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How To Look Cool While Riding A Motorcycle: Guide 2023

How To Look Cool While Riding A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is always a fun and thrilling experience. It not only makes you feel good but also makes you appear cool if you dress rightly. We’d all be lying if we said we don’t like looking fashionable while cruising around town on our beloved motorcycle.

For many men and women motorcyclists, their dressing and fashion sense is a way to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. 

It’s true that riding motorbikes can give you an advantage over others in many ways, and the impact you create on people as you ride on your motorcycle will be determined by your style.

If you want to look cool at your motorcycle, there are various things you can do to drastically improve your appearance and make your own style statement.

From great-looking helmets, heated motorcycle gloves to riding in summer motorcycle pants, the following tips will help you to look trendy, stylish, and cool while riding your bike in all weather conditions.

5 Tips To Look Cool While Riding a Motorcycle

1- Wear a Classy Helmet

Wearing a dull, old helmet will ruin your appearance. Helmet manufacturers know that making helmets appear nice and stylish is the best way to persuade more riders to wear them and buy them.

That’s why they make multiple types of helmets right from 3/4 motorcycle helmets to German motorcycle helmets, to complement the need and style of every rider.

For riders who want a helmet that represents their own particular style, brands like 6d helmets and Scorpion Exo manufacture fantastic helmets in a variety of colors, styles, and graphics customized to rider’s preferences.

If you are a lover of old-school vintage motorcycle helmets, then Biltwell Gringo and Bell Bullitt will become your favorite everyday helmet. These two are the most popular low-profile retro helmet models, seems as if they come straight out from the 60s or 70s. 

They both provide a perfect combination of retro style comfort and modern required safety but have some differences which you can find in our Biltwell gringo vs Bell Bullitt article.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are also popular among riders as they make communication easier and riding more fun.

But remember, whatever model of helmet you choose, make sure it provides adequate protection and fits properly. If the helmet is not securely strapped to the head, it will detach from the head during a crash and will not provide any protection. It’s pointless to invest in a nice-looking helmet if it doesn’t do the job.

2- Wear Multiple Layers

The weather is always unpredictable, and even on the brightest of days, rain can sneak up on you. By layering your apparel, you’ll be prepared for all types of weather and temperatures.

Pair your t-shirt with a leather jacket or softshell jacket, which won’t look out of place when you get off your bike and will protect your skin if you fall. 

Keeping a leather jacket on hand for your riding adventures is indeed a smart move because jackets always remain in trend.

3- Pick the Perfect Boots

You don’t want your feet to slip off their foothold when riding because it will throw your balance off. To avoid this problem, it’s necessary to wear a pair of adventure motorcycle boots while riding.

Many bikers trust the O’Neal rider boots for anything from dirt biking to everyday urban riding when it comes to looking cool and fashionable while riding.

Getting Motorcycle boots for walking is also perfect for everyday activities and wandering around the city while appearing cool and remaining comfortable yet protected.

Even if you aren’t particularly tall, there are motorcycle boots for short riders too, that will suit your needs and preferences.

4- Add a Pair of Motorcycle Gloves 

Wearing proper motorcycle gloves will not only improve your grip on the bike but they’ll also protect your hands from sunburn and dryness.

You can easily find a pair of the best motorcycle gloves under $50 to look stylish while staying within your budget.

5- Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

To complete your look, don’t forget to wear trendy sunglasses. The best motorcycle glasses will shield your eyes from road debris such as dirt, gravel, bugs, and dust while also adding style to your overall appearance. 

Make sure that the glasses are compatible with your helmet.


Looking cool while riding a motorcycle doesn’t mean that you have to perform dangerous stunts to gain appreciation from your buddies. Rather, your coolness should come naturally in accordance with your appearance. 

Everything matters in your attire, including your jacket, shoes, and the color of your helmet. Even if you’re in a crowd of motorbike riders, your personal style and cool looks should reverberate throughout the room and will leave people unable to take their gaze away from you.

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