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ScorpionEXO ST1400 Carbon Helmet Review [2023]

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ScorpionEXO ST1400 Carbon Helmet Review

A full-fledged Carbon Fiber shell, complete with features for custom fitting, improved ventilation and a streamlined helmet profile at a premium price point? ScorpionEXO could not have done better with their ST1400 Carbon helmet. Here is a complete breakdown of all the features the ‘top of the line’ helmet offers!

ScorpionEXO ST1400 Carbon Helmet Features Review

Carbon fibre helmets have become an integral part of the helmet industry for their lightweight structure and maximum protection from impacts, allowing companies to ensure the safety and comfort of the rider. Let’s underline the details of the ST1400 helmet by ScorpionEXO to help you purchase better and ride safely.

Shell Material and Safety

ScorpionEXO ST1400 full-face helmet employs carbon fibre as the primary element of the shell and engineers it with a resin-infused TCT-Ultra 3K weave which allows impact energy to disperse and protect the rider’s head from injuries.

Under the shell layer, an EPS foam layer is situated which additionally keeps the head safe from road bumps and secures the inner liner and pads so riders can speed through bumpy roads without worrying about their head and feel comfortable at the same time.

Also, to enhance the safety of the rider, the ST1400 comes with a quick-release cheek pad system for emergencies (especially helpful for medical professionals during accidents!) The full-face helmet also includes reflective piping on the cheek pads so riders are better visible to other drivers at night. 

The chin curtain and the Ellip-Tec II ratchet system take the safety of this helmet up a notch and improve rider’s convenience.

Size and Fit

In the ST1400 full-face helmet, fitting is improved by the use of Scorpion’s AirFit cheek pad inflation system which allows riders to break in the helmet without compromising the ‘snug fit’ around the head and adjust it according to the size of the head too.

Speaking of size, the ST1400 helmet is engineered in an intermediate oval shape and three shell sizes, mostly designed in a black colour scheme, to accomodate all head shapes. 

Also, the interior liner is well-stitched around the helmet and does not cause neck fatigue, heat exhaustion or headaches which is especially helpful for long distance riders.


The ST1400 helmet comes installed with Scorpion’s Everclear anti-fog visor which has stood the test of many chilly days and is now recommended as one of the best anti-fog visors available on the market.

In addition, Scorpion has provided a set of Pinlock visors which includes a clear Maxvision insert as well as a Pinlock ready shield. Both visors are anti-fog, anti-scratch allowing riders to view their surroundings clearly and worry less in case of accidents.

Though some riders do review that the Pinlock visor may not offer exceptional clarity, it is covered by the excellent side-to-side view offered by the eyeport of the ST1400 helmet. It also provides a larger than average view of the front, perfect for nighttime riding.

Even the fitting of the visor is excellent! It opens and closes using a tab and lock mechanism and is constructed to fit snug against the EPS foam by the Ellip-Tec II technology.


Ventilation of the ST1400 helmet is enhanced by the placement of a mesh sieve which allows air to circulate around the rider’s face and inside the helmet through chin vent openings, top intake vents and rear exhaust vents. They can be operated via gloves too.

Communication System

The EPS foam inside the ST1400 helmet is designed with special padded cutouts for riders to place speakers and build a comm system for the long hours. It can handle up to 40mm speakers and more if the padding is removed. Also, it protects the ears from freezing over.

Noise Control

Noise levels are dampened by the use and careful placement of interior padding. Riders can hear the wind rushing through the side which is pretty normal for most helmets and in fact, helpful to protect them from speeding vehicles. Even with the ventilation maximised, there are no whistling sounds heard.


The ST1400 helmet weighs only 3.34 lbs, which is expected as carbon fibre is one of the lightest materials a helmet can be constructed in. It does not feel heavy on the top of the head and with the AirFit system in place, fits most head shapes snug which also shaves away most of the weight.

Comfort Level

The interior lining of the ST1400 helmet is stitched using a KwikWick III material which keeps the rider’s head dry on warmer days and it sits smooth and feels natural enhancing the overall comfort of the rider. Also, it does not pill and lasts longer.


The ScorpionEXO ST1400 helmet, complete with its carbon fibre shell, AirFit adjustment system, smooth interior as well as the larger than average field of vision, costs only $429.95! It is worth every penny spent as the cost per value of the ST1400 is unmatched by any helmet.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Resin-infused TCT-Ultra 3k Carbon Fibre shell

  • Safety Certification: DOT/ECE certified

  • Communication System: Bluetooth-compatible Speaker Pockets

  • Ventilation: Venturi-effect channelling system

  • Visor: Everclear anti-fog face shield with Pinlock Max Vision face shield and Pinlock insert lens included

  • UV Protection: 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays

  • Sizing: 3 shell sizes are available

  • Inner Lining: Antimicrobial KwikWick III liner

  • Adjustability: AirFit inflation adjustment system

  • Retention System: Ellip-Tec II ratchet system

  • Weight: 3.34 lbs

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • AirFit inflation adjustment system
  • Streamlined helmet profile 
  • Reduced turbulence
  • Brilliant UV protection
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Anti-fog face shield

What We Don’t Like

  • Blurred field view from the Pinlock visor

Final Thoughts

The ST1400 helmet by ScorpionEXO has taken the helmet industry by storm through its lightweight structure, excellent adjustment system for a customised fit and revolutionary design of the outer shell. No wonder it is the favourite of many!

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