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How To Gear Up Like A Professional Motorcycle Rider?

Gear Up Like A Professional Motorcycle Rider

Do you want to look and ride like a professional rider but don’t want to rip your skin in case of a crash?

Riders are true motorcycle enthusiasts who love the feeling of speed, independence, and connection with the world around them.

To ride like a professional, you need to have a keen observation of your surroundings, speed management, road positioning, and a positive attitude. But the most important thing is to wear proper motorcycle safety gear when riding.

For a professional rider, safety is the top priority. That’s why they always gear up properly while riding.

So, here are the top safety gears you’ll need to become a better, faster, safer, and professional rider.

1Motorcycle Helmet

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In many states, not wearing a motorcycle safety helmet while riding is illegal. So, if you have to wear one, make it something useful and professional.

Most professional riders prefer the full-face helmets because they provide the best protection for the entire head, and the Shoei GT Air and Arai XD4 are two of the best full-face helmets available.

The open-face 3/4 helmets can only be recommended if you’re not going too far or too fast. A modular, or flip-front helmet, on the other hand, is also a great option as it provides open-face style and comfort with full-face protection.

The Schuberth C4 Pro is one of the most demanding modular helmets. Its improved interior fittings and optimized acoustics make it an extremely comfortable flip-up helmet.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who wants to ride a Harley while wearing a German-style helmet, then choose a DOT-approved Daytona German motorcycle helmet. However, keep in mind that these helmets provide the least protection for your head, but they are still better than none at all.

2- Leather is an absolutely essential

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Leather is the classic motorcycle aesthetic, and there’s a reason why motorcycle riders and racers still prefer it today. Leather not only gives you a unique rider appearance but also provides optimal protection for your body organs in case of a crash.

Motorcyclists are always at risk of crashing, and abrasion or road rash is the most common motorcycle injury. A heavy-duty leather jacket and pants can help prevent or lessen injuries like this.

Both riding jackets and pants are not only necessary to avoid accidents, but also help to protect you from extreme weather.

Apart from providing protection, leather has become an essential component of the riding culture as it gives the rider a professional image. Fortunately, you can easily find a good-quality leather jacket at a moderate price.

3Riding Gloves

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Gloves, in addition to your leather motorcycle jacket, are essential for a professional appearance. Wearing gloves that match your jacket is a good option, but you should also consider comfort, function, durability, safety, and materials.

When humans fall, they use their hands as a barrier to protect their bodies as a natural reflex, but falling from a fast-moving motorcycle can tear your hands due to this natural reaction.

Leather motorcycle gloves serve as a solid piece of safety gear that will not only last long but will also be able to withstand harsh terrain. Most of them have knuckle protectors, and additional leather reinforced in the palm and wrist to provide better protection if you hit the pavement.

Motorcycle gloves are available in a variety of styles to suit different weather conditions and you can easily get a pair of good-quality motorcycle gloves for under $50.

Waterproof motorcycle gloves are best to protect your hands in rainy weather while a pair of heated motorcycle gloves keep your hands warm in cold.

4- Motorcycle Riding Boots

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Your professional look is completed by a pair of adventure motorcycle boots. They are an important safety gear since they can keep you comfortable for longer rides while also protecting your feet from unexpected crashes.

High-quality motocross boots, such as the O’neal rider boots, are specifically built to protect your feet, ankles, and shins.

There are waterproof motorcycle boots options available as well. Forma adventure boots, for example, have a non-slip sole that prevents slipping and provides a firm grip in wet and rainy conditions. They also shield your calves from the heat generated by your motorcycle’s engine.


No matter how long you’ve been riding, it won’t require a lot of effort or drastic changes in your attitude to pull off the professional rider look. All you have to do to ride a motorcycle like a pro is to put on the proper gear and pay attention to your surroundings.

Once you’ve perfected your look, you’ll begin to love riding your two-wheeler on the open roads and trails.

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