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Daytona Helmets Review [2023 Edition]

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Riders of all experience levels understand the value of staying safe on the road. If you fall off your bike, having a durable helmet will save your life. Whatever helmet type you choose to wear, if it doesn’t protect you when you hit the road, it is useless.

That’s why we suggest Daytona Helmets, a well-known brand of protective and durable helmets. Daytona utilizes only the finest material in their helmets construction. Also, Daytona produces helmets in several designs, including skull caps, full-face helmets, modular helmets, and even retro helmets for a perfect vintage look.

Carbon fiber, genuine leather, metallic flake, gloss, matte, and a variety of other quality materials are used in the construction of Daytona helmets. Furthermore, the graphics of Daytona helmets are elegantly designed to give a personalized look for every rider.

Top 5 Daytona Helmets Review

Here’s a list of the top five Daytona Helmets, which are available in a wide range of designs and graphics.

1- Daytona Open Face Cruiser Helmet

Daytona Open Face Cruiser helmet is the smallest and lightest 3/4 helmet that meets DOT FMVSS218 safety standards. The shell of this helmet is constructed from light polycarbonate material, which is reasonable for the price. Its Slim Line design features a smooth, contoured shell to eliminate the mushroom appearance.

On top of that, the custom-molded interior of the Daytona Cruiser helmet is fully lined with a moisture-wicking interior to provide extreme comfort. Also, the Nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets blend in well with the helmet.

Its Black Snap-on Gloss Bubble Visor comes with 3 snap lids and works very well to shade the eyes from the sun. The visor is also positioned low enough that it doesn’t catch the wind like on other open-face helmets.

This DOT 3/4 shell cruiser helmet offers 3 different shell sizes that are designed for both small and large head shapes. The chin strap with a quick-release lock is ideal to use even with the gloves on.

  • Exceeds DOT standards
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Slim-Line, contoured shell design
  • Removable Gloss black bubble Visor
  • Nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets
  • Small and lightweight
  • Custom form interior
  • Reinforced retention system with sliding adjuster
  • Quick Release Lock for chin strap
  • Three shell sizes available
  • Free goggle straps
  • Multiple colors options
  • No Bluetooth

Our Take:

The Daytona Cruiser Open Face Helmet is built for riders who want safety, style, and comfort all in one helmet. This cruiser helmet’s elegant contoured construction ensures a perfect fit and plenty of protection. If you ride your bike around town every day, this is the helmet for you.

2- Daytona Modular Glide Helmet

The Daytona Glide is a DOT-approved full-face modular helmet designed for riders who want full-face safety with the lightness and convenience of an open-face design.

This helmet has a dual shield system: an inner anti-scratch retractable smoke shield and Outer Pinlock-30 anti-fog fitted clear shield that provides excellent vision while still protecting you from dust and wind.

The one-finger chin guard opening system allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze without having to remove the entire helmet.

Adjustable Forehead and Chin ventilation system along with removable and washable moisture-wicking inner fabric give extra comfort, so you can enjoy the ride for longer.

  • Exceeds DOT standards
  • Inner anti-scratch, retractable smoke shield
  • Outer Pinlock-30 anti-fog clear shield
  • Adjustable forehead and chin vents.
  • Moisture-wicking removable, washable inner fabric
  • Contoured shape to prevent lifting at high speed
  • Nylon strap D-ring retention system
  • Quick release lock for easy detachment
  • Chin guard lock on the inside
  • Easy one-finger chin guard lift opening system
  • Bluetooth-ready
  • Two shell sizes available
  • Narrow chin straps

Our Take:

This Daytona Glide helmet is Bluetooth-compatible, so you can enjoy music or communicate with others while riding. The Daytona Glide is available in a range of sizes, from extra small to 4XL. On top of that, you’ll surely get the right fit for yourself from two different shell sizes.

3- Daytona Carbon Fiber Skull Cap

The Carbon Fiber Skull Cap is Daytona’s most famous DOT-approved 1/2 shell helmet. This slim-line skull cap is made of real carbon fiber with a clear coat finish. Its custom form interior is fully lined with moisture-wicking fabric to dissipate the sweat faster.

Skull Cap Carbon Fiber comes in three different shell sizes to match either small or large head sizes perfectly. In addition, the adjustable Nylon strap retention system comes with a quick-release strap lock that works well to hold the helmet in place even at high speeds.

