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Giro Aether Helmet Review [2022]

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Giro Aether Helmet Review

Swedish bike helmets have always led the industry with their innovative engineering, durability and sleek look. Of them, Giro has quickly become a household name among road bikers, trail riders and competitive cyclists. 

The company’s best-selling feature is the integration of MIPS in every bike helmet. It is the best safety technology available to combat rotational forces but because it adds an extra shell, helmets tend to look bulky which may not fit the aesthetics or comfort of some cyclists.

In its newest bike helmet, the Aether MIPS, Giro has engineered a safety protocol that actually eliminates the slip plane of the MIPS design but improves the rotational impact protection! 

They call it the MIPS Spherical and in this guide, we breakdown all the details about it and more features that make this helmet rank first in the industry.

Giro Aether Helmet Features Review

by amazon

If the integration of MIPS Spherical sold you, wait till you read about all the different features the Giro Aether boasts. Spoiler alert: it has no cons.

Shell Material and Safety

The Giro Aether MIPS bike helmet is constructed of a six-piece polycarbonate shell that surrounds the interior of the helmet to enhance durability and crash protection. The PC shell is in-moulded so extra weight is shaved off and the helmet feels lighter on the road.

To maximise impact protection, a ball-and-socket design is utilised to integrate the MIPS Spherical engineering which also works well with the ventilation, comfort, weight and style of the bike helmet.

This isn’t all, in fact, durability of the Giro Aether is improved by the addition of a company-exclusive Aura Reinforcing Arch which helps maintain the structural integrity of the helmet and make it shatter-resistant upon impact.

Safety of the masterful helmet is further optimised by the interior which is composed of two progressive layers of shock-absorbent foam. One is the standard EPS foam that absorbs impact energy at high-speed impact and the other is a EPP foam that protects the head at low-speed impacts.

Size and Fit

The Giro Aether bike helmet is available in three standard sizes: small, medium and large where the large comfortably fits head sizes up to 63cm.

The fit of the helmet is improved by a dial adjustment system that surrounds the totality of the Giro Aether and allows cyclists to alter the horizontal position of the helmet by adjusting the dial in small increments.

The helmet is held securely with the help of two side straps that feature a front-to-back triangle webbing and extend down under the chin to close with a strong buckle.

Design and Aesthetics

The lack of a slip plane may alert cyclists on the impact protection levels of the bike helmet however, the Giro Aether MIPS integrates a layer of nanobead EPS foam that adjusts to the contours of the helmet, provides impact protection and maintains the slim and sleek silhouette of the helmet.


The Giro Aether is composed of a whopping 21 vents of which the intake ports dominate the front and top of the helmet and the exhaust vents are located at the back. They are intelligently designed to be large in size without exposing parts of the head. 

Apart from the vents, an internal air channelling system is also present to circulate cool air down to the scalp and help prevent heat exhaustion on long distance rides and competitive cycling in the summertime.

Retention System

In addition to the rear dial adjustment system, the Giro Aether also features the company’s own patented Roc Loc 5+ Air retention system which optimises the vertical positioning of the helmet so the head fits deeper inside and the helmet is not sitting high above the head, looking bulky.

This allows better coverage of the cyclist’s head and improves impact protection. Also, ventilation is considerably enhanced as air flows directly to the scalp and down to the neck, wicking away moisture.

Not to mention, the Giro Aether helmet feels lighter on the road as the weight is evenly distributed after tailoring the positioning of the helmet to exact fit.


The Giro Aether bike helmet weighs 0.58 lbs which is quite lightweight and this is benefitted by the incredible fitting of the helmet and the intelligent engineering of the shells.

Comfort Level

Comfort is almost the second name of the Giro Aether bike helmet and it’s not only the addition of efficient padding inside or the removal of slip plane to integrate a better version of MIPS but it’s also the convenience of the helmet. It fits better, looks good and even has eyewear storage.

Performance Limitation

The Giro Aether bike helmet is an outperforming helmet and delivers no cons negotiable enough to let go of purchasing it. However, it does come with a hefty price tag which may be why beginners could opt out of it.


The Giro Aether bike helmet costs $350 and that is quite expensive for a MIPS bike helmet but it’s true to all its claims so every penny spent is worth it.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Six-piece in-mould polycarbonate MIPS Spherical integrated

  • Safety Certification:  Ranked 11th at Virginia Tech

  • Inner Lining: EPS foam + low-density EPP foam

  • Ventilation: 21 wind tunnel vents with internal air channels

  • Sweat Proofing: Moisture-wicking interior liner

  • Size: S, M, L

  • Adjustability: Rear dial adjustment system

  • Retention System: Roc Loc 5+ Air system

  • Weight: 0.58 lbs

  • MIPS Spherical integrated
  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Vertical adjustment
  • Eyeglass-compatible
  • Compact silhouette
  • Wind-tunnel tested
  • EPS + EPP lining
  • Shatter-resistant structure

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit pricey

Final Thoughts:

The Giro Aether MIPS Spherical bike helmet, although quite expensive, is crash-tested to offer the best possible impact protection and fitted with the company’s exclusive patented technologies so cyclists can feel cool and look cool on the road. It truly is unbeatable.

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