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How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Riding Boots

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Riding a motorcycle is fun and interesting, but only if you are geared up properly. Motorcycle accidents can occur at any time, anywhere and the most common body parts affected by a motorcycle crash are the rider’s legs and feet.

Wearing motorcycle boots that are built with toe, ankle, heel, and shin protection can save you from scrapes, blemishes, and skin damage that might occur in the event of an accident.

There are various types of motorcycle riding boots available, ranging from extremely protective trail riding boots to motorcycle boots for walking.

You have to ask yourself, “What my riding style is?” and “How much protection do I need?” to get the right type of motorcycle boot.

The 5 Types of Motorcycle Riding Boots

Here we describe five different styles of motorcycle boots and the level of protection they typically offer:

1- Street Cruiser boots 

Cruiser boots provide excellent protection around your foot’s most sensitive and high-impact areas, making them ideal for street riding. They do a splendid job of combining protection and comfort and are great for everyday wear options both on and off the bike. 

Street cruiser boots have multiple types that meet the style of almost every rider. Whether you’re a German motorcycle helmet aficionado or a rider who religiously carries all the gear all the time, you’ll find a street cruiser boot that suits your riding style.

However, in general, cruiser boots provide less overall protection. They’re great for highways and streets, but not a great option for track use.

2- Race Track boots

Racing boots are specifically engineered to withstand high-abrasion and sliding friction, which is required by motorsport riders in difficult track conditions.

Whether you’re a professional motorcycle racer or merely go on track, these boots are best to couple with your motocross knee braces since they provide the most protection for your feet while racing.

The only drawback is, these boots are stiff and hence not comfortable for all-day riding or off-biking use.

3- Touring boots

Touring boots cover your foot, ankle, and shin area completely and are suitable for both street and track use. These shoes work great to blend all-day comfort with weather and impact protection if you wear them along with your riding pants.  

They have a flexible ankle area which makes them more comfortable to wear off the bike as well. A non-slip sole prevents slipping and provides a strong grip in wet and rainy conditions. They’re, however, less protective than racing boots.

4- Dirt bike boots

They are designed specifically for off-road use and have a metal toe guard and metal shank insert to provide maximum protection for your feet, ankle, and shin. 

When you’re riding off-road, high-quality motocross boots such as O’neal rider boots can provide excellent torsional and lateral protection.

However, dirt bike boots are generally heavier and stiffer, which makes them harder to walk in.

5- Adventure boots

Adventure motorcycle boots are the best choice if you want the protection of dirt boots with the comfort of touring boots. There are waterproof motorcycle boots options available as well. One of them is Forma Adventure boots, specifically designed for ADV riders and are best for both on-road & off-road riding. They’re known for their lightweight, comfortable padded sole, waterproof quality, and ultimate impact and weather protection.

How To Buy The Right Size Boot?

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After knowing the style of boots you want, it’s critical to know how to buy the right size motorcycle boots that ensure your safety and comfort. 

The most accurate way to get a motorcycle boot fitment is to go to a shoe store and get measured using a Brannock Device – a measuring instrument. However, this may not be a convenient option for everyone. 

Another thing you can do is to place your foot on a white paper sheet and trace the edges of your foot’s sole accurately, then use a measuring tape to determine the length and width of your foot. If your measurements fall between two sizes, go with the larger size for additional comfort.

If you’re facing trouble riding your bike because of your short height, you can get motorcycle boots designed for short riders specifically. They have a thicker sole that’ll add height and make it easier for you to ride your bike.


Wearing the right size of motorcycle boots will help you stay safe and attentive on the road. They not only protect you from an accident but also ensure maximum comfort and protection from dirt, rain, and cold throughout the journey. You can also read our comparison article between Shoei RF 1200 vs GT Air helmet to see which helmet style will look best with your riding boots.

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