ILM Helmets Reviews: Here Are The Top 5

ILM Helmets

It’s important to wear the appropriate helmet while riding a motorcycle to ensure your head protection. However, among the plethora of helmet brands available in the market and online, it can be difficult to pick a helmet from the right brand that assures your head’s safety, comfort, and convenience while staying within your budget.

ILM, a well-known helmet brand, creates high-quality, functional, and affordable motorcycle helmets, with each helmet model tailored to appeal to a specific type of rider.

It is a relatively young company that began manufacturing helmets in 2013 and established itself as one of the best-selling brands of motorcycle safety headgear in the United States.

You’ll surely find the right ILM helmet for your riding style as it produces helmets according to the client’s demands and specifications. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ILM helmets that meet or exceed the DOT and FMVSS-218 standards, so you can choose the one that best matches your needs and preferences.

Top 5 ILM Helmets Reviews

Without further ado, let’s get into the unique features of the top 5 ILM helmets.

1. ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet

Durable Choice – Best Ventilation

The ILM open face helmet is constructed with a durable ABS plastic shell on the outside and softer EPS foam on the inside.

The helmet includes four large vents on the top and two large vents on the back to provide optimum airflow. The top air vents can be open or close with a single touch letting you adjust the airflow in hot and cold weather.

The sun shield protects the eyes by limiting sun exposure. You can Adjust the sun shield’s location by rotating the screws to position it according to your needs. The sun visor can be removed manually, however, it also glides up to stay out of sight when not in use.

The front face mask helps decrease wind pressure and other variables when riding off-road, allowing you to breathe comfortably.

The Quick-Release chin strap allows you to easily change the helmet’s tightness to get a personalized fit and prevents the helmet from slipping off while riding.

  • Lightweight ABS Shell
  • Quick-Release Strap System
  • One-touch control air vents
  • Drop-Down Sun Visor
  • Detachable Chin Guard
  • Thin Padding
  • Size Runs Small

Our Take

The ILM open face ¾ helmet comes in three sizes, ranging from small to X-large, and offers a variety of eye-catching colors, so you can choose the helmet color that best suits your style.

2. ILM 902 Dual Visor Flip-up Helmet

Value Choice – Best UV Protection

The design of the 902 flip-up modular helmets is influenced by the ILM’s recent innovations. This helmet features a highly impact-resistant ABS shell that is both lightweight and comfortable

The sleek chin guard is completely incorporated into the shell’s contours, giving it the performance of a full-face helmet.

This helmet features a dual visor system, which means it has an interior tinted visor as well as a front visor that is anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and wide enough to give clear visibility.

The dark UV screen visor is raised or drop-down using an easy-to-reach button on the left side of the helmet.

The air vents can be open or closed by sliding the switch back and forth. Even with the vents open, wind noise will not be an issue at high speeds due to its sleek and lightweight design that works great to reduces wind noise.

The helmet liner and cheek pads provide a soft. comfortable fit and can easily be removed for washing or replacing.

This dual visor helmet also comes in a LED helmet variant, which, unlike a regular helmet, includes LED lights that flash at speeds based on the rider’s preference, and provide perfect nighttime visibility. You can easily access the LED function by pressing the control button on the back of the helmet, just below the LED panel.

  • Impact Resistant ABS Shell
  • Quick-Release Buckle
  • Dual Visor
  • UV Rays Protection
  • LED flashlight
  • Visor Screws fall off easily

Our Take

The ILM 902 Helmet is ideal for riders who want the look and protection of a full-face helmet with the ease of an open helmet. The LED light helmet design is excellent if you ride mostly at night.

3. ILM 606V Off-Road Helmet

Versatile Choice – Best Impact Protection

The ILM 606V is a multi-function motorcycle helmet that can be used as a full-face helmet, dual sport helmet, or dirt bike helmet.

The helmet shell is constructed of high-density EPS foam and high-quality ABS material to provide greater impact protection.

