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Shoei GT Air II Helmet Review [2023]

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Shoei GT Air Helmet

In this modern era of automated helmet production, it’s hard to find high-quality helmets that are handcrafted by true experts.

But the Japanese helmet manufacturing company Shoei, wonderfully utilized modern-day research and development techniques along with an old-world, hands-on methodology to create Shoei’s premium helmets.

This is the reason that Shoei motorcycle helmets are considered by many to be the pinnacle of motorcycle helmet technology. In terms of innovation, materials, comfort, and safety ratings, Shoei makes high-end helmets and Shoei Gt-Air II is no exception.

A successor to the original GT Air, which was a big hit with riders, Shoei has designed its new GT-Air 2 helmet to meet the needs of both professionals and everyday tourers.

In addition to new ventilation and aerodynamic improvements, Shoei makes this premium full-face touring helmet even simpler to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances encountered on your trips, which makes it stand out from the original GT-Air in a positive way.

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet Features Review

Here is an in-depth review of all the updated features this Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet has to offer. Without any delay, let’s explore!

Shell Construction

The GT-Air 2 full-face helmet features the Shoei’s exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM (advanced integrated matrix) shell construction. Shoei blends fiberglass with unique organic fibers to create a helmet shell that is both strong and flexible.

As an added measure of protection, the GT Air II has a Multi-Density EPS lining, which has different densities in key areas, that allows for multiple levels of shock absorption and provides the rider with a wide range of protection.

Safety Certification

Although the helmet shell has layers of strong glass fibers and 3D-created organic fabrics which are strong enough to withstand high energy impact, the Shoei GT-Air helmet is DOT-Certified only.

The reason that Shoei hasn’t submitted this helmet for SNELL certification might be due to its drop-down inner sun visor. Helmets with inner visors typically do not perform very well with SNELL safety standards.

Face Shield

The GT-Air II helmet uses the same injection-molded CNS-1 shield as the original GT-Air, you can expect the same level of performance.

This advanced shield system provides a large, distortion-free view, facilitates smooth and easy shield adjustment, and features an all-new “first position” shield opening.

This means that when the shield is opened from a fully closed state, the shield will stop and can be locked in a semi-open position, which allows for positive ventilation and defogging.

For riders who wear spectacles, this slightly open option makes life a lot better, since it also helps to quickly defog spectacles.

At high speeds, avoid the slightly open position as it might cause the shield to open unexpectedly, which is highly dangerous.

For complete fog-free vision, the GT-Air II’s windshield is equipped with a Pinlock Evo insert also.

Sun Visor

The GT-Air 2 helmet is equipped with a QSV-2 sunshade that is built into the helmet.

Some riders find the line of sunlight between the sun visor bottom edge and the eye-port annoying in the original GT-Air helmet model.

This helmet’s sun visor is 5mm deeper than previous GT-Air helmets to avoid this visual distortion.

The sun visor can be controlled by a slider located below the left-hand visor pivot.

In addition, the sun visor may be inserted or detached with ease using two tiny buttons within the helmet.

Size and Fit

The Shoei GT-Air helmet has an intermediate oval shell shape meaning it is slightly longer from front to back and a bit narrow side to side.

Helmet sizes range from XS to 2XL, plus, this helmet offers 3 distinct shell sizes to ensure a perfect fit for the majority of riders.

This helmet fits great without causing any pressure points or hot spots. Also, Shoei offers a free pad exchange service so you can easily exchange your helmet’s cheek pads to tighten or loosen things somewhat without having to move up or down a whole size.


Shoei designed the GT-Air helmet with advanced shell construction to make it extremely compact and aerodynamic.

The helmet includes many features to make it a quiet helmet such as the shield slider that has been redesigned to produce a smaller aperture in the shell and minimize air intake, which in turn reduces noise.

The chin bar vent also reduces wind noise by directing air away from the rider’s chin and minimize the buffeting.

Shoei has included noise-canceling ear cushions to further decrease wind and road noise.

