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LS2 Challenger Helmet Review [2023]

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LS2 Challenger Helmet Review

If you’re looking for a sportbike helmet that is fitted with features that complement riding on the road as well, the LS2 Challenger helmet is one you need to definitely check out. Its features are unmatched by any sportbike helmet and its add-ons are a steal to have in this price range.

LS2 Challenger Helmet Features Review

Before you zero in on the LS2 Challenger, let’s talk a little about the features it provides and how they benefit the rider. This will help you get better insight on what you are looking for and ultimately, purchase exactly what you need. So, here’s a brief breakdown:

Shell Material and Safety

Constructed in a High Pressure Fibreglass composite shell, the LS2 Challenger balances strength and weight perfectly so riders can speed through the wind comfortably and not have a scratch in sight if they hit the road.

The gasket between the interior liner and the shell of the helmet is made up of a multi-density EPS foam which disperses impact energy preventing head injuries and neck strain, especially in long distance rides.

The interior of the helmet is made up of a removable and washable liner which keeps riders safe from heat exhaustion. Also, the Pinlock ready visor allows riders to have a clear, unobstructed view of the front and sides. 

The quick release system and micro-metric fastener allows the helmet to be easily removed, a considerable benefit in case of accidents.

Size and Fit

The LS2 Challenger helmet comes in three outer shell sizes, allowing riders to find a proportional fit according to their head. It is shaped as a long oval meaning it will fit riders with a thinner face perfectly and prevent any hot spots along the forehead and the top of their head.


The best feature of the LS2 Challenger is the addition of an inner drop-down sun visor. It protects the rider’s eyes from the glaring sun and keeps them shielded against road debris. Also, the tab to adjust is situated at the bottom rim of the helmet, an ideal position for most riders.

The main visor is constructed tall and wide, offering an exceptional field of vision to riders and keeping them safe. The tallness of the helmet allows riders to view the front unobstructed by the eye port when riding in a tuck position, usually seen in sportbike riders.

This isn’t all, the visors are treated with an anti-fog solution too so whether it be sweat in the summers or the chill of wind in winters, riders can drive safely and distortion-free.

The visor is Pinlock-ready and comes with an easy-to-use lock system which allows riders to swap it out or remove to clean with a push of a button and click it back in place easily.


Since sportbike riders speed through the track, they need a full face helmet that protects them and keeps them dry. Keeping this in mind, LS2 has installed two independent crown vents, a brow vent and a chin vent combined with rear exhaust vents in the Challenger helmet. 

The concentration of vents allows the flow of air to circulate around the head, on the face and then back out. The chin vent keeps the visor free from fog and allows riders to have their field of vision clear.

The vents are adjustable and they open/close easily even while wearing gloves.


Sportbike riders are always in front of an audience so they need a helmet that complements their presence and helps them stand out from a crowd. This is where the fibreglass on the LS2 challenger comes in. 

The lightweight material is designed in a ton of different colour options and graphics, this way riders can race against the wind looking cool and feeling safe.

Noise Control

With the easy adjustability of the vents and the efficient placement of padding inside the LS2 Challenger, the noise of wind rushing is dampened and no whistling is heard. This is especially helpful for sportbike riders and racers.


The LS2 Challenger weighs approximately 3.38 lbs which is pretty lightweight when compared to other fibreglass helmets in the market. The long oval shape also corresponds to a lighter top so no hot spots are formed at the temple. The snug fitting of the helmet also keeps it light.

Comfort Level

The LS2 Challenger is an optimal pick for riders that need a comfortable and durable helmet that feels like wearing air. Its safety features, improved functionality of closures and maximised ventilation makes it a fan-favourite. It is enjoyed by sportbike riders, daily commuters as well as long distance riders.


The LS2 challenger, with all of its incredible safety, comfort and aerodynamic features including the fibreglass shell, costs only $299! It offers an amazing cost-per-value ratio and is a must-have among riders with a passion for speed. It is also currently on sale at 50% off so you’ll get more for less.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: High Pressure Fibreglass Composite

  • Safety Certification: DOT and ECE 22.05

  • Inner Lining: Removable and washable liner with a multi-density EPS foam

  • Shape: Long Oval

  • Visor: Inner drop-down sun shield

  • Size: XXS - XXXL

  • Retention System: Quick release, micrometric fastener

  • Weight: 3.38 lbs

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Quick-release fastener
  • Unmatched aero stability
  • Inclusive sizing options
  • Highly durable shell
  • Affordable
  • No wind whistles
  • Maximised ventilation

What We Don’t Like

  • May not fit all shapes of head

Final Thoughts

The LS2 Challenger is marketed as a sport bike helmet but is designed to fit most types of riding through its exceptional features. Riders will appreciate the addition of a drop down sun visor which is rarely available in sport bike helmets and offers a larger field of vision (even while riding in a tuck position!) 

Also, it is anti-fog which combined with the exceptional ventilation mechanism and the padded chin curtain keeps the rider’s head dry and safe.

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