Kask Valegro Helmet Review [2021]

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If you’re looking for a helmet that strikes the perfect balance between everyday usability and race-day aerodynamics, Kask Valegro is the helmet for you. It’s a combination of a full-time trial helmet and a vented road helmet.

Since 2004, KASK’s perfectly ergonomic helmets have been created in Italy to meet the needs of the world’s top athletes and the Valegro was created in response to Team INEOS (formerly Team SKY) request for a lightweight lid with maximum cooling. Something vital for long, tough, and hot climbing conditions.

Valegro’s revolutionary concept of an integrated construction framework combines maximum protection with the lightest possible helmet body to ensure the user’s convenience and protection.

KASK reliability and performance are guaranteed as a result of many closely monitored safety checks and advanced technologies used in helmet design.

The unique qualities, appealing design, and added protection of KASK Valegro helmets increase your ability to drive a little faster and have even more fun.

Kask Valegro Helmet Features Review

Here is an in-depth review of the innovative features of the Kask Valegro helmet. Without further ado, let’s discover!

Safety and Durability

When it comes to performance and safety, KASK does not cut corners. Kask Valegro is a well-built helmet with a neatly in-molded hard polycarbonate shell wrapping right under the base of the helmet to an inner polystyrene cap. This construction helps to protect the EPS against cracking in a big hit and ensures greater impact protection.

Its strengthened frame further improves the shell’s shock absorption ability and reduces the risk of a shock breaking the shell. The polycarbonate cover that provides greater head coverage is a feature of Kask Multi In-molding technology (MIT) and it helps to ensure greater shock absorption.

Kask has always been committed to developing products that provide maximum safety and comfort while exceeding all international standards and norms. Valegro, like all other Kask helmets, passed the WG11 Rotational & Linear Impact Test. WG11 isn’t a MIPS alternative, it’s a science-based protocol developed by Kask to identify an objective method for measuring the performance of its helmets against rotational impacts.

Kask Octo Fit Retention System

With Kask’s Octo Fit adjustment system, sizing has never been easier. Its Octo Fit adjustment system comes with 8 strains of adjustments with a lightweight yet robust design.

You can easily adjust the fit via a ratchet wheel at the rear side of the helmet, while the cradle offers a whopping 50mm of up and down movement at the back of your head to allow much more vertical adjustment than most helmets provide.

By turning the knob left or right, one rubber dial opens and closes for width adjustments. Simply turn the dial to open and close, then let go of the dial when you’ve reached the necessary tension. once it’s set, you get the snug fit and the helmet isn’t going to float on your head.

The overall feel when you have everything set up right is of a helmet that surrounds your head rather than being perched on top.


The purpose of the VALEGRO helmet is to get increased airflow for long, hot climbing conditions. The latest HyVent design by VALEGRO offers advanced airflow and optimal cooling with 37 airflow trousers.

KASK engineers tested the Valegro polycarbonate shell profile using a wind tunnel to achieve the best thermal cooling efficiency results.

From the front view, The Valegro has simple entry and exit points for air to pass through. Internal channels direct airflow from specific intake and exhaust vents in these more sophisticated helmets, which benefit from aerodynamic research to maximize airflow through the helmet.

The internal padding begins on the side of the two main vents and stretches back from there, while the most visible forehead vents above the brow remain open to increase the airflow.

Fit & Comfort

Kask’s claims about valegro, that it is the lightest helmet, provides maximum ventilation and a comfortable feel on your skin, seems to be correct.

The helmet is lined with a 5mm layer of fast-wicking thermoformed 3D padding that uses Resistex Carbon and offers antistatic, bacteriostatic, and heat-regulating properties.

This breathable and quick-dry ultra-low profile padding runs front to back to ensure maximum moisture-transferring, but overall padding is very limited, with just a few removable strips across the top and a tiny bit at the forehead.

Perspiration will easily overtake the small amount of padding on the forehead, and if there isn’t enough ventilation is available to dry the pads out, moisture will quickly find its way through the brows.

This helmet is lightweight by compromising little on some internal padding, making it a bit less comfortable than the other Kask Protone or Mojito helmets.

The Valegro is quieter too. You’ll feel less wind noise coming from the helmet and no flicking or strap vibration.

In addition to this advanced technology, the fixed strap splitters sit completely underneath the ears, and the chin pad with an eco-leather strap helps to ensure a helmet is comfortable to wear, all day long.

This round shape, lightweight, and well ventilated valegro helmet with its stunning slim-profile feels attached to your skull and comes in a variety of colors to suit every rider.


Reducing the weight of the helmet allows you to climb and accelerate faster and conserve energy as you ride. Considering this, Kask developed a simple round profile helmet with new in-molding technology that reduces weight in every way possible while maintaining all the safety standards.

With its 37 ventilation holes, there is a huge mass cut out to provide a lightweight design.

The helmet is extremely shallow, with no extended shielding for the back of your head, which helps lose even more weight.

Kask helmets have been made according to AUS/NZ standards that are always slightly heavier than other helmets worldwide.

The Kask Valegro helmet weighs only 180g which is surprisingly light for an Australian standard helmet.


A Kask Valegro helmet is not placed with overpriced Helmets but it’s not inexpensive as well. A medium-sized Valegro is available at a fair price of $250.

However, nothing is sacrificed as the VALEGRO helmet is designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest safety criteria and provides maximum cooling to make your summer climbing rides extremely joyful.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Impact Foam: EPS

  • Safety Tech: MIT

  • Interior Padding: 3D-Dry padding

  • Chin Strap: Eco-Leather Chin Strap

  • Fit System: Kask Octo Fit Retention System

  • Ventilation: 37 vents

  • Rotational safety: KASK WG11 Rotational & Linear Impact Test Passed

  • Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063

What do we like most?

  • 37 vents for Excellent Airflow
  • Lightweight
  • High Breathability
  • Great Adjustability
  • Glasses storage vents

What we don’t?

  • No MIPS
  • Narrow padding

Final Thoughts

Kask Valegro is a high-end, well-ventilated, and comfortable helmet available in a wide variety of colors. 

The optimized ventilation and advanced material combined with the new in-molding technology make the weight of this helmet down to an incredible 180g.

Cyclists who value lightweight and great ventilation above all will love this unique helmet. Make sure you try one to feel the real game.

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