Its sleek contoured half-shell design comes in a range of styles, and it won’t look like a mushroom on your head. They’re available in two soft-touch finishes: Dull Black and Clear Lacquer. With Daytona’s expanded size range, finding the right fit won’t be a problem.

  • Carbon Fiber slim line shell design
  • DOT-approved
  • Contoured and super low-profile shell eliminating the mushroom look
  • Soft-touch Clear Lacquer, and Dull Black finish
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Custom form interior
  • Small and extremely lightweight
  • Nylon Y-Strap retention system with sliding adjuster
  • Quick-release lock
  • Three shell sizes
  • No visor

Our Take:

This DOT-certified helmet is the smallest and lightest half shell helmet available on the market. Also, you can choose a range of graphics available to create the one-of-a-kind look that best suits your personality. If you want a skull cap helmet for a large head, then this helmet is a huge bonus for you.

4- Daytona Shadow Helmet

The soft-touch dull black finish on the Daytona Shadow Full Face helmet meets the D.O.T. FMVSS 218 standards. It offers an outer anti-scratch clear shield to provide excellent vision. Additionally, the nylon strap retention system with a quick-release lock keeps your helmet stable on your head.

Extra airflow is provided by the adjustable forehead and chin vents, as well as a reusable and washable moisture-wicking inner fabric that ensures comfort. This helmet is available in sizes from extra small to 2XL.

  • DOT-approved
  • Outer anti-scratch clear shield
  • Adjustable forehead and chin vents
  • Moisture-wicking removable, washable interior fabric
  • Contoured shape to prevent lifting at high speed
  • Nylon strap retention system
  • Quick release lock for easy detachment
  • Eyeglasses-friendly
  • Two soft-touch finishes: Dull Black and Hi-Gloss Black
  • No Bluetooth

Our Take:

The DOT-approved Daytona Shadow full-face helmet provides maximum road safety, allowing you to ride with confidence even on long journeys. Color shields are also available separately if you don’t like the transparent shield. The helmet is waterproof as long as you keep the vents closed.

5- Daytona Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona Retro Helmet comes with a classic vintage look that will give you a retro feel while protecting your head.

This full-face helmet is DOT-certified with FMVSS 218 standards. The anti-scratch fitted clear shield features UV resistance and Dull touch finish. This Pinlock 70-R face shield also prevents fogging in rainy weather. Its lightweight modern performance and premium leather interior with moisture-wicking inner fabric provide extreme comfort while riding.

Daytona Retro Helmet is designed in a contoured shape to prevent the helmet lift effect at high speed. It also makes sure that you can comfortably move your head and won’t feel any cut into your neck if you rest your head back.

  • Vintage classic look
  • Exceeds DOT standards
  • Premium leather interior
  • Pinlock 70-R anti-fog fitted clear shield
  • UV-resistance soft-touch finish
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • Moisture-wicking washable fabric
  • Contoured shape to prevent lifting at high speed
  • Nylon strap D-ring retention system
  • Quick-release system
  • Two shell sizes available
  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • Not very quiet

Our Take:

The Retro Daytona Helmet is a fantastic full-face vintage helmet, offers excellent impact protection while still looking stylish on your head. With all of the modern features and two shell sizes to choose from, it will eventually become your favorite retro helmet for everyday riding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Makes Daytona a Worth-Buying Helmet Brand?

All Daytona Helmets are DOT-approved except their Novelty items. They offer multiple size variations to ensure proper fit. The quality material used in the construction of helmets and the moisture-wicking interior keep the rider safe and relaxed on and off the bike. The quick-release system is simple to operate; all it takes is a single finger movement to unlock the custom quick-release lock.

Daytona Helmets provides a wide range of colors and high-resolution printed images for many of its models, ranging from Patriotic themes to famous landmarks to provide a unique look for every rider.

Are Daytona Helmets Safe for Riding?

Many helmets claiming to be approved by the Department of Transportation aren’t DOT certified, but that’s not the case with Daytona Helmets.

Daytona has its own laboratory for testing all of its DOT-approved helmets to ensure they meet or exceed the FMVSS 218 safety standards.

Each shell size is tested three times in four different conditions, which means a model like the Retro Helmet is tested 36 times in one go. This testing system ensures that all DOT-approved helmets of Daytona will provide great impact protection and keep your cranium safe if you hit the road.

Final Words

Nevertheless, a durable helmet is a requirement of every rider of a two-wheeler. We recommend investing in a helmet that can protect your head even in severe crashes.

You won’t regret it if you choose Daytona helmets as Daytona is one of the coolest and safest helmet brands available on the market.

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