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SENA Outrush Helmet Review [2023]

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Sena Outrush Helmet Review

Are you looking for a helmet that works well in the summer, keeps you cool and protected as well as allows you to talk to your friends on the intercom or listen to your favourite music on the road? Well, we just might have the right pick for you. Check out the specs and features of the Sena Outrush helmet below!

Sena Outrush Helmet Features Review

Relatively new in the market, the SENA Outrush helmet has enhanced the average features of a modular Bluetooth-compatible helmet and (spoiler alert) they are definitely worth the cost. Here’s a detailed look of the helmet.

Shell Material and Safety

Constructed in a light, polycarbonate shell with a glossy white finish on the top, the SENA Outrush helmet not only keeps the rider’s head protected from scratches, it also makes a lasting impression on the audience.

The interior is nothing short of safe either! Besides the layer of multi-density EPS foam in the middle, the interior is hooked up with a one-piece combination head-liner, neckroll, slim cheek padding and a nose guard; all of which can be easily installed and removed which maximises convenience. With such an intricate weave of safety nets for the face, there’s no question that SENA Outrush has maximum impact protection.

In addition, the quick release buckle retention system of the modular helmet is designed to keep the head snug and secure while speeding against the wind on a tough track or murky mountains. It is also easily operable by gloves.

Size and Fit

The SENA Outrush modular helmet comes in four outer shell sizes, each true to size and fits snug around the cheeks and relaxed on top of the head almost as if it was customised just for the rider.

Along with the outer shell size, the helmet’s intermediate oval head shape allows a majority of the rider population to find a perfect, proportional fit making every ride feel like a dream.

Also, modular helmets are especially convenient for riders who wear eyeglasses or want to wear sunglasses so in the Outrush modular helmet, SENA has introduced an inch or two more of side spacing to accommodate not only a snug fit of the eyeglasses but also to make the wearing and removal easy and convenient on the rider.

Such inclusivity is rarely found in other helmets but it makes the fitment and the wearability of protective glasses almost a one-hand job so when SENA brought it in, it quickly led the helmet to become a crowd-favourite.


SENA Outrush comes with a wide and deep eye port that makes the peripheral and front field of vision of the rider clear and zoomed out and a dark tinted visor that protects the rider’s face and eyes from UV rays.


Ventilation on the SENA Outrush is maximised by the use of two chin vents and a singular top vent for intake of cool air and exhaust vents at the back of the helmet to circulate warm air outside and keep the helmet from feeling stuffy when the chin guard is installed.

Communication System

The selling point of the SENA Outrush is definitely the integrated Bluetooth 3.0 system which pairs with three BT systems and two on intercom, providing up to 15 hours of talk time with a full charge usually completed in 3 hours.

Sound Quality

The Bluetooth system on the SENA Outrush comes with an advanced sound processing system which allows riders to stream music, listen to podcasts and be on call with a friend and hear them clearly, distortion-free. Also, the SENA device manager manages bug fixes and updates of the system.

Noise Control

The advanced sound processing of the SENA Outrush filters out polluting noise and surrounding noise allowing riders to travel comfortably and listen to news or talk to a friend with no distractions. Also, the ventilation system has vents placed in such a way that no wind whistles are heard even at high speeds.


The SENA Outrush helmet weighs over 3 lbs, which is considered average for a modular helmet and lightweight for a polycarbonate shelled helmet. As an open face helmet, it weighs even less and does not add too much heft with the BT 3.0 system either.

Comfort Level

The SENA Outrush modular helmet is one of the most comfortable polycarbonate shells available in the market. Complete with Bluetooth, it does not weigh much and keeps the rider cool through the visor and vents. Also, it is worn, removed and adjusted easily and quickly, maximising the convenience of the rider.


The SENA Outrush modular helmet costs $229, an affordable pick of the lot especially when it comes to modular helmets with integrated Bluetooth 3.0. It is comfortable, durable and convenient, making the helmet worth every buck spent for daily commuters, adventure motorists, long-distance riders and even sportbike riders 

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Polycarbonate

  • Safety Certification: DOT Certified

  • Inner Lining: Multi-density EPS liner

  • Communication System: Bluetooth 3.0

  • Codec: Built-in SBC codec

  • Talk Time: 15 hours

  • Pairing: Up to three BT systems - two on intercom

  • Charging Time: 3 hours

  • Working Distance: 800m

  • Retention System: Quick release chin strap

  • Weight: 3+ lbs

  • Advanced sound processing 
  • Reduces wind rush noise
  • Mesh sieve insulatory layer
  • Excellent 3-system BT pairing
  • Affordable
  • Maximised ventilation
  • Durable shell
  • Moisture-wicking lining

What We Don’t Like

  • Flimsy lower front vent

Final Thoughts

The SENA Outrush modular helmet is an incredible blend of classic and modern featuring durability at its core with the polycarbonate shell, an airy ride a benefit of the multiple vents, 99% UV protection a plus from the retractable sun visor and a BT system unmatched by its competitors; all this wrapped up in a quick release system so you can easily wear and take off the helmet.

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