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Shoei RF 1200 Review: Here’s What You Should Know

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Shoe RF 1200 Review

If you want to protect your precious head in case of a motorcycle accident, then you must go for a full-face Helmet. Study shows that a full-face motorcycle helmet reduces the risk of fatal head injury by 69% and death risk up to 42%. No doubt, A helmet is the most necessary accessory a rider should have.

Presenting you Shoei’s lightest full-face helmet with SNELL-Certified model, RF-1200. Doesn’t matter whether you are an off-road wanderlust or a regular urban rider, this helmet provides the best protection with comfort for all. The distortion-free view from its CWR-1 shield ensures clear vision whether it’s a bright sunny day or gloomy stormy night.

Shoei is a renowned Japanese brand with 60 years of helmet building experience. Since 1959, the company shows some of the most remarkable innovations in the helmet building industry. Its RF helmet series is very much popular among motorcycle riders, thanks to its safety with comfort feature. 

Without further ado, let’s go on a ride to explore the magnificent features of this versatile helmet in our review article on Shoei Rf-1200 Motorcycle helmet.

Shoei Rf-1200 Helmet Review and Features

The Rf-1200 helmet of Shoei has many great and significant features which makes it stand tall among other full-face helmets. Without further ado, let’s find out more about it.

Shell Design

One of the most important physical features of a helmet is its outer shell, which comprises the main body of a helmet. Shoei Rf-1200 comes with a highly durable Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell Design. It is the Shoei’s strongest, lightest and most elastic shell. The wind tunnel design of the Shoei Rf-1200 helmet’s shell ensures a smart look and enough space inside for comfortable wear. 

Size & Graphics

The shell itself feels more proportioned to the head size it’s meant to match, which is most likely due to the four different shell sizes from XS to XXL. The concise size of its outer shell gives it a unique slimmed appearance on the rider’s head. If you hate looking like an astronaut in a huge helmet, then must get RF-1200 for your smart look.

Its Oval shape makes it easy to fit on any regular shaped head. The helmets come with 29 different solid color graphics to choose from. You can pick one according to your style and persona.

Safety Features & Certifications

Shoei helmets always have authentic safety certification, so as for its Rf-1200. It is DOT certified which guaranteed impact absorption up to 400g. For additional safety measures, Shoei Rf-1200 also have SNELL-Certification, which is the most reliable among all as it provides the gold standard certification. The in-depth testing of helmets for SNELL-Certification ensure to absorb the hardest shock resistance. Also, SNELL-Certified helmets are easy to remove with gloves. 

Shoei Rf-1200 helmet with all its safety certification prove itself as the most reliable motorcycle helmet.

Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.)

E.Q.R.S. is an emergency safety feature design to help in the removal of a motorcycle helmet without causing damage to the rider’s neck and spine. In case of an accident, it is necessary to remove the rider’s crash helmet to give medical treatment.

In case of an emergency, Shoei Rf-1200 with its E.Q.R.S. system installed, allow medical personal to remove the cheek pads of the helmet easily and safely without putting less strain on the neck of the injured rider.

Face Shield & Visor

Shoei Rf-1200 has CWR 1 Face shield installed made with a 3D injection-molding system that ensures a clear and distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision. With its Pinlock EVO fog-resistance systems, the face shield prevents fogging and also protect from the sun’s damaging UV rays. A tinted visor can also be attached for added safety.

Shield change is no more a hassle, thanks to its QR-E base plate system which facilitate rider with quick and smooth shield changes. Its patented Spring-loaded technology protects against wind and it’s also waterproof. Shoei Rf-1200 improved shield locking mechanism ensures extra safety while riding. 

Dual-Layer EPS Liner

The biggest safety feature of Shoei Rf-1200 is its Dual-layer Multi-Density EPs liner. It provides maximum shock absorption using its multiple foam densities. The tunnels created in the EPS enhance ventilation by allowing cool air to travel freely. 

3D Max-Dry Interior System

One of the best-added features in the Shoei rf-1200 helmet is its Max-Dry interior system which allows a comfortable ride in hot weather. the liner material of the Max-Dry system absorbs and dissipates sweat two times faster. It can easily match the contours of a rider’s heads with its Three-dimensional shape. Also, it is fully Removable, Washable, Adjustable and Replaceable, what else we need in an interior system.

Air Flow & Ventilation

The ventilation system of Shoei Rf-1200 is a combination of 4 uniquely positioned upper exhaust vents and 6-frontal vents on the helmet. Lower vent shutters are installed at three positions and are easy to use even with riding gloves on while 3-upper air vents provide prime air intake for a comfortable ride. Wind tunnel optimized adjustment ensures optimum airflow with improved hot air explosion and cool air intake.


The RF-1200 holds the title of the lightest among all Shoei helmets. Due to its new generation shell design and the combination of interwoven fiberglass layer with organic fiber, you won’t feel its 5-pound weight while wearing. 

Noise Control

The Rf-1200 illustrates Shoei’s efforts to reduced helmet noise. The narrower openings and stronger comfort padding around the rider’s ears help to muffle the wind noise. But if you want to increase the airflow with the vents open at the forehead, it may also increase the noise level inside the helmet. However, with all vents closed, there is no noise at all. The included chin curtain also reduces the noise further. Additionally, it protects you from cold.


Here comes the most important part of our review. Shoei is one of the best premium helmets making company that’s why their helmets are a bit pricey. But Shoei Rf-1200 comes with a reasonable price tag. Including all its amazing features it can cost you only $4. 

With its quality construction and high safety rating, this model of Shoei helmets is best for riders who want to spend their money on a trusted brand.

Specifications at a Glance:

  •  Shell: Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+

  • Shield: CRW 1 Shield

  • Safety: Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.)

  • Ventilation: 4 Rear Vents + 3 Upper & 3 Lower Front Vents

  • Base Plate System: QR-E

  • Liner: EPS Dual Density

  • Interior: 3D Max-Dry Interior System

  • Certification: DOT & SNELL

  • Weight: 5 Pounds

  • Cheek Pad: Single Layer

  • Noise: Advanced Noise Reduction

  • Fog Protection: Pinlock EVO Anti Fog System

  • Drag Reduction: Regular

  • Size: XS-XXL

  • Color: 29 different Solid Color

  • Lightweight
  • Highly Durable AIM+ Shell Design
  • Customized Fit of Cheek Pads
  • Fully Adjustable Face Shield
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • Improved ventilation system for maximum airflow
  • E.Q.R.S. for a medical emergency
  • 3D Max-Dry internal padding absorbs and dissipates sweat faster
  • Interior system is removable, washable, replaceable & adjustable
  • SNELL & DOT Dual Certification
  • Improved Noise Blocking system
  • Chin Curtain
  • Bluetooth in Cover and cheek padding
  • 180-degree clear vision

What we don’t like?

  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

The Premium RF series has been the most popular helmet series of Shoei including its worth buying Shoei Rf-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet. It includes all the remarkable features a helmet should have. Although the cost of Rf-1200 may seem a bit high, it does meet all the high standards of customer’s needs.

If you want extra safety when riding your powerful motorcycle, you can trust this helmet as it ensures the best protection in all crashes. This helmet will become your most necessary yet trendy gear accessory in all weather and humidity conditions while providing high-level protection.

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