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Kask Mojito X Bicycle Helmet Review [2022]

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A helmet is the most important accessory a cyclist should have. A good helmet will save your life by reducing the risk of head injury by 60 to 90%. Riders of all skill levels understand the value of wearing a helmet to stay safe on the lane.

The Kask Mojito X is one of the toughest bicycle helmets available to protect your noggin. It is an updated version of the well-known Mojito helmet and a great all-around helmet for pretty much any form of road riding.

Founded in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company that has rapidly evolved into an industry-leading brand, thanks to a team of skilled engineers and many of its strategic partnerships with companies in the Italian sector. Its mission is to deliver the perfect balance of technological excellence, durability, protection, and appealing design across its entire product range.

The Kask Mojito X is a mid-range helmet that isn’t the flashiest in the company’s lineup, but arguably the most respected for its affordable style, durability, and performance.

Your satisfaction and protection will be guaranteed with any KASK helmet you purchase as all KASK products manufactured entirely in Italy and have undergone the most intense security and quality tests as part of the KASK CSD Project – ComfortSafetyDesign.

Kask Mojito X Features Review

Let’s take a closer look at what this updated version of the Kask Mojito helmet has to offer.

Shell Construction & Safety

The Kask Mojito X helmet is equipped with modern technology to keep you safe and protected when cycling. Kask’s revolutionary In-Moulding method uses high heat and pressure to add extra toughness to the helmet without increasing weight.

Like all Kask helmets, the Multi In-molding Technology of Mojito includes a tough polycarbonate shell laid over the top, base ring, and the back of the helmet. To boost the shell’s shock absorption potential, this is also joined to the inner polystyrene cap.

The reflective detailing on the rear side of the helmet enhances your visibility to other road users even in poor visibility conditions.

The Kask Mojito X helmet offers excellent impact safety, so you can ride with greater confidence.

Up & Down Fit System

Getting the right fit of a helmet is essential for both comfort and protection.

The Mojito X offers a confined and comfortable fit with its super-adjustable Up & Down fit system.

The up and down retention system is a more basic variant of the high-end Kask versions. Rather than using a plastic slider like the Valegro and Protone, it uses two rear straps to quickly slide up and down. This allows the straps to cradle the back of the head, which can then easily be tightened to the desired tension using a central ratchet wheel.

The Mojito X has a dual pivot that allows you to adjust the helmet quickly and more easily according to your head size, as well as a vertically rotating rear cradle that provides an even feel of retention around your head. This system gives both width and height adjustment letting you find the perfect fit every time you go ride.


In its venting department, Kask has developed Aero Control, which is a collection of synchronized vents. The aero-boosting 26 vents of Kask Mojito X work great to keep your entire head perfectly cool and breathable.

These strategically placed vent holes allow for optimal ventilation, resulting in increased hot air emission and cool air intake.

You can get comfortable rides in a Mojito X helmet and it will surely become your favorite go-to helmet for riding in warm weather.

Internal Padding

Kask Mojito X has removable, replaceable, and washable internal padding to provide a comfortable fit and feel.

This soft and thick internal padding is well distributed around the helmet and was treated with the antibacterial and antimicrobial Sanitized® process.

The Mojito X helmet has forehead padding as well, which is not marked on other Kask helmets, making this headpiece extremely comfortable to wear.

With such thick and soft padding, you will not feel any pressure points or dents on your forehead.


Kask Mojito is one of the most comfortable bicycle helmets available in the market. It is equipped with a breathable, non-slip, gel internal liner that ensures top performance for riders.

The majority of Mojito X’s interior is covered with a single piece of foam that runs along the top and down to the front, where it stretches laterally. The foam shape creates a big contact patch that relieves pressure much better than many other low-profile helmets.

The forehead pads are significantly thicker than those found on most lightweight helmets, resulting in greater comfort and maximum sweat absorption.

Kask’s eco-leather chin strap connects with the soft bands that wrap around your ears. To provide a more secure and comfortable feel, this chin strap buckles on the side of your face rather than under the chin. It is also antibacterial and prevents skin irritation and can be washed separately.

To avoid a mushroom-like appearance, the helmet sits low and close to the head. The only problem you may face is with the retention device, which drops close to the ears and can interfere with the arms of your sunglasses. However, if your glasses have very flat-bladed arms, then they can slot under the retention system nicely.


The Kask Mojito X is the lightest road bike helmet that provides a comfortable fit without compromising on head protection.

It’s amazing to see the Mojito X matching the weight numbers of far more costly helmets.

The Kask Mojito X is constructed according to Australian standards and weighs just 220 grams. You won’t notice any pressure points since the weight is evenly distributed across the brain. This helmet is ideal for cyclists who want an ultra-lightweight helmet with even weight distribution to make their long trips pleasing and comfortable.


Kask’s Mojito X is the company’s most affordable helmet option. It has almost all of the features you’d expect from a high-quality helmet including low weight, outstanding ventilation, exceptional comfort, and a high degree of protection.

The only thing that falls short of expectations is the lack of MIPS technology, which is half of what you would expect from a professional-level helmet at this price range.

Although a few cheaper helmets are offering MIPS technology, the Mojito X is a great helmet overall.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Outer Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Inside: Polystyrene Cap

  • Impact Foam: EPS

  • Safety Tech: MIT

  • Chin Strap: Eco Leather Anti-Allergy Chin Strap

  • Fit System: Up and Down Retention System

  • Ventilation: 26 vents

  • Interior Padding: Sanitized Treated Fabric

  • Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063

  • Weight: 220 (Size M)

What do we like most?

  • Reflective detailing on the back
  • Well Ventilated
  • Forehead Padding
  • Up and down Fit System
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Eco-leather Chin Straps

What we don’t?

  • No MIPS
  • Lack Glasses Storage

Final Thoughts

If you want extra protection while riding on trails, you can trust the Kask Mojito X helmet as it ensures the best protection in all crashes. It offers all the remarkable features a helmet should have with a reasonable price tag.

Amidst its comfortable interior padding and excellent ventilation, the Mojito X helmet will become your most essential yet trendy gear item for everyday bicycle riding.

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