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What Should A Passenger Motorcycle Rider Wear?

What To Wear As Motorcycle Passenger

When you get on the back of a motorcycle, you literally put your life in the hands of the rider. Riding requires a substantial level of skill on its own, and the addition of passengers makes it considerably more difficult. This is why riding a bike without sufficient safety gear may not be a wise idea.

Just because you’re not riding the motorcycle doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one. In most incidents, both the driver and the passenger are equally at risk, hence passengers must wear the same protective gear as the driver.

Here’s what you should wear as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle rider.

DOT-approved Helmet

Your head is probably on top of the list of body parts you don’t want to injure. In most states, it’s a law for both drivers and passengers to wear a DOT certified helmet while riding motorbikes. Wearing a helmet keeps your skull and brain safe from injury.

A full-face helmet like Shoei rf-1200 or Shoei GT Air which covers your eyes and face as well is considered the safest motorcycle helmet type. Although it may appear to be excessive, it offers the highest level of protection, which should be your main priority.

But if you are not comfortable with a full-face helmet, you can wear a 3/4 motorcycle helmet like Sena Cavalry or even a German-style novelty helmet, as they also provide adequate skull protection.

Wearing the Bell Broozer helmet, which is dual-certified for both open-face and full-face riding, can also be a good option to get full-face helmet protection with open-face helmet freedom.

Furthermore, if both the rider and the passenger wear Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, they can easily communicate with each other while riding at high speed.


Protecting your eyes is also necessary while riding because wind and flying debris can cause serious damage to your eyes.

If you are using a half-face helmet that does not give any eye protection, you must have to wear eye protection designed exclusively for motorcycle riding. These will provide adequate protection while offering a clear view of the surrounding.

However, you can also wear a hybrid type, such as the Shark raw helmet, that comes with both a face mask and goggles attached.


Motorcycle gloves are mostly overlooked, but they are as important as wearing the right size helmet when riding. Motorcycle gloves are designed to protect your hands not just in the event of a crash, but also from extreme weather, pollution, strong wind, and sunburn.

The good news is that motorcycles gloves are not very expensive. You can easily buy a good pair of motorcycle gloves for under $50.

Keep in mind that women’s glove measurements are different from men’s because they typically have smaller hands or narrower palms. You have to buy motorcycle gloves specially designed for women’s hand measurement if you want to carry a female passenger with you.

Protective Jacket

A jacket is another essential piece of apparel when riding on the back of a motorcycle. A leather jacket generally provides the greatest protection for your upper body. It’s better to buy one for yourself if you have to ride frequently. You can easily find a good-quality motorcycle jacket even on a low budget.

You can boost your safety while riding by wearing a reflector jacket, which helps you and the bike you’re riding on to stay visible on the road and other drivers behind you will be able to notice you more easily.


To take your safety to the next level, you should look at pants designed specifically for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riding pants can be worn on their own or layered over conventional pants.

Don’t ride in shorts, and don’t accept a ride from someone who does. While not ideal, wearing a thick pair of denim jeans is much better than wearing shorts or other types of clothing that do not completely cover your legs.


Boots are your best bet when it comes to protecting your feet and ankles from a motorcycle exhaust pipe or an accident.

While specially designed motorcycle boots like O’Neal riding boots and Forma adventure boots are available as well, a pair of heavy work boots that cover your ankles can be fine too.


When done incorrectly, being a passenger may be a stressful and even frightening experience, but when done rightly, it can be a fun experience for both the rider and the passenger.

It’s your responsibility to remain cautious and gear up fully when riding a motorcycle, even as a passenger!

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