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9 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you are a beginner biker, an aspiring motorist or an experienced rider, you must have heard of full face motorcycle helmets. They are the epitome of all that a helmet should be, impact protective, full coverage and attractive.

But how do you choose the right one? What features can you get in a full face helmet? And most importantly, what are some of the best motorcycle helmets available currently?

To answer all that and more, we bring you a comprehensive guide complete with reviews on 9 of the best full face helmets and tips on how to choose the perfect motorcycle helmet.

The 9 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

To help you zero in on the best helmet for you, we have put together a list of expert-recommended full face motorcycle helmets below.

1. GLX GX23 Motorcycle Helmet

Value Choice – Best Ventilation

Constructed of an aerodynamic shell with an EPS foam liner, the GLX GX23 motorcycle helmet is durable and impact protective offering riders optimal security for casual and speed rides.

For enhanced airflow, the full face motorcycle helmet is engineered with a total of 16 intake and exhaust vents keeping the rider’s head cool and dry during the summers.

The visor is adjustable and shatter-proof which along with the aluminium mesh protective screens maximise security against accidents.

by amazon
  • DOT certified, can be legally worn in the US
  • Includes an advanced mouth guard and a quick release chin strap for a secure fit
  • The microfiber liner is removable and washable
  • Affordable, costs only $80
  • Will need to order a size bigger

Our Take:

The GLX GX23 full face motorcycle helmet is a perfect blend of safety, security and convenience.

2. TORC T1 Unisex Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Vintage Choice – Most Comfortable

With a fibreglass tri-composite shell construction, the TORC T1 retro motorcycle helmet weighs light and feels almost like air when racing against the wind.

The interior isn’t short of comfort either, with a faux suede liner and an EPS foam layer, the helmet feels soft on the face and protects the head against impacts.

Ventilation is maximised through front chin vents, metal mesh intake vents and rear exhaust vents placed carefully so air can circulate all around the head. 

by amazon
  • DOT, ECE and FMVSS 218 standard certified, safe to use on-road
  • Double-D ring closure on the padded chin strap for a secure fit
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog shield for convenience
  • Fits only intermediate oval head shapes

Our Take:

The TORC T1 full face helmet is a retro-style shell packed with modern-day technologies and features that improve the rider’s experience.

3. ScorpionEXO Covert Motorcycle Helmet

Premium Choice – Most Durable

A household name among experienced motorists, ScorpionEXO has launched yet another bombshell with their Covert helmet. Constructed of a durable polycarbonate shell, the helmet disperses all impact forces to minimise injury,

When it comes to the interior, along with the EPS foam layer, a soft liner is included to make riders feel comfortable, especially while travelling long distances.

To protect against the sun, the Covert helmet has a retractable tinted sun visor which adjusts accordingly. 

  • Meets DOT and FMVSS 218 standard, legal to use in the US
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Comes with a removable front mask and a rear sleeve for convenience
  • The visor cannot be pulled down by one hand

Our Take:

The ScorpionEXO Covert full face motorcycle helmet is an innovative half-size structure offering comfort through its soft lining, convenience using the removable and adjustable features as well as security using the advanced polycarbonate shell.

4. Milwaukee Performance Motorcycle Helmet

Reliable Choice – Eyeglass Compatible

The Milwaukee Performance helmet is constructed with an ABS shell to offer exceptional impact protection and energy management.

Besides the multi-density EPS foam layer, the helmet comes with a comfortable liner that is fully removable and washable for convenience. Also, the cheek pads are sufficient and can be removed for washing as well.

The aerodynamics of the helmet are refined by the integration of multiple adjustable intake and exhaust vents which regulate air constantly and keep the interior dry.

In addition, the helmet is eye and sunglasses compatible.

by amazon
  • DOT and FMVSS 218 certified
  • Quick release, buckle-style chin strap for a perfect fit
  • Comes with a sun visor to protect against UV rays
  • May fit snug on some head shapes

Our Take:

The Milwaukee Performance full face motorcycle helmet packs a wide variety of features at an affordable cost of just $90. It is truly a steal for motorists.

