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Giro Foray MIPS Cycling Helmet Review [2022]

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According to researchers, there is a strong association between wearing a cycling helmet and a significant reduction in brain injury. Bicycle helmets save lives by reducing the risk of serious head injuries, which can be a life-altering occurrence. But not everyone is on a high budget to get a premium level helmet to protect their noggin.

Giro Foray MIPS is a road cycling helmet that comes at a low price with an impressive list of features.

Based on the iconic Giro Synthe aero road helmet, the Giro Foray MIPS brings top-shelf features by combining comfort, safety, and a sleek design at an entry-level price.

The Foray is a durable yet noticeably lightweight helmet with 21 vents that help channel airflow over your head and keep you cool during long rides.

It features a highly adjustable Roc Loc retention device and an industry-leading Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) to provide excellent impact protection.

The Giro Foray MIPS is a perfect entry-level helmet for those new to biking but it won’t disappoint seasoned pros either.

Giro Foray MIPS Features Review

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable features of this budget-friendly Giro helmet.

Shell Construction & Durability

The Foray MIPS features an in-mold construction that permanently unites the helmet’s EPS foam lining to the hard polycarbonate shell rather than simply adhering the two together, resulting in a lighter and stronger structure.

This durable yet lightweight polycarbonate in-mold construction technique gives Foray MIPS a sleek and slim appearance that not only looks great but also complies with Giro’s Streamlined Design philosophy that ensures practical aerodynamic properties for great on-road performance.

The only flaw in this helmet’s design is that the brim exposed a lot of EPS foam liner material, which is vulnerable to bumps or scratches from being dropped or damaged in day-to-day storage or handling.

Safety Features

MIPS technology, which stands for Multidirectional Impact Protection System, is the key safety feature used in the Giro Foray MIPS helmet. It is a system of two layers to add Protection against the rotational impact where MIPS is a small, strategically anchored liner on the inside of the helmet that appears to be very simple but serves a very important function.

The MIPS liner in this helmet is perforated to accommodate vents on the helmet, and four elastic fixings allow it to float between the inner EPS foam and the rider’s head. This system reduces friction and rotational impact forces during a crash by forming a slip-plane that allows the outer layer of the helmet to rotate a few mm while the inner layer stays right in position. This technology works great by limiting rotational energy transfer towards your brain in case of a collision, resulting in less injury.


The Giro Foray helmet has 21 strategically positioned vents along with five internal air channels, to help provide more ventilation and keep your head cool even on long rides.

Although Foray MIPS doesn’t provide that much great airflow as its premium model, the Giro Synthe, this helmet still offers impressive ventilation even at climbing speeds. 

With a front intake and rear exhaust vents, Giro helmets are designed with their own wind tunnel ventilation system to ensure consistent airflow around the head. You can also store your goggles in the front vents when you are not wearing them.

Chin Straps

The Foray MIPS straps are made of a smooth, flexible material that comfortably wraps around the face. It has the same customizable Y-buckles as Giro’s more costly top-tier helmets. These Y-buckles are easily adjustable, allowing you to dial in the ideal tightness for a secure fit.

Instead of being permanently attached to the helmet, this chinstrap mechanism is fed through a slot in the back, allowing for simple side-to-side adjustment. 

Fit System & Adjustability

Giro has a relentless pursuit of new technologies. The Giro’s Roc Loc 4 retention system has been upgraded and replaced with its Roc Loc 5 retention system, making the Foray MIPS helmet 40% lighter than its predecessors.

The headband on this Roc Loc 5 fit device is adjustable with a tensioning dial on the back of the helmet. The headband device ends near the temples, where it is anchored to the EPS foam liner, and when the entire system is tightened, it makes the front of the helmet rests directly on your forehead.

For certain riders’ head types, this device can be inadequate because it creates an uncomfortable fit or pressure points at the temple.

To keep things comfortable, this Roc Loc 5 retention system allows for easy one-handed adjustability of both overall tension and the vertical fit. 

The chinstrap buckle is also adjustable, as is common on most helmets, making this system easy to use in general.


When it comes to cycling gear, weight loss is often accompanied by an increase in cost. However, this is not the case with the Foray MIPS.

Giro designed Foray MIPS as a relatively lightweight helmet that weighs only 274 g in size medium with the lowest price possible.

Although the MIPS liner adds up to 30 grams to the weight, with its streamlined design and lightweight in-mold polycarbonate construction, this helmet will seem to have vanished while you’re riding.


The Foray MIPS is a lightweight and comfortable road cycling helmet with plenty of padding and easy adjustability for a custom fit.

The Foray MIPS helmet’s in-mold design maintains a fine balance between weight and strength for visible comfort. It also has a slim and light profile that makes it almost unnoticeable on your head while riding, which is a key feature of a good helmet.

Internal padding, EPS foam liner, and MIPS technology all work together to ensure protection without causing any discomfort, and the Foray helmet’s 21 vents keep your head well ventilated throughout the ride.

The lightweight EPS foam showed no pressure points on the skull even after several hundred miles of use and the Roc loc fit system ensures unrivaled comfort, stability, and adjustability,

Giro Foray MIPS helmet also offers goggle compatibility and It is available in three Fit sizes, allowing you to get a tailored fit helmet.


The Foray MIPS is one of Giro’s most affordable full-featured helmets that stands out for its incredible value as a lightweight, comfortable, well-ventilated helmet with a built-in MIPS liner.

While Foray lacks some of the more expensive higher-end features, it does share many of the same materials and technologies as its more expensive sibling and provides far better quality than other helmets available in this price range.

If you’re looking for a perfect affordable helmet that looks and works like far more expensive models, this Giro Foray MIPS is the right option for you.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Outer Shell: Polycarbonate Material

  • Construction: In-Mold Construction

  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene

  • Safety Technology: Integrated MIPS Technology

  • Fit System: ROC LOC 5 Retention System

  • Impact Foam: EPS

  • Ventilation System: 21 Vents with 5 Internal Channels

  • Goggle Compatibility: Available

What do we like most?

  • Solid In-Mold Construction
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • MIPS-Equipped
  • Well-Ventilated
  • Comfortable

What we don’t?

  • EPS foam is not fully covered

Final Thoughts

Considering the price point and feature that one can get with this helmet, the Giro Foray MIPS is a great option for riders looking for quality protection on a budget.

Amidst its highly protected MIPS technology, comfortable fit, and great ventilation, this everyday road cycling helmet provides almost all the benefits of the Giro premium helmet, Synthe, with a very affordable price tag.

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