This helmet has an aerodynamic air intake system with one front vent and two top vents that allow fresh air to enter the helmet while forcing hot, humid air out.

For enhanced peripheral vision, it comes with a high-definition wide-angle dual visor. The detachable Breath box prevents the visor from fogging up, while the inner tinted lens on the helmet can be retracted using a slider to adjust it according to the direction of the sun.

The removable and washable lining and padding are soft and breathable, and the helmet’s Quick release chin strap and buckle system make putting this helmet on and taking it off a breeze.

  • Impact Resistant ABS Shell
  • HD Dual Visors
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Quick Release Strap System
  • Replaceable Breath Box
  • Noisy

Our Take

The ILM Dual Sport Helmet provides the best head protection when compared to other helmets at this price. It’s a multi-purpose helmet that is suitable for both off-road commuting and adventure riding, making it an ideal pick for street-touring, dirt biking, dual sports, and other outdoor riding activities.

4. ILM Carbon Fiber Helmet

Optimal Choice – Most Lightweight

ILM designed this street bike helmet with a Carbon fiber outer shell that features a unique speed line that runs from the chin to the back of the head, giving this helmet additional flexibility and speed while maintaining a sleek appearance. Buffering foam made of high-density EPS absorbs stress and minimizes impact.

Both transparent and tinted visors offer a broad field of vision, are scratch-resistant, and are easy to replace.

This helmet has a chin curtain to keep wind and cold air out of the lower jaw when riding in cold weather. The lightweight protective shell and streamlined aerodynamic shape of this helmet decrease wind noise.

All the liners, including the chin curtain, top liner, and cheek pads, are removable and washable. The cheek pads can be replaced to optimize the fit of the helmet, and the Double-D ring ensures a personalized and secure fit.

Additionally, the Emergency Quick Release System allows the helmet to be removed easily and quickly from an injured rider’s head in the case of an accident or crash.

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell
  • High-Density EPS Foam
  • E.Q.R.S. System
  • E.C.E certified Dual Visors
  • Tight Fit

Our Take

Both visors of this Carbon fiber helmet are ECE-certified while the helmet overall is DOT-certified, making it a perfect choice for every rider.

5. ILM Stealth Bluetooth Modular Helmet

Premium Choice – Most Comfortable

The ILM Bluetooth modular helmet has a strong ABS external shell that can absorb impact in the event of a collision, while the shock-absorbing inner EPS foam provides a soft and pleasant fit and feel on your head. This Bluetooth helmet has been designed lightweight to reduce head and neck pain during long rides.

The helmet’s front vents, forehead vents, and rear vents allow greater ventilation. The front of the helmet has a detachable air box that keeps your visor from fogging up.

This flip-up helmet uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and offers an 8-hour talk-time with a standby duration of 110 hours. This Bluetooth helmet employs DSP echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies to offer the finest sound quality. even in the busiest surroundings

While riding, a washable microfiber lining and adjustable vents keep your head cool and comfortable.

This modular flip-up Bluetooth helmet also features a one-touch interface that allows you to control a variety of call operations without pressing multiple buttons.

  • 8 hours talk time
  • Dual Visor
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Fog Preventing Breath Box
  • Run One Size Smaller

Our Take

According to the manufacturer, the built-in Bluetooth module may cause the helmet to run one size smaller. That means you need to go up a size for a more precise and comfortable fit. This gadget is ideal for riders who want reliable Bluetooth connectivity, crystal-clear audio, and long battery life even at high speeds.

Are ILM Motorcycle helmets safe?

To assure a rider’s head safety, all ILM helmets are tested in the ILM laboratory and are DOT approved. They are both safe and legal to wear when riding a motorcycle on city streets or highways.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike to avoid brain damage and death. ILM has set itself apart from its competitors by devoting countless hours researching, designing, inventing, and testing the safest helmets for improved road safety without being heavy on pocket.

If you’re purchasing a helmet, you’re trying to be a safe rider and that’s why ILM helmets are a great option to go for.

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