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How Much Should You Invest in a Helmet

How Much Should You Invest in a Helmet

An accident while riding a motorcycle can result in serious head injuries, especially if you’re thrown off or collide with something.

Investing in a motorcycle helmet makes sure that your skull and brain will be protected if you get involved in an accident. Aside from that, a helmet also protects you from dust, harmful UV rays, pollution, and much more.

Furthermore, the law mandates the use of a helmet for riding. Although no one can force you to wear a helmet, if you do not, you will face penalties. You will most likely be pulled over and fined by the Highway Patrol or any other law enforcement agency.

Naturally, you want to invest in something that will provide the level of protection you require. For that, it’s important to know how much a helmet costs and how much you should spend on one?

How Much a Helmet Cost?

The prices of motorcycle helmets vary depending on the type of helmet and features they provide. The prices can start from less than $50 but can go up to $4000.

Half-Face Helmet

Half-face or ¾ motorcycle helmets are typically the least expensive and provide the least protection. The prices of these helmets start from less than $50 but can go up to $400. Although we don’t recommend wearing a half-face helmet when riding, helmets like Sena Cavalry that come with advanced Bluetooth technology are far better to wear than nothing.

German motorcycle helmets are also popular among riders who prefer the look of vintage World War II helmets. You can easily find a good-quality German-style motorcycle helmet for under $100. ILM and Daytona are the most preferred brands when it comes to German and half-face helmets.

Full-Face Helmet

Full-face motorcycle helmets come in a wide price range, and they have various advantages over other types of helmets. It gives complete head, neck, and face protection against dust, flying stones, rainwater, insects, road noise, and keeps you warm in cold weather. 

You can get a full-face motorcycle helmet like HJC CL-17, Biltwell Gringo, Bell qualifier, or Bell Vortex within $200 and a more feature-packed full-face helmet like Bell Bullitt, Shoei Rf-1200, or Shoei GT-Air helmet at around $500 price range.

However, many high-end helmets with advanced features such as Bluetooth technology and an emergency quick release system will cost anywhere between $550 to $4000. The Arai Xd4 helmet is a great option if you want a premium full-face motorcycle helmet at a reasonable price. It will cost you no more than $650 and is one of the lightest dual-sport helmets available.

Shoei 1400 is another budget-friendly full-face helmet that costs only $500 and features Shoei’s AIM plus shell, which is an advanced integrated matrix plus shell.

Modular Helmet

Modular or flip-up helmets are a hybrid between open-face helmets and full-face helmets. They have become extremely popular in recent years due to their adaptability and comfort. They range in price from $80 to $1000, depending on the quality and features they offer. It’s easy to find a good quality modular helmet for less than $300, such as the Bell Broozer or the Shark raw helmet.

Schuberth C4 is also a budget-friendly modular helmet and unlike most modular helmets, it is less noisy. But still, modular helmets are less protective than full-face helmets.

Cheap Vs Expensive Helmet: Which one is Better?

Unlike common belief, when you’re buying a more expensive helmet, you’re not paying for a brand logo. An expensive helmet excels in many aspects where cheaper ones may only do one thing well.

Expensive motorcycle helmets cost more because they provide advanced technology, more ventilation, better fit options, and less fatigue due to their lighter weight. The majority of them are low-profile helmets with eye-catching graphics.

Low-cost helmets, on the other hand, do provide adequate crash protection but lack numerous advanced features. Which one you need to buy depends on your riding style, helmet type preference, and how often you ride.

Although expensive motorcycle helmets have many benefits over a cheap helmet, the thing which matters the most is proper fit and comfort. No matter how expensive a helmet is, if it doesn’t fit you well, it will be of no use in case of a crash.


You need to invest in a helmet based on how much protection you require according to your riding style. Among all helmet types available, a full-face helmet is the best option, since it gives the maximum protection

Expensive helmets are far superior to less expensive ones. You generally need your brain for any sort of quality of life, so you should protect it. Pay the extra money and enjoy protection with comfort. You won’t regret it!

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