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Shark Raw/Drak Helmet Review [2023 Edition]

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shark raw helmet

Are you a fan of the Shark raw helmet but can’t seem to find one in the market?

There’s some good news for you.

Shark Raw has returned, with new advanced features and a fun new name: “Shark Street Drak Helmet”. This streetfighter-inspired helmet is built to give you a distinct look with more safety and comfort.

SHARK, a French brand with 30 years of helmet-making experience, is one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. Shark helmets are designed to provide a greater degree of performance and protection since the company was created by professional racers who understand which body parts are more at risk when riding a two-wheeler.

The Shark Street Drak Helmet is a modular full-face helmet that is ideal for riding in any urban jungle. It looks like it came straight out of your imagination with its two distinct colors and cool streetfighter appearance.

Shark Street-Drak Motorcycle Helmet Features Review

Here is the in-depth review of the innovative features of SHARK’s Street-Drak helmet.

Shell Material & Design

The shell of the Shark Street Drak helmet is constructed from injected Thermoplastic Resin and it comes in two shell sizes (SM-MD and LG-XL).

This is a full-face helmet and it comes in a round, oval shape. This means it’s a little shorter from front to back and has a deeper interior space to give a snug fit and good ventilation.

Furthermore, due to its slim-fit and aerodynamic design, it can comfortably fit on most head shapes.

Face Mask & Goggles

In this new Street Drak Helmet, the drop-down visor is replaced by a Double-painted Anti-scratch goggle system with the elastic integrated into the sides of the helmet. The full-vision goggles are built with a frameless design and provide a wider range of view compared to the original raw helmet. They also have an easier clasp system.

Shark Street Drak is approved as a jet helmet because of the attached face mask. This mask is made up of thermoplastic, which means it will not provide enough protection during a crash. But it will protect your face from other elements such as bugs, dirt, and rainwater while you are riding.

The face mask of this Street Drak helmet connects directly into the goggles. With its Quick Release Google System, the face mask and goggles can easily be removed if not required.

Keep in mind that the goggles in this Street Drak helmet are tinted. Riding at night with the goggles on might not be very safe. You can purchase separate clear goggles as well from SHARK. Any other pair of goggles would not fit over the face mask so you have to buy one available at Shark.

Hence, this helmet is best suited for urban touring as it is built accordingly.

Safety Features

The Shark Street Drak Helmet is certified by the US Department of Transportation and it has ECE certification as well. Even so, its thermoplastic shell and face mask will not provide the best protection in an impact but it is legal to ride around in this helmet.

Also, the micrometric strap of this helmet has a D-ring chin strap closure system that keeps the Street Drak on your head even at high speeds, adding to the protection.

Inner lining

Micro-tech interiors of Street Drak Helmet have antibacterial properties under the AEGIS license. This is also removable and washable.

The cheek pads have speaker pockets on both sides which are connected with easily removable Velcro pads. There is also a cutout at the back of the helmet for the installation of a Shark-tooth communication system if you want one along with speakers.

The bold new AEGIS technology ensures lasting freshness and optimum textile hygiene. This inner liner is also accommodating riders who wear glasses.

Overall, the Shark Street Drak helmet is very comfortable for everyday riding.

Air Flow & Ventilation

The Shark Street Drak is an open-face helmet so you will get plenty of air from the front. Besides this, there is an adjustable vent on the top of the helmet which can be open or closed according to your need.

The face mask also has a non-adjustable vent to increase the airflow but it can let the water in during the rainy season.

Its deep shell design makes the ventilation system of this Street Drak Helmet great for hot summer rides. You’ll get plenty of ventilation even with the mask and goggles on.


The aerodynamic shell design of the Street Drak helmet makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable even with goggles and face masks on. You won’t feel it’s less than 3 pounds weight while riding.

The use of a lightweight helmet also helps to prevent tensions on the neck and spine that may result in serious long-term injuries and make your long ride pleasing and comfortable.


While price is the most important consideration when purchasing a new helmet, it should not be the deciding factor. The Shark Street Drak helmet is among the budget-friendly helmets available in the market. Additionally, the 5-year warranty from shark makes this helmet worth buying.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Outer Shell: Injected Thermoplastic Resin Construction

  • Form: Full-Face

  • Face Mask: Removable Thermoplastic Face Protection Mask

  • Weight: 3 pounds

  • Certification: ECE and DOT Certified

  • Goggles: Dual-painted Anti-Scratch Goggles

  • Visor: Double Anti-Fog Visor

  • QRGS: Quick Release Goggle System

  • Ventilation: Two-position Top Vents

  • Inner lining: Micro-tech with antibacterial properties under the AEGIS license

  • Chin Straps: Micrometric Strap System With D-ring Chin Strap Closure

  • Speaker pockets: Available

  • Bluetooth Audio compartment: Available

  • Warranty: 5-years

What do we like most?

  • Aerodynamic & Slim-Fit-Shell Design
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Dual-painted Anti-Scratch Goggles
  • Double Anti-Fog Visor
  • Micro-tech Interiors with antibacterial properties under the AEGIS license
  • Face mask & Goggles Quick Release System
  • Good ventilation system
  • Micrometric Strap System
  • D-ring Chin Strap Closure System
  • Speaker Pockets with removable Velcro
  • 2 Shell Sizes Available
  • Ready to install Shark-tooth Bluetooth system
  • 5-years Warranty

What we don’t?

  • Thermoplastic Face Mask won’t provide impact protection

Final Thoughts

This Street Drak Helmet of Shark offers uncompromising design and unique style along with its high-tech dual material and premium full-vision goggles. And, as we all know, Shark never compromises on the quality of its helmet, so there is no need to be worried about the durability. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

With its comfortable Micro-tech interior technology, this helmet will become your most essential yet fashionable gear accessory for everyday street riding.

But if you are more concerned about your safety rather than style and comfort, then you should check out other SHARK Street-Drak Helmets available in the same series.

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