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Which Motorcycle Helmet Brand is Best

Which Motorcycle Helmet Brand is Best

Motorcycle riding can give you a sense of freedom, but accidents happen without warning. Head and brain injuries are the most common fatalities in motorcycle accidents, especially for riders who ignore safety precautions.

Hence, wearing a durable DOT-approved helmet is mandatory for every rider of a two-wheeler. Investing in a good quality helmet from a reputable brand can protect your head even in severe crashes.

One of the primary concerns that riders have when looking for the appropriate helmet is that there are so many helmet brands to choose from. It may be difficult to make a quick decision, but with enough research and persistence, you will be able to compile a shortlist of all the helmets you want to buy.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of top helmet brands in terms of safety, comfort, and pricing. Keep reading, so you can easily choose one (or more) for yourself.

Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Following are the top 5 helmet brands worth investing in. Let’s find out why they are the best among so many.


Shoei is a renowned Japanese brand with 60 years of helmet-building experience. Since 1959, the company has shown some of the most remarkable innovations in the helmet building industry. Shoei’s Premium RF series has been the company’s most popular helmet series, including its worth buying Shoei Rf-1200, Rf-1400, and Shoei RF-SR full-face motorcycle helmets.

Shoei helmets are the best of all helmets since they are designed to meant perfection. Shoei GT-Air 2 is another Shoei premium helmet that proves to be one of the quietest motorcycle helmets. This helmet is ideal for riders who want the convenience of having an integrated Bluetooth communicator with a drop-down sunscreen that allows them to do a little bit of everything with their helmet.


Bell is an American crash helmet manufacturer that creates helmets with the most up-to-date technology to ensure the safety of riders. They’re named after their original location in Bell, California.

From their full-face helmets such as Bell Qualifier to modular helmets including Bell Broozer helmets, all bell helmets are known and admired for bringing style, functionality, and quality to the market at moderate prices.

Bell also has a vintage motorcycle helmet called Bell Bullitt that comes with many modern upgrades and successfully satisfies the needs of antique lovers. You can also find a detailed comparison between Bell Vortex Vs Bell Qualifier, the two best-seller helmets of Bell.


In this modern era of automated helmet production, it’s hard to find high-quality helmets that are handcrafted by true experts. But Arai helmet manufacturing company wonderfully utilized cutting-edge research and development processes along with the hands-on methodology to create their premium helmets with the highest level of protection and quality.

The Arai Xd4 is one of the company’s most well-known dual-sport helmets, as well as the lightest adventure-touring helmet on the market.


HJC is a well-known Korean helmet manufacturer that has been in the business for more than half a century and is still introducing advanced technologies in the helmet sector.

HJC offers the best quality helmets in an affordable price range with guaranteed protection for all. By offering a wide variety of industry-grade protective helmets in the middle to low-end prices, HJC has increased customer choice.

Their “CL” line of helmets is the finest and most popular helmet series with HJC Cl-17 as the most feature-packed helmet available at a reasonable price.


The Shark helmet brand hasn’t been around for so long, but they’ve quickly established themselves as one of the best. Founded by two professional racers, Shark’s design philosophy is based on the idea that every component exists solely to make your crash helmet safer and more comfortable.

Their streetfighter-inspired Shark raw helmet, now known as Shark Drak helmet is loved by its owners because of its unique style, high-tech dual shell material, and premium full-vision goggles.

Some other well-known helmet brands include Daytona, Scorpion Exo, 6D, and ILM helmet manufacturers. All these brands produce the safest motorcycle helmets while maintaining lasting comfort.


Only a high-quality helmet with proper safety features can protect your brain from damage in a crash. So, when it comes to your safety, don’t skimp on quality. Always choose trustworthy helmets brands like those we listed above, to enhance your riding experience. You’ll not be disappointed in investing in these high-end helmets.

Take good care of your helmet off the bike as well to ensure that they last longer; after all, they protect you from damage, so you should protect them as well.

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