5. O’Neal Men’s Sierra II Motorcycle Helmet

All-Rounder’s Choice – Most Convenient

The O’Neal Sierra II motorcycle helmet comes with an ABS shell construction for improved head and neck protection during accidents. 

For added comfort, it includes an EPS foam layer and a moisture-wicking, removable and washable inner lining so riders can race around town clean, safe and comfortable.

For optimal ventilation, the helmet includes multiple intake and exhaust vents that circulate cool air around the head and prevent the rider from feeling claustrophobic.

Also, the face shield is height adjustable which makes the helmet inclusive to a wide audience. 

  • Meets DOT and ECE 22-05 standards, can be legally used in the US and Europe
  • The padded chin strap comes with a double-d lock for a secure fit
  • May be noisy on the highway for some riders

Our Take:

The O’Neal Sierra II full face motorcycle helmet has all the basic features packed into one and then enhanced for convenience.

6. Fuel Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Unique Choice – Best Value for Money

This full face motorcycle helmet by FUEL has come as a shock to most motorists because in less than $100, it has launched a fully-functioning, impact-protective and even DOT certified helmet.

The shell is constructed using a lightweight thermoplastic and top-coated with anti-UV paint which prevents the helmet from becoming hot to touch and riders do not feel heat exhaustion at the end of the ride.

With chin and brow vents integrated along with the option of removable cheek pads, this helmet is as summer-friendly as they come.

by amazon
  • DOT certified, is safe to use on-road in the US
  • Affordable, has a price tag of $75
  • Quick-release shield, can also be operated using gloves
  • Does not come with an anti-fog visor

Our Take:

FUEL helmets have outdone themselves by engineering a DOT-certified helmet with all the features needed to ride safely and comfortably on road. 

7. HJC I10 Motorcycle Helmet

Recommended by Experts – Best Features

The HJC I10 full face motorcycle helmet is composed of an advanced polycarbonate shell in a compact design, offering both style and security in one.

The interior uses multi-cool, moisture-wicking liner along with the EPS foam layer to combat high temperatures and keep the rider cool and dry.

Claiming to provide up to 95% UV protection, the helmet includes an anti-fog lens on a 3D face shield which also improves the rider’s peripheral vision.

  • DOT and SNELL approved, safe to use anywhere
  • Comes with an adjustable chin strap a D-ring closure for a secure fit
  • Has ample space to fit eye and sunglasses
  • May fit a bit snug on the first couple time

Our Take:

The HJC I10 full face motorcycle helmet is recommended by experts for its exceptional impact and UV protection, breathability as well as SNELL approval (rarely found on helmets!). It is a must-have. 

8. Shoei GT-Air 2 Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet

Best Overall – Best UV protection

Constructed using an aerodynamic shell, the Shoei GT-Air 2 full face street helmet provides riders with sufficient head protection during sudden falls or crashes.

The interior lining is soft, comfortable and breathable from the microfiber liner as well as the carefully positioned vents which circulate cool air around the rider’s head and draw out warm air, drying off the fabric.

The GT-Air 2 helmet reduces fog by integrating a face shield that can be adjusted to open slightly, this is especially helpful for eyeglass wearers.

  • Comes with an inner sun shield which extends to protect the rider’s full face against the harsh sun glares
  • DOT certified, can be used on US soil
  • The ratchet chin strap sits forward on the neck, may feel restrictive to some motorists

Our Take:

The SHOEI GT-Air 2 full face street helmet is functional, breathable and a reliable pick for all motorists.

9. Raider Octane Adult Motorcycle Helmet

Universal Choice – Most Lightweight

Designed using a lightweight, durable thermoplastic shell, the Raider Octane full face helmet provides security and protection to the head, in case of harsh weather and sudden impacts.

The interior liner is fully removable, washable and holds well against sweat, dust, rain and wind. Also, the helmet combats heat exhaustion using multiple intake and exhaust vents positioned carefully.

