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Giro Helios Helmet Review [2022]

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Giro Helios Helmet Review

Road biking is intense and involves a lot of impact from the gravel so cyclists need a bike helmet that not only cools their head down and looks cool on the road but also protects their head upon sudden crashes as best as it can.

Giro has mastered the industry of road bike helmets and their recent launch, the Helios helmet is an impact protection-focused design in a budget-friendly price tag! 

Not to mention, it is optimised to fit the needs of all cyclists – not just road bikers. In this guide, we’ll provide complete details on the specs of the Giro Helios bike helmet as well as the pros and cons of getting one.

Giro Helios Helmet Features Review

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When you’re in the market for a bike helmet, it can be quite difficult to choose from the immense variety available. Should impact protection be first or the aerodynamics? Do looks matter enough to be a priority? 

Well, with Giro Helios there need not be any confusion because it’s the perfect balance of all the above characteristics plus one. Here is a complete breakdown of its features.

Shell Material and Safety

The Giro Helios bike helmet is constructed in a dual-shell design and integrated with MIPS so upon impact, all shock forces and rotational impact forces are dispersed and no imprint is left on the cyclist’s head.

To maximise impact protection, the Helios helmet features the company’s patented Spherical Technology that ensures the MIPS shell and the outer in-moulded polycarbonate shell work together efficiently with the inner lining so the head is protected at high and low speeds.

Speaking of inner lining, the Giro Helios helmet is fitted with not one but two EPS foam liners to absorb shock from the gravel and avoid stubble and sweat from tangling in the outer shells.

In addition, it is equipped with Giro’s exclusive XT2 padding that is removable, washable and treated with antimicrobial agents to combat dirt and grime. A brow pad is engineered at the temple that saturates with sweat and drops it around the sides so vision isn’t distorted.

Size and Fit

The Giro Helios is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large and fits head sizes up to 63cm. 

Speaking of fitting the head, the road bike helmet features Giro’s patented Roc Loc 5 Air retention system that cradles the head and positions the weight uniformly around so the top of the head isn’t strained. 

To further improve the positioning of the Giro Helios helmet, the company has engineered a dial retention system at the back of the helmet which twists easily during the ride (even with thick winter gloves on) and adjusts the helmet in small increments.

Design and Aesthetics

The Giro Helios bike helmet is constructed in a ball-and-socket design to maximise impact protection and emphasise head comfort. It comes in seven different colourways, all of which are matte and muted tones to fit the aesthetics of all cyclists – pro and novice.


The Giro Helios helmet features a total of 15 wind-tunnel tested vents of which most of the intake ports are situated at the temple and the top so the head is evenly cooled and the funky air is then, expelled out the exhaust outlets from the rear end of the helmet – after cooling down the neck.

The best part about the vents is that they are moderately sized so no part of the head is exposed out of impact protection during a crash. Also, wind drag is reduced to a minimum and wind whistles are close to eliminated.

Retention System

The Giro Helios bike helmet features two thin side straps and a faux leather chin strap with a buckle on one end. Together, they pull the helmet down to an exact fit around the head and securely hold it so the wind doesn’t pull back on it at high-speed rides. 


Like every bike helmet, the Giro Helios weighs more as the size grows but for every head, on average, it weighs around 0.59 lbs which is generally considered lightweight. The incredible fitting system and the comfortable padding manage to adjust the head so the weight is distributed evenly across.

Comfort Level

The Giro Helios helmet is the perfect in-between Goldilocks style bike helmet. It ensures comfort of the head through a well-padded interior and of the mind through its well-adjusted safety protocols. The wind-tunnel vents and the brow padding make sure the cyclist is cooled from the temple to the neck.

Performance Limitation

The Giro Helios bike helmet actually performs extraordinarily and its functionality isn’t limited by much except that the ventilation could be improved more to make the helmet unbeatable. Besides the aerodynamics, Helios is shaped chunkier than most bike helmets which could put off some users.


The Giro Helios road bike helmet comes with a price tag of $250 which for a bike helmet may be expensive but considering that it has MIPS integrated on top of patented safety technologies, every penny is worth the expense.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: MIPS-integrated PC exterior

  • Safety Certification:  CPSC-compliant

  • Inner Lining: Dual in-moulded EPS foam liners

  • Ventilation: 15 wind tunnel vents

  • Sweat Proofing: Brow pad + moisture-wicking XT2 padding

  • Size: S, M, L

  • Adjustability: Rear dial adjustment system

  • Retention System: Roc Loc 5 Air system

  • Weight: 0.59 lbs

  • MIPS-integrated shell
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Well-padded
  • Sweat-proof
  • Anti-microbial liners
  • Decent aerodynamics
  • Smooth chin strap

What We Don’t Like:

  • Looks bulky on the head

Final Thoughts

Giro Helios bike helmet has left pro cyclists and even beginners in awe of its incredible functionality. It is durable, decently cooling and protects the cyclist’s head against the gravel so well that not a scratch can be seen. It is perfect for road biking, competitive cycling and enduro riding.

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