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SHOEI Neotec II Helmet Review [2023]

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SHOEI launched the Neotec II helmet as an upgrade of the previous one but is it as aerodynamic and comfortable as its predecessor? Spoiler alert, it is so much more! Check out the review below to get the full gist on the helmet that is turning heads everywhere, this season.

SHOEI NEOTEC II Helmet Features Review

With a premium price point, SHOEI has sourced the best systems to integrate in their Neotec II helmet and made it a crowd pleaser in no time. But before you zero in on it, here is a brief detailing of the helmet’s features so you can make a mindful purchase.

Shell Material and Safety

SHOEI has maximised safety and impact protection in the Neotec II modular helmet using a variety of features of which one is the use of fibreglass composite in the shell. It disperses impact energy and the lightweight prevents headaches, neck fatigue and strain.

Next is the gasket made up of a dual-layer EPS liner which absorbs any rotational and impact forces and enhances the aerodynamics of the helmet to protect from heat exhaustion.

As the Neotec II is a modular helmet, the chin bar is especially focused on and engineered with dual-homologation for increased durability. Increased space inside the chin bar helps in defogging the visor. Also, it has a single-button mechanism to remove it so one can go from wearing a full-face style to an open-face style in seconds. The enlarged size makes it operable by gloves too.

The interior lining is also fitted with removable and washable elements that quickly wick away any moisture and prevent sweat build-up.

Size and Fit

The SHOEI Neotec II modular helmet is constructed in three different outer shell sizes ranging between XS and XXL allowing one to easily pick a size that fits proportionally around their head and ultimately keep them safe in case of accidents.

The shape of the helmet is designed in an intermediate oval which is the most common head shape so most won’t have any trouble finding a Neotec II that fits snug around their cheeks, feels light on top of their head and does not move around when speeding on the freeway.


Since the visor of its predecessor was such a hit, SHOEI has focused on its face shield and cover in its Neotec II model as well and enhanced it to provide more benefits.

The Pinlock-ready visor on the Neotec II is sealed against wind and water through an airtight window beading and the integration of CNS-3 base plate system makes shield changes quick and easy.

Also, 3D injection-moulding makes sure the field of vision is unobstructed and clear. The Neotec II also includes an inner drop-down sun visor to protect against the sun and an anti-fog Pinlock EVO insert for convenience.


The Neotec II is wind tunnel tested which not only balances the flow of air and wind noise, it also allows one to ride in various positions without affecting the aerodynamics. 

Intake vents on the chin and crown bring in cool air and warm air is then expelled through the large rear exhaust. They are adjusted through a lower vent shutter and because it is large in size, the vents can be adjusted with riding gloves as well.

Also, a Vortex Generator is fitted in the visor and face cover which manages the circulation of air for optimal aerodynamics.

Communication System

SHOEI has specially designed the Neotec II helmet with inner pockets to fit the batteries, speakers and control panels of the Sena SRL comm system, an industry-leading and world-class Bluetooth kit. With noise levels controlled, it allows one to stream music and listen to podcasts on-the-go with optimal sound quality.

Noise Control

The one disadvantage of the previous Neotec was that it was noisy so SHOEI improved the Neotec II and installed Noise Isolator cheek pads, wind tunnels and an airtight window bead to reduce surrounding noise. The integrated Vortex Generator and an enhanced shell shape construction all together make it whisper-quiet.


The Neotec II helmet by SHOEI weighs 4.12 lbs which is a tad heavier than the average modular helmets however the integrated fibreglass shell, removable interior and plush cheek pads balance out the weight around the head and prevent hot spots on the temple and strain on the neck.

Comfort Level

With the aerodynamics of the Neotec II helmet maximised, the interior made plush and the noise control especially focused on, the comfort level is unmatched by any other helmet. The convenient large-sized closures, secure micrometric fastener and easy secure and removal of the helmet allows one to ride long distances comfortably.


The SHOEI Neotec II helmet costs $749 and considering the level of engineering that went into the helmet and the upgrades made for a well-ventilated, noise-cancelling, durable and lightweight helmet, every penny is justified. Modular helmets are generally expensive and fibreglass adds a few extra to the overall cost.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Fibreglass Composite shell

  • Safety Certification: ECE and SHARP 4 star

  • Inner Lining: Dual-density Shock-absorbing EPS liner

  • Communication System: Integrated for Sena SRL Communication System

  • Weather Protection: Wind and Waterproof - CNS-3 Base Plate System

  • UV Protection: Built-in QSV-1 inner sun shield - 99% sun protection

  • Face Shield Closure: 360° Pivot Locking System

  • Size: XS - XXL

  • Shape: Intermediate Oval

  • Retention System: Micro Ratchet Chin Strap

  • Weight: 4.12 lbs

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • CNS-3 Base Plate System, 
  • Noise isolator cheek pads 
  • Airtight window beading 
  • Reduces noise levels to zero
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Aerodynamic
  • 99% UV-protection
  • Shock-absorbing liner

What We Don’t Like

  • The chin bar may take some effort to close properly

Final Thoughts

The SHOEI Neotec II modular helmet has redefined ‘premium’ by offering state-of-the-art systems and enhancing them to make the helmet waterproof, aerodynamic, impact protective and stable. It is one of the best helmets to pick.

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