The cheek pads fit snug and the visor is adjustable, enhancing comfort and convenience for the rider. 

by amazon
  • DOT, ECE and FMVSS 218 certified, can be legally used globally
  • Airflow is controlled by the vents which considerably reduces wind turbulence
  • Lightweight, does not weigh down on the head
  • The helmet may not be well suited for extreme temperatures

Our Take:

The Raider Octane full face motorcycle helmet combines style, security and comfort to bring riders an all-in-one protective gear.

All You Need To Know About Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets do not come cheap and before you invest in any of the above given full face helmets, here are a few tips and tricks you must know to choose one that fits perfectly, feels high quality and can last you up to 5 years!

Why Should You Get A Full Face Motorcycle Helmet?

There are at least six different types and styles of motorcycle helmets available so why should one get a helmet that looks claustrophobic and may not suit riders that live in warmer weathers?

Well, full face motorcycle helmets are generally regarded as the safest type of helmet since they cover the head as well as the neck. They are also versatile in nature i.e. can be used by enduro motorists, adventure/dual-sport riders, street racers and even daily commuters.

Contrary to popular belief, full face helmets do not actually feel claustrophobic when on the head. They have plenty of intake and exhaust vents around the head for optimal ventilation which helps prevent heat exhaustion.

For riders that live in tropical climates, full face helmets with moisture-wicking liners, better aerodynamics and anti-fog technology will work best to keep them cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

How Can You Choose The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet?

The key to getting the perfect helmet is to prioritise what you need. 

Where impact protection is concerned, the shells of full face helmets are constructed in three different types of materials. 

  • Polycarbonate is inexpensive and durable
  • Fibreglass is expensive, colourful and lightweight
  • Carbon fibre weighs the lightest but also comes with a hefty price tag

In addition, define the usage of the helmet. 

  • If you’re riding solo, pick out a full face helmet that controls noise levels well and has pockets for audio devices so you can listen to music or podcasts on the go. 
  • If you’re riding with a group, choose a helmet that has a good bluetooth range and has space to fit mobile devices. 
  • Street racers and adventure riders will need a helmet that is wind and dustproof as well as anti-UV.

Also make sure the helmet is certified and approved by organisations authorised by the government. The stickers you must look out for are:

  • DOT certification, the most minimum standard available in the USA for safety in helmets.
  • ECE certified, a strict set of standards that allow riders to use the helmets on-road in Europe.
  • FMVSS Standard, a stringent approach to authorising the impact protection and other features of the helmet, for use in the USA.

What Features Do Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Offer?

Full face motorcycle helmets have come a long way from only offering impact protection. Today, you can find helmets with just about anything you need from bluetooth and comm pockets, adjustable sun visors to high-viz designs for nightriders and even customisable liners for better fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are full face motorcycle helmets safe?

Yes, full face motorcycle helmets not only protect the head from impacts but also keep the neck from twisting during falls. Some full face helmets also have MIPS technology integrated which keeps the rotational forces during impact reduced and prevent riders from even suffering a mild concussion.

How tight should a full face motorcycle helmet fit?

A full face motorcycle helmet should feel snug around the cheeks and should not cause a headache or strain in the neck. A general rule of thumb to judge whether the helmet fits is to slide four fingers under the cheek pads, if they fit, it is oversized. You could also try chewing gum, the correct fitting helmet will not allow much movement of the head or mouth.

How long are full face motorcycle helmets good for?

According to experts, full face motorcycle helmets are generally good for 5 years and must be replaced after that. However, if the helmet has been in an accident, it must be replaced immediately after it.

Final Thoughts

Full face motorcycle helmets are an all-rounder gear for every motorist but not every full face motorcycle helmet is the best one for each motorist which is why it is important to realise how to choose the right one, what features to consider and know what the available options are. 

Investing in a helmet is investing in your life when you’re a motorist, you must remember that you are preparing for the slide and not the ride. So, choose a helmet that best fits you, has a high quality build and is feature-fed, even if it costs an extra buck.

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