visor which adjusts according to the time of day. The best part, it is also anti-fog and does not put strain on the eyes.

  • DOT and FMVSS 218 approved
  • Removable and washable liner for convenience
  • Includes a clear and dark smoke sun visor for use at daytime and nighttime respectively.
  • Does not have space to fit comm devices

Our Take:

The Bad Covert is an aggressive looking helmet by ScorpionEXO which covers all the bases for a head-turning helmet. 

6. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker Motorcycle Helmet

Best Overall – Most Colourful

With DC’s most powerful villain, the Joker, designed on the durable shell, HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker is quickly becoming a fan-favourite. It is composed of advanced PIM plus technology making it exceptionally impact protective.

The ventilation is optimal, graphics are high quality and the weight of the helmet disperses evenly on the head making it feel lightweight while commuting or racing against the wind.

To make it better, the helmet has an integrated smoke shield and an anti-fog lens included which allows it to hold well against all weathers.

  • DOT certified
  • The additional visors allow protection from fog and UV rays
  • It is true to size, fits most head shapes
  • May get noisy on the highway

Our Take:

The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker helmet, with high quality graphics and an even better structural design, is a statement piece.

7. O’Neal Off-Road Helmet 5 Series Motorcycle Helmet

All-Rounder’s Choice – Eyeglass Compatible

Constructed of an advanced polycarbonate structure, the O’Neal 5 Series full face motorcycle helmet is a perfect pick for off-road motorists looking for a head-turning, high-quality, graffiti-like design on the helmet.

The interior, blended with a layer of EPS foam, is composed of a fully removable and washable padded liner with CoolMax technology integrated to keep riders cool and sweat-free during the summers. Also, multiple air vents enhance the aerodynamics of the helmet.

  • Meets DOT, ECE 22-05 and AS/NZS safety standards, making it durable and safe to use on the road
  • Adjustable visor design, makes it compatible with eye and sunglasses.
  • Size runs smaller

Our Take:

The O’Neal 5 Series full face helmet for off-road motorists is an exceptionally comfortable, cooling and securely fitting helmet. It is perfect for daily use, travels up the murky mountains or racing through tough terrains along with fellow motorists.

8. Nitrinos Cat Ears Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Unique Choice – Extensive Size Options

The Nitrinos Cat Ears full face motorcycle helmet is a one-of-a-kind design, perfect for kids and adults alike. Constructed of an advanced ABS shell, it flexes style and security so riders can safely race against the wind while turning heads around for a double take.

The fitting of the helmet is true to size and adjusts comfortably on the head without the need to break-in or wear out a couple times. It is aerodynamic, comes with a tinted visor to protect against harsh UV rays and plenty of vents for optimal ventilation.

by amazon
  • DOT and ECE approved, can be used in US and Europe
  • Aerodynamic, circulates cool air efficiently and prevents heat exhaustion
  • Innovative design, works for everyone
  • The packaging may be a bit flimsy

Our Take:

The Nitrinos Cat Ears full face motorcycle helmet is an innovative design, providing an enhanced and improved take on basic features.

9. GLX GX623 Kids Motorcycle Helmet

Beginner-Friendly Choice – Most Affordable

Primarily made for kids and youth, the GLX GX623 full face motorcycle helmet is composed of a tough polycarbonate shell to protect the little one’s sensitive head from lasting injuries.

The interior is a layer of EPS foam with a fully removable and washable liner to keep the helmet germ-free and sanitised. Also, it has 14 vents installed to keep the little heads cool.

The helmet proves to be exceptional through a cartoon-like design on the shell and an anti-fog and impact-resistant clear lens for a wide view of the front.

by amazon
  • DOT certified, safe to use on US soil
  • Quick-release chin strap integrated for a secure fit
  • Cheek pads sit snug and feel comfortable while riding
  • Size runs small, order one size bigger than standard

Our Take:

The GLX GX623 motorcycle helmet for kids ticks all the boxes for a beginner-friendly helmet, it is well-ventilated, comfortable and impact protective.

