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Forma Adventure Boots Review [Complete Guide]

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Forma Adventure Boots

Did you ever ride a motorcycle wearing your regular boots?

If yes, then you must have noticed that the paving and gear levers are not favorable for your normal boots at all. This is the reason; the right boots are necessary for your safety and comfort while riding.

The best motorcycle riding boots not only protect you in case of an accident but also provides utmost comfort and safety from dirt, rain, and cold throughout the entire ride.

We understand that choosing the best riding boots which gives you both crash and weather protection in all seasons, is not an easy task. On that account, we’ve come up with impressive Forma Adventure riding boots that are known for their lightweight, comfort, waterproof quality, and ultimate impact and weather protection.

Forma is an Italian brand recognized as a highly innovative and safety-focused company. Also, it is among the largest moto boot brands in the world.

Keep reading to know why the Forma Adventure boots are loved by so many riders.

Forma Adventure Boots Features

Specifically designed for ADV riders, easy-to-walk in Forma Adventure boots are best for both on-road & off-road riding. Let’s dig deep into their amazing features.

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Material & Design

Forma adventure boots are constructed from Full-grain oiled leather with DRYTEX waterproof and breathable liner. Full-grain leather is a high-end material since it hasn’t been subjected to any processes that would compromise its appearance or durability. Also, this material provides great impact and abrasion resistance in case of a crash along with ultimate comfort.

No doubt, with their impressive style & vintage finish design, these are the best boats available for adventure touring riders.

Safety level

Forma adventure boots are CE-certified, which is enough to confirm their safety and environmental protection standards. Your shank bone will be protected by a frontal impact injection molded shin plate, your heel and toes will be protected by a strengthened heel cup and toe box and your ankles will also be protected with ankle cuffs on both medial and the lateral side. All the protection panels Forma Adventures Boots are dual stitched as they are designed to last for years.

Furthermore, these boots are reinforced with shock-absorbing inserts for extra protection. This is fully removable so that if you prefer any other insert, you can easily replace it. Indeed, there will be no need to replace it because this shock-absorbing insertion is quite comfortable and provides enough safety for adventure touring.

Waterproof & Breathable Lining

The premium quality upgraded DRYTEX waterproof and breathable lining of Forma Adventure boots assure that your feet will remain dry for a long time in the rainy season and cool in hot weather.

The waterproof liner goes right up to the second buckle to provide enough rain protection. If you want full weatherproofing, make sure to cover them with your waterproof riding pants, down past the second buckle, otherwise, the water makes its way in from the top of the boot.

Ankle protection

One of the best innovations of Forma adventure boots that makes them stand out from the crowd is the Ankle protection they are providing. They have come up with both lateral and medial ankle protection with embossed ankle cuffs on both medial as well as the lateral side. This provides good support around the ankle and protects you from sprained ankles, which is a susceptible injury in dirt biking.

TPU Padding

Reinforced TPU protection on the toe and heel area gives you extra impact protection. The hard TPU protector also guards the bottom buckle, if you are riding in somewhat more aggressive conditions. It works by deflecting rocks & debris away and reducing the chances of breaking that buckle off during the ride.

Sizing & Fit

Forma Adventure-style boots are available in multiple sizes from 39 to 49 (European Size) in black & brown color. We recommend ordering one size larger than what you normally wear. The nice thing is that they have a wide toe box more like for American width measurements which makes them distinct from other European manufacturers having narrow toe boxes. Their gusseted fabric panels make them flexible to fit easily in all foot shapes.

Stability & Grip

The dual-density adventure lug sole of Forma boots features a nice aggressive pattern that provides an excellent grip on the bike. This ultra-lightweight, anti-slip PU shifter insole offers enough stiffness in the arch of the foot that you can comfortably stand on the pegs even for all day. The special soft polymer padding along with memory foam makes them comfortable to walk around in when you get off the bike. Also shifting gear while wearing these boots is not an issue at all.

They also offer an Antibacterial replaceable insole but it is not recommended for use with kick start bikes.

Buckle System

Forma Adventure boots hold a 3-strap closure system, along with a VELCRO closure at the top of the boot. The unbreakable GH buckles will prevent you from being sidelined if you have a tip-over. These high-impact 3 buckles are adjustable and give effortless on & off function to the boots. Plus, they are fully replaceable.

The opening of Forma adventure boots is wide and has enough calf adjustment to fit fairly large calves. They are designed so that you can insert your riding pants within them to complete your impressive motocross look.


Finally, yet importantly, Forma Adventure boots come with an affordable price tag. With its all-European production and CE-certified quality, they are available for just $279 on Amazon. You can get satisfying protection with utmost comfort with these dual-sport adventure touring boots minus the hefty price tag.

Specification at a Glance:

  • Material: Full-Grain Oil Leather

  • Certification: CE-certified

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

  • Sole: Dual-Density Lug Sole

  • Buckles: 3 straps with VELCRO closure system

  • Ankle Protection: TPU

  • Midsole: Nylon with Steel Shank

  • Padding: Memory Foam with Extra Soft Polymer Padding

  • Shin Protection: Injection-molded Shin Plate

  • Inner liner: DRYTEX Waterproof & Breathable

  • Footbed: PU shifter insole

What do we like most?

  • Full-grained Oil Leather Upper
  • Vintage Finish design
  • Level 2 CE-certified
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Internal Molded Plastic Protection
  • Dual-Density Anti-Slip Lug Sole
  • Adjustable 3 strap system with Velcro closure
  • Special Rigid Nylon Midsole with Steel Shank
  • DRYTEX Waterproof & Breathable liner
  • TPU Ankle and Shin Protection
  • Wide toe box
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe
  • Injection-molded Shin Plate
  • Shock Absorbing Inserts
  • Extra Soft Polymer Padding with Memory Foam
  • Antibacterial Replaceable insole with APS

What we Don’t?

  • Limited off-road protection

Final Words

If you want boots for adventure mixed with comfort for touring, this Forma boots model is the one you want to consider. They provide an all-day comfort level on & off the bike with great impact protection. Best for road use with its waterproof and shock absorbing liner. The impressive style and hard protection across the shin, ankle, heel, and toe make them stiff against any unexpected impact without compromising on comfort.

We believe that these Forma Adventure boots will become your favorite everyday touring riding boots with their quality, comfort, and durability.

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