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Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Review [2022]

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giro chronicle helmet

In a sea of helmets that includes everything from ultra-light XC open-face lids to extensive full-face downhill helmets, it is often difficult to pick the right one for you.

A good quality helmet can minimize the risk of head injury by 60 to 90%. But what if you’re on a tight budget and still want to protect your noggin with the best defense of a top-level helmet?

Giro, a well-known sportswear company, takes this need closely into consideration and presents its well-constructed Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet, which provides solid protection and full coverage to keep your head safe from impacts for less than half the price of many premium helmets.

The thing which makes Giro a premium brand is its attention to detail and quality, which boost the performance of its helmets to the next level. The Chronicle is an open face lid designed to provide more coverage, improved ventilation, and the ability to work seamlessly with eyewear. It belongs to the type of MTB helmet that majority of riders choose for everyday trail and enduro riding.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Features Review

Without any further delay, let us take you to a detailed overview of all the features Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet has to offer.

Shell Construction & Durability

Giro Chronicle helmets are made with solid construction to provide high durability and Protection. The helmet has a dual shell, where a sturdy outer shell is combined with a lightweight polycarbonate lower shell that is permanently bonded to the inner EPS foam using Giro’s In-Mold Construction technique, eliminating the possibility of separation over time.

The use of polycarbonate ensures high toughness and stability as this material is well-known for its resistance to withstand jerks and forces while remaining durable. The use of an EPS liner as a fabric inside the helmet also improves the helmet’s build quality while reducing its weight.

The Chronicle is Giro’s mid-tier enduro helmet, with deep, wrap-around coverage and styling inspired by the company’s flagship Montaro helmet.

The EPS foam on the bottom edge of the helmet is exposed, which may pose a long-term durability issue, but this helmet is very robust overall.

Safety Technology

When it comes to safety, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is the most important feature of the Giro Chronicle helmet. It’s an additional layer between the EPS foam liner and the rider’s head, which enables the helmet to rotate slightly in the event of a crash.

A helmet fitted with MIPS manages rotational impact at least 10% better than a non-MIPS version by improving the angled impact protection of helmets.

This trail enduro helmet also contains an EPS foam sheet that is combined with the MIPS slip-plane to decrease the energy transferred to the head in a direct impact collision, reducing the risk of permanent brain injury.

The Chronicle MIPS helmet provides wider back and side coverage to shield your occipital and temporal bone, making it much safer to wear.

Fit system

Chronicle MIPS comes with Giro’s Roc Loc 5 Fit device, which allows you to adjust the tightness of the helmet around your head both horizontally and vertically.

It has a small dial at the back of the helmet that is simply closed and open with a single click and with one-handed adjustment.

When you tightened the Roc Loc ratchet system, it encloses the inner part of the helmet snugly to your noggin which helps in distributing the weight evenly all around the head. It also prevents any pressure points on your head and makes this helmet very comfortable and easy to wear.

The Chronicle MIPS helmet’s retention straps feature an adjustable sliding splitter, designed to prevent any interference with your glasses stems.

The adjustment wheel of this Roc Loc system is pretty small, making it hard to use while wearing gloves, but that doesn’t matter on the trail.


The most outstanding feature of the Giro Chronicle MIPS is its POV adjustable visor, which is wide enough to effectively keep the sun and rain out of your eyes.

The POV visor has a three-position adjustment mechanism that allows you to shift the visor up and down. This will let you keep the visor out of your vision and adjust it according to the weather requirements.

You’ll be happy to know that the Chronicle MIPS comes with goggle compatibility, as eyewear becomes increasingly popular among enduro riders. The highest position of the visor provides enough room for the goggles to fit underneath, which is essential for high-speed riding on dusty trails. You can easily adjust your visor with one hand while riding.

This P.O.V. Plus Visor also has goggles storage at your forehead, which is useful when you aren’t riding or don’t want to wear glasses.


Wind Tunnel ventilation and internal channels in the Giro Chronicle MIPS provide sufficient aeration for heavy paddling.

It has 14 small vents that help to increase ventilation by pushing cold air inside and hot air out from the back of the helmet.

The MIPS liner does not block the helmet’s ventilation system as well and the molded channels in the EPS foam increase airflow to keep your head cool even in hot weather.


The Chronicle MIPS was crafted by Giro to be placed among the most comfortable helmets in their entire line.

This helmet is lined with extra plush Coolmax padding, which has excellent wicking properties to keep moisture out of your head.

The sides and back of the helmet extend low enough to shield the temporal and occipital lobes while providing excellent padding on all sides of the head.

The soft retention straps provide safety and efficiency with a comfortable feel, and the wraparound Roc Loc fit system keeps the helmet intact on your head in the event of a severe impact.

Since the Chronicle MIPS has a lot of back and side coverage, it sits low on your forehead and close to your face, making goggles difficult to wear while riding.

Another drawback of Chronicle MIPS is its little interior padding. In extremely hot weather, it can pose a problem by accumulating sweat in front of the helmet and dripping it into your eyes and face. However, the Chronicle MIPS helmet is ideal for all-day trail riding and much more comfortable than its more expensive version, the Montaro.


The Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet weighs 369 grams, which is incredibly light for a high-coverage, MIPS-equipped MTB helmet in this price range.

Despite a few design tweaks such as the hard shell not fully wrapped around the underside of the helmet and exposing the EPS foam, the In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell also helps to reduce the overall weight of the helmet.

The Chronicle MIPS helmet distributes weight equally around the head, and with its quality construction, you won’t feel trapped in this helmet.


The Giro Chronicle isn’t the cheapest option at $90, but it offers excellent value for money, costing less than half the price of some of the top helmets while having no apparent flaws.

The Chronicle MIPS helmet is a good choice if you don’t have a large budget and won’t need the high-end features of a premium helmet. It has many of the same safety features as Giro’s top-of-the-line Montaro helmet but at a lower price.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Construction: In-Mold Construction with Deep coverage

  • Inner Liner: EPS Foam

  • Impact Safety: Integrated MIPS

  • Chin Strap: Simple Chin Strap with Sliding Adjusters

  • Fit System: ROC LOC 5 Fit System

  • Ventilation System: 14 Wind Tunnel Vents with Internal channelings

  • Interior Padding: Extra Plush Coolmax Padding

  • Visor: P.O.V. Plus Visor

  • Goggle Compatibility: Available

What do we like most?

  • Solid In-Mold Construction
  • Large Adjustable P.O.V. Visor
  • MIPS Equipped
  • Goggle-Friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Good coverage

What we don’t?

  • Low internal padding
  • EPS Foam is not fully covered
  • Average Ventilation

Final Thoughts 

The Giro Chronicle MIPS is a high-quality, deep-fitting mid-range helmet that is a perfect choice for budget-conscious riders. A big visor and remarkable occipital protection give the Chronicle MIPS helmet the characteristic enduro look.

While it loses some airflow and gets a little warm at times, it provides complete coverage and protection for your head, allowing you to ride with confidence and without worrying about your head safety.

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