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Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet Review [2023]

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Schuberth C4 Helmet

According to the most recent data, motorcycles accounted for 14% of total traffic fatalities, despite accounting for only 3% of all registered vehicles. It happened because none of these unfortunate souls were wise enough to wear the proper helmet on their last ride.

Schuberth, a German helmet manufacturing company, realizes this fact and has upgraded its C4 helmet with advanced safety features to provide a highly protected helmet.

Although the earlier model was of great quality as well, each component is taken to the next levels in the new C4 Pro edition to ensure safety without compromising comfort.

Fortunately, you still have a chance to save your noggin by wearing the right helmet, and you will enjoy and appreciate the attention to detail given in this Schuberth C4 Pro helmet.

Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet Features Review

The Schuberth C4 Pro flip-up modular helmet offers many great features. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Shell Construction

The C4 Pro helmet’s aerodynamic shell is designed to provide excellent impact resistance. Schuberth used its innovative Fiber Direct Processing (DFP) technology to construct the fiberglass shell of this C4 Pro helmet. It consists of a glass fiber spool, which is chopped into pieces by a robot and blasted into a mold. The preform is then crushed in a heated mold under high pressure to generate an extraordinarily high strength helmet shell with a precisely determined amount of resin.

The multi-sectional EPS foam liner of this helmet also absorbs impact energy and hence enhances safety.

Safety Features

Schuberth kept high production standards for this C4 Pro construction, making the helmet durable, flexible, and safe. Schuberth claims that its DFP construction technology makes this C4 Pro safer than many high-end helmets by improving the absorption of high-energy impacts. The helmet also meets the DOT & ECE safety standards.

The EPS foam liner is divided into two halves, allowing each part to operate independently and to transfer the impact more efficiently across the entire helmet.

Chin straps are proven to remain fixed and cannot be freed on impact, like other helmets, and prevent the helmet from flying off in a crash.


The C4 Pro modular helmet is made for both touring and sports riding thus it features a long broad face shield, offering a significantly larger field of view at every position.

Pre-installed Pin lock ready face shield prevents fogging. Thumb tabs on both sides of the visor make it simple to lift, and you can remove the shield easily with a set of levers to clean fatly and easily.

Since it’s a modular helmet, a drop-down sun visor is also included which provides sufficient coverage to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. You can easily regulate the sun visor by a sliding mechanism on the lower left of the helmet.

Size and Fit

The riders having intermediate oval head shape complained about some pressure points in previous C3 and C4 versions of this helmet. Schuberth thus modified the shape of the C4 Pro helmet to reduce the pressure points, by making it a little longer front to back and somewhat narrowed down the head side. However, this modification can affect riders who fit flawlessly in the prior C3 and C4 series.

The shell size adjustments are also modified to provide multiple options for riders. The ‘small’’ shell is now available in XS-L and the ‘large’ in XL-3XL sizes. So, the majority of bikers wear a smaller size now.


According to Schubarth, the C4 Pro is equipped with a sophisticated multi-channel ventilation system, which ensures an excellent flow of air throughout the helmet.

The adjustable chin vent and a crown vent allow the rider to adjust the airflow. The crown vent angle is modified to make insects and debris less susceptible to enter at speed.

Not any exhaust vent is present though, which affects the ventilation in full-face mode. The main motto of the C4 helmet is to keep the helmet quiet, safe, and aerodynamic as much as possible. By minimizing the venting, Schuberth makes this C4 helmet quieter and safer.

Noise Control and Communication System

The C4 Pro helmet’s aerodynamic design minimizes turbulence and airflow into the helmet, so the helmet becomes as quiet as possible.

C4 Pro is completely wired and equipped with adjustable speakers and a microphone to make the helmet ready to accept SC1 or SC2 communication systems that are available separately but fit into the built-in pockets in seconds.

The speakers are now smaller and therefore less prone to strain your ears. The microphone is also moved to a more prominent location on the helmet’s left side.

The wires that link the mic with the SC1 are thicker and less prone to breakage.

Apart from this communication system, the inner fabric of the helmet is changed to one that is less permeable to noise. The thickness of the neck pad is increased as well so that when the helmet is fastened, there is less air entered through the neck compared to the C4 helmet and causes wind noise reduction.

All these amazing modifications make the C4 pro helmet one of the quietest modular helmets available in the market.


Schuberth’s innovative techniques of production guarantee reduced weight yet maintain maximum stability for this C4 Pro helmet. The fiberglass shell helmet weighs 3.7 pounds in medium size.

If you want to reduce total weight further, a lightweight carbon fiber shell variant is also available.


Many modifications are done to enhance the comfort level of this Schuberth C4 Pro flip-up helmet. The padding of the chinstrap expanded to fully cover the strap.

The Chin bar opens and closes with one hand effortlessly without any difficulty. The Öko-Tex 100 certified Jazzlight lining makes the helmet comfortable and ensures a safe fit.

The smooth head cushioning and incorporated glasses grooves make this helmet highly user-friendly. The removable and washable ShinyTex lining provides a smooth feel on your skin.

Furthermore, the communication system enables fast removal and insertion of a replacement battery for riders who do not have time to charge a battery.


This helmet is expensive but it is a top-of-the-line model, with many amazing features and a high level of safety.

It should also be noted that the Schuberth C4 Pro comes with a 5-year warranty, and you can easily get a new helmet for a third of the price if you smash your Schuberth C4 Pro helmet.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Outer Shell: Fiberglass

  • Inner Foam: EPS

  • Face shield: Anti-Fog Face Shield

  • Sun Visor: 80% tinted Sun Shield

  • Pinlock Ready: Yes

  • Certification: DOT & ECE 22.05 Approved

  • Communication System: Pre-installed Speaker and Microphone

  • Ventilation: Top vents and chin vents

  •  Inner lining: ShinyTex Interior

  • Strap System: AROS Anti-roll Chin strap System

  • Warranty: 5-Year

What do we like most?

  • High-Quality Construction
  • Quiet and Stable Helmet
  • Preinstalled Pinlock Anti-Fog Shield
  • Built-in Communication System
  • Extremely Comfortable Interior

What we don’t?

  • Average Ventilation
  • High Price

Final Thoughts

The C4 Pro is a well-constructed helmet that provides a peaceful ride while prioritizing safety. The C4 fans will surely become happy with the C4 Pro helmet and may find the fit more precise than before.

If you’re serious about your head safety then you will not be disappointed in investing in this high-end helmet.

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