Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet Review [2021]

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Lazer Z1 MIPS helmet

May it be rocky roads, competitive cycling, practice pedalling, tough terrains or murky mountains; riders commuting on a cycle require a helmet to bike safe and steady. 

Choosing a helmet is a task for those who are patient. The marketplace is saturated with all kinds of helmets offering multiple benefits and crossing one over another’s disadvantage to reach a monopolistic high. It is near impossible for one to test even a few especially considering the steep cost they come with. 

However, the Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet is an all-rounder in the market. It is considered as one of the most lightweight headgears available from Lazer and its exceptional functionality has awarded it a 5-star from Virginia Tech for ‘Best Available’.

Lazer helmets have been a part of multiple professional victories. In fact, the original Z1 also took part in the Tour de France, adorned by riders Jumbo-Visma and Lotto Soudal. Addition of MIPS – the leading slip-plane technology, has allowed riders to feel extra safe while commuting daily or riding uphill. 

MIPS integration enhances impact protection and reduces chances of concussions and harsh forces on the head during great falls. Since it sits beneath the EPS foam, it moves independently and does not discomfort the rider. 

Lazer Z1 MIPS Features Review

Let’s go through an in-depth analysis of each feature the Lazer Z1 MIPS helmet promises.

Shell Construction & Durability

A step compliant with the best performing original Lazer Z1 model, the MIPS profile comprises of a four-piece polycarbonate shell which enhances impact protection and helps the rider feel safe during the worst of falls. 

If the original Lazer helmet has kept you hooked, you will be pleased to know the Lazer Z1 MIPS model is compatible with their aeroshell. Apart from increasing safety measures, the addition also helps block out snow and freezing air during winter. 

Safety Features

Most helmets come equipped with chin gears and increased padding for a tight cheek fit but forget the forehead which remains one of the most sensitive places to hit on a tumble. 

The Lazer Z1 MIPS helmet is engineered with T-Pro Temple Protection that provides additional coverage and cushions vulnerable areas from forceful hits. Coupled with the EPS Foam Liner, the helmet definitely positions itself as the safest option available. 

Also, the internal lining of foam is held together by a Rigidity Brace System that allows each protective measure to stay in place in the event of a crash occurrence.

Chin Strap

Constructed of Nylon, the straps on each side of the helmet help riders feel comfortable during long rides on cobbled roads and smooth plains. They come with a no-fuss closure, a traditional clip that does not twist easily. 

Although the Lazer Z1 MIPS model does not come with a chin gear for added protection, the multiple benefits in protection the helmet offers help it stay in place and adjust customised to one’s head. 

Fit and Adjustability

Everyone’s size of the head is different and with standard measurements available, it is quite difficult to choose one customized just for you. However, the Lazer Z1 MIPS model is geared up with the Advanced Rollsys System for efficient fitting and great adjustability. 

The fit system enables riders to easily adapt their helmets size to their head with a tap on the thumbwheel on top. Each adjustment caters to the entire circumference inhibiting hotspots and pressure points on the head. 

Also, it comes with an adjustable head basket which changes the vertical angle of the helmet by adjusting the back of the retention system up or down according to the riders comfort level.


The most important feature when integrating MIPS technology is the availability of space to screw in a proper ventilation system. The Lazer helmet abides by all engineering policies with the addition of 31 vents that keep riders cool on a hot, summer day and warm in a winter environment. Alongwith, an internal air matrix has been incorporated to keep a steady flow of air while riding which also helps control dampness. 


Lazer’s most marketable feature on the Z1 MIPS helmet is its lightweight element. Weighing in at just about 215g for a size small, it is one of the lightest structures Lazer has come up with. 

With effective functionality and clever engineering, the MIPS model continues to be a step ahead of the basic gears available in the market without compromising on its weight.


Lazer Z1 has defied multiple headgears by keeping its features user friendly and efficient. From its layering and ventilation to its varied compatibility, the helmet offers all that a rider may look for the ride of a lifetime.

The nylon interior liner sandwiched under the T-Pro Temple Protection, the EPS Foam and the Polycarbonate shell adds to the helmets protective aspects and breaks every successive impact.

The Z1 MIPS helmet is also USB compatible allowing riders comfort of a portable dock during a long ride.

Additional Features

More to the benefits of the Z1 model, Lazer has one-upped each user complaint with additional features that cater to every individual. Analysis of every feedback and multiple testings has brought Lazer riders one of the best gears they can call their own.

Its top-mounted fit system is also ponytail-friendly which helps create an environment of inclusivity and promotes change.

Additionally, Z1 is equipped with Lazer Magneto Eyewear Docking Storage enabling bikers to store visors and lenses when needed.

The Lazer helmet comes with additional padding allowing the rider the ease to remove for lightweight padding and add for comfortable cushion weight as they prefer. 

Riders are also offered the option of adding a rechargeable Z-LED rear light to assist during night trails or dim plains. 

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: Polycarbonate Shell

  • Construction: Rigidity Brace System

  • Inner Material: EPS Foam Liner 

  • Impact Safety: T-Pro Temple Protection with MIPS Integration 

  • Chin Strap: Nylon Fabric

  • Fit System: ARS Fit System

  • Ventilation System: Internal Air Channels with 31 vents

  • Interior Padding: Removable Thin and Thick Race Pads

  • Goggle Compatibility: Lazer Magneto Eyewear Docking Storage

What do we like most?

  • Lightweight
  • Well-Padded
  • Exceptional Functionality
  • Efficient Storage
  • Multi-Model Compatibility
  • Good Adjustability

What we don’t?

  • Chin Gear Unavailable
  • Sweat Absorbent, may be a source of bacterial growth

Final Thoughts

The Lazer Z1 MIPS Model is a pioneering headgear that has continued to bring comfort to every riders demand through advancements in each feature. 

Its premium construction, best safety measures, and multiple add-ons allow Z1 to reach a high-tier and prioritized position in the market. 

Albeit it does not come with a chin gear, Lazer helmets efficiency in adjustments provide the necessary safety element. Despite absorbing sweat and grime, the headgear does not clog, vents perfectly and inhibits odor. 

Lazer’s top user ratings and applauds from multiple accredited sources are evidence the helmet is one of the best available.

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