10. O’Neal 2SERIES Leather Black Motorcycle Helmet

High Quality Choice – Most Lightweight

The O’Neal 2 Series full face motorcycle helmet is a sleek-looking, durable ABS exterior helmet that is also lightweight and does not cause headaches even after wearing it for hours.

The interior of the helmet is stitched with ultra-plush fabric for enhanced comfort and is also fully removable and washable for complete convenience.

To keep riders cool during the summers, the visor is engineered to be height adjustable and plenty of vents are installed around the helmet to circulate air in all parts of the head.

by amazon
  • Meets DOT and ECE 22-05 approval, safe and legal to use in the US and Europe
  • Quick release chin strap with a double-d ring for secure closure
  • A rubber roost nose guard protects the nose from impact
  • May take some time to break in and fit comfortably

Our Take:

This full face helmet by O’Neal looks sleek and fits well.

Tips On How To Make Your Motorcycle Helmet Go From Drab To Fab

If you’re here reading this guide, chances are you are not looking for a boring helmet so, we have compiled a list of easy, no-fuss things you can do to turn your helmet glam. Also, we have taken careful steps to bring you this guide where your safety isn’t compromised 

Make Your Helmet Colourful

The #1 tip and the easiest way to turn heads around is to get a coloured helmet, most companies now offer multiple options from printed helmets to neon colours.

You could also paint it yourself and ride around with a one-of-a-kind helmet. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a damp cloth, some soap and clean all dust, debris and oil from the shell of the helmet.
  • Get a light-grit sandpaper and lightly run it across the helmet to remove the manufactured paint.
  • Now that you have a clean canvas, sketch out a design, pour out your paint and make it as colourful as you want.

Customise Your Helmet

If painting isn’t your forte, try your creative hand at using pre-made elements like glitters, decals, lights or even stickers.

If you’re a night rider, your utmost priority must be having your helmet visible to other riders so here are some steps you can take to ride safely when it gets dark.

  • Get a bright or neon-coloured helmet, helps riders be visible to other motorists, drivers as well as friends when riding in a group.
  • Wrap reflective tape or vinyl around the helmet as letters, numbers or random designs, to improve visibility range. They are inexpensive, available everywhere and can be done in-store too.
  • Look for helmet-friendly LED lights that can be adjusted to fit over or under the helmet and are weatherproof so come rain or hail, visibility won’t be affected.

If you’re into decals or stickers, make sure they are weatherproof, do not weaken the strength of the helmet’s shell and are durable against falls. Also, make sure to clean your helmet off any debris or dust before you paint, stick or add something to the shell.

Get Your Helmet Engraved

There are tons of options available to customise your motorcycle helmet and one of the easiest ways to get a significantly personalised helmet is to have it engraved.

Sketch, print or look for a design that speaks to you, make sure it is durable and won’t adversely affect the helmet’s impact protection then get it engraved from a graphic designer or an authorised helmet print shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I add to make my helmet more visible at night?

Look for a high-viz helmet, preferably in neon colours that has some kind of reflective tape around it. If you’d like to go the extra mile, add LED lights to your helmet or get a same-coloured neon uniform to match with the helmet. This will help you be more visible.

What kind of paint works best on motorcycle helmets?

According to experts, acrylic and spray paints hold well against impacts, are weatherproof and do not wear out fast. You could also use an airbrush for a smooth colour application. Painting is also an affordable way to customise a helmet which is why it is the most preferred personalisation method.

Can I remove the DOT sticker from my helmet?

No, as safety standards like DOT in the USA, ECE in Europe and SNELL globally are required by the law for on-road use of helmets, removing the sticker can get you alerted to a law enforcement officer and ultimately fined. If you have a novelty helmet, there must be a DOT sticker provided separately. 

Final Thoughts

Everybody has an aesthetic they love and since, for most motorists, riding a motorcycle is a passion, it is only fair to have it customised and looking cool for the world to see.

Companies now offer trendy prints like the Joker or the Venom, colourful designs and even kid-friendly accessories like cat ears, glitters or cartoons, to cater to a wide variety of audience and make their experience more enjoyable.

For a one-of-a-kind piece, there are many ways to customise a helmet and most of them are quite affordable. In fact the most they can cost is $10! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cool looking helmet and stand out from the crowd.

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