Communication System

Shoei and Sena have worked together for the first time to integrate Sena’s SRL-2 Bluetooth technology into the shell of the GT Air 2 helmet. You’ll discover Sena-compatible speaker chambers on either side of the helmet, and a microphone-ready indentation on the rear of the chin guard.

In addition to Sena, these pockets are wide enough to accept many different speakers, but these pockets are not too deep.

There is a channel cutout throughout the chin bar to run the wires down for the microphone and then there is a channel cutout behind the speaker pockets to run the wires around to line the system together.

These cutouts make the system more integrated and comfortable so you won’t have to feel wires pressing against your head, which is a common problem with many helmets.

Overall, you will love this Shoei and Sena Combo for sure.


The GT Air 2 helmet’s ventilation system is equally impressive. Air is drawn into the helmet through three intake vents. At the bottom of the helmet, there are now bigger intake holes use to allow a better airflow across the entire helmet.

The chin bar vent directs a significant amount of air across the helmet’s face shield. Two air-intakes on the top of the helmet directs air across the scalp.

You can now also use the cracked-open position of the visor to further increase the ventilation.

The five always-open exhaust vents in the back are strategically shaped and positioned for improved hot-air expulsion.

Fortunately, the adjustable slider makes it easy to control the intake vents with gloved hands.

The complete ventilation system works perfectly and makes the helmet a great option for both warm and chilly rides.

Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS)

The GT-Air 2 helmet comes with EQRS installed. E.Q.R.S. is an emergency safety feature design to help in the removal of a motorcycle helmet without causing damage to the rider’s neck and spine.

A unique ribbon on the cheek pad allows the emergency personnel to swiftly remove the helmet from your head in the event of an accident.

Fastening System

The GT-Air 2 helmet replaces the previous model’s double-D-ring fastening with a micro-ratchet quick-release mechanism coupled with a metal micrometric fastener to keep the helmet tightly secure on your head.

This micro-ratchet system is easy to operate, even with thick gloves.

Most of the system’s components are composed of stainless steel to provide exceptional durability, which ensures locking strength.

Comfort Level

The GT-Air II is equipped with a removable and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Interior System which is two times faster than other nylon interiors in dissipating sweat.

The helmet’s interior foam and lining make it easy to put on and take off the helmet while providing a snug and comfortable fit.

Shoei makes these GT-Air 2 helmets incredibly light in weight. It weighs only 3.65 pounds in medium size which means it won’t create neck fatigue and it’s best for longer rides too.

Soft urethane has been utilized on the upper section of the cheek pad to provide a better fit when wearing glasses.

A bonus is that you don’t have to wear sunglasses when you use the sun visor.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: AIM Composite Fiber Shell

  • Inner Foam: Multi-density EPS liner

  • Face shield: Injection-molded CNS-1 Shield

  • Sun Visor: QSV-2 Sun Visor

  • Pinlock: Yes

  • Certification: DOT and ECE Certified

  • Ventilation: 3 Intake and 5 Exhaust Vents

  • Inner lining: Max-Dry Interior

  • Cheek Pads: 3D Full Support Cheek Pads

  • Retention System: Micro-Ratchet Chin Strap

  • Goggle Compatibility: Available

  • Warranty: 5-Year

What do we like most?

  • High-Quality AIM shell Construction
  • Quiet and Well-ventilated Helmet
  • Pinlock Anti-fog Shield
  • Integrated Speaker and Microphone Wiring
  • QSV-2 Sun Visor
  • EQRS Included

What we don’t?

  • High Price

Final Thoughts

If you liked the original GT-Air helmet, then you’ll surely love the GT-Air II. The Shoei GT-Air II is ideal for riders who want the convenience of having an integrated communicator with a drop-down sunscreen that allows them to do a little bit of everything with their helmet.

But remember, this type of cutting-edge technology and performance comes at a price. Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet is up to three or four times more expensive than its competitors. But its five-year warranty shows that Shoei stands behind its products even after you buy them. So, you can invest in this helmet without any worries.

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