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Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet Review [2022]

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giro montaro helmet

MTB riding is extremely thrilling as it lets you feel the exhilarating speed on unknown trails, sharp turns, and slopes. Because of the extreme fun, safety is a major concern. That’s why you must have an MTB helmet on your head to experience the adventure safely.

Wearing the right helmet encourages you to ride faster, go farther, and show a bit of personal flair. Once your noggin is protected, you won’t be afraid to push your skills further – get sideways into that next berm, hit that next jump, and ease off those brakes just a bit. Even if pushing the limits isn’t on your agenda, you still need a good bike helmet. After all, a safe rider is a fast rider. 

Getting a helmet that fully protects your head while providing extreme comfort and style is possible with Giro. In the world of safe sportswear, Giro is a name that needs no introduction. After being in action for over 30 years Giro has mastered the art and science of building protective gear for fans of extreme sport with a focus on solutions that maximize quality and performance.

The Montaro MIPS has long been in the Giro’s helmet lineup and stands at the top of their mountain bike lids. It is recognized as a durable helmet providing sufficient protection with quality construction, good coverage, and rotational impact safety with MIPS.

Giro Montaro MIPS Features Review

Let’s dive deep into this detailed review to explore amazing features of the Giro Montaro Helmet.

Shell Construction & Durability

The Montaro MIPS is constructed as a solid and durable helmet. Its dual shell design combines a rigid outer shell with a lightweight polycarbonate lower shell that is permanently attached to the EPS foam liner.

This matter of construction greatly enhances durability while reducing weight because it eliminates adhesives hardware that would otherwise add weight to the helmet. 

The helmet’s hard body wrapped the shell around the innermost part of the helmet, making it more resistant to scrapes and knocks.

The edges of top vents are also fully covered with polycarbonate plastic, which could be used to mount a camera or light.

The rubberized coating on vents also helps to hold goggles in place, preventing the straps from slipping around while riding.

Safety Features

The MIPS technology in the Montaro helmet provides an additional layer of protection inside the helmet. In a collision, this technology allows the slip plane to rotate a few millimeters independently, redirecting the impact energy and provides an additional layer of protection.

The Montaro, like most MTB helmets, has extended the rear coverage to shield the back of your head in the event of a crash. It also protects the head from being stabbed by sharp objects like sticks or rocks.

Another striking feature of Montaro is the Roll Cage reinforcement, which elevates it above more basic helmets. It’s a light but tough web of reinforcement embedded inside the helmet’s EPS foam so it cannot be seen, but it holds the helmet together and protects your head from high-energy impact. If you hit the ground, this roll cage technology keeps your head better covered, preventing the helmet from crushing or grooving into your skull.

Fit System & Adjustability

Giro’s Roc Loc 5 Air fitting system is featured in the Montaro MIPS helmet that works great as it is integrated into the MIPS liner. This device consists of a small dial at the rear of the head and when this Roc Loc 5 Air system is adjusted, it not only tightens the back of the helmet but also the front and sides, ensuring a snug fit all over the head. It does this in small increments so you can fine-tune the fit.

The Giro Roc Loc adjustment system gives you 3 levels of vertical adjustment, and a one-handed adjustable dial on the back allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments while riding.

The key feature of a roc loc fit system is that it suspends the helmet slightly above the rider’s head allowing cool airflow to pass directly over the head. This adjustment method improves cooling power, comfort as well as stability on rough roads and trails.

Chin Straps

The Montaro straps are pretty simple, but they do the job nicely. They are completely adjustable and have a normal plastic buckle that holds the over webbing in place with several-inch adjustments and a rubber strap splitter. 

To keep the chin strap away from the rider’s ears, the chain straps pass through the polycarbonate shell before entering the EPS foam core.


The Montaro MIPS is equipped with 16 large vents that are strategically positioned to improve airflow.

7 intake vents are located on the top of the helmet, and 3 vents are located below the visor, allowing cool air to enter the helmet. The six exhaust vents on the backside help in the exhalation of hot air.

The EPS foam contains extra deep carved channels that improve airflow through the vents, making sure you stay cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the ride.

The adjustment device used in the Montaro MIPS is Roc Loc Air 5. The ‘air’ component essentially means that it improves cooling capacity by suspending the helmet slightly above the head, allowing air to flow directly over your head to keep you cool when riding in hot weather.

Internal Padding

In addition to the MIPS liner, the interior of the helmet is lined with X-Static hydrophilic padding which absorbs sweat up to ten times its weight in water. 

This antimicrobial padding is thin but well-placed, and it effectively manages sweat by drawing it away from your lenses, stopping it from flowing and getting on them, whether you’re wearing goggles or glasses.

Additional Features 

Montaro considers all the needs of trail riders by incorporating impressive features such as full goggle compatibility with strap grippers at the back and a large P.O.V. plus visor that shifts upward to put goggles underneath.

This adjustable visor can easily get up and out of your vision when you are riding down a steep hill, as well as protect your eyes from sun glare, which is a great benefit for enduro riders.

This P.O.V. Plus Visor also has goggles storage, so you can take them off and rest them on your head while you’re not riding.

Another great feature of this helmet is the addition of a full Camera Mount integration with breakaway interface and positioning clips. You can simply attach your favorite light or camera to the mount and it will clip into position, allowing you to see the trail clearly or capture the best possible footage while riding.

The breakaway mount ensures that the camera or light will break away in case of a crash, avoid strain or uncomfortable angles on your head and neck.

Any type of flashlight and camera accessories, such as GoPro, can be used with this camera integration.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Construction: In-Mold Construction with Deep coverage

  • Internal Liner: X-Static Antimicrobial lining

  • Foam: EPS

  • Impact Safety: Integrated MIPS Technology and Roll Cage Reinforcement

  • Fit System: ROC LOC 5 Air System

  • Ventilation System: 16 Wind Tunnel Vents with Internal channelings

  • Internal Padding: Hydrophilic Padding

  • Visor: P.O.V. Plus Visor

  • Goggle Compatibility: Full Goggle Compatibility with Strap Grippers

  • Electronics Compatibility: Breakaway Camera Mount Integration

What do we like most?

  • Lightweight dial system
  • Large and Adjustable Visor
  • Camera Mount
  • MIPS-Equipped
  • Goggle Compatibility
  • Comfortable

What we don’t?

  • Average Ventilation

Final Thoughts

From epic climbs to technical descents, Giro Montaro is the helmet you need to get the best experience of your rides.

This MTB helmet’s extended back coverage, motor style visor, and camera mount integration make it perfect for trail and enduro riders looking for a great helmet at a good price.

The Montaro MIPS is also available in three more women’s color choices with identical features but a different name called ”Montara”.

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