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ScorpionEXO Covert X Helmet Review [2023]

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ScorpionEXO Covert X Helmet Review

With a custom-engineered helmet shell, an interior all set to compete with the hottest days of the summer and the coolest structural design, the ScorpionEXO Covert X helmet is here to become a crowd-favourite. Read all about it below!

ScorpionEXO Covert X Helmet Features Review

Designed as a modular helmet, the best feature of the ScorpionEXO Covert X helmet is its 3-in-1 design which allows users to ride in all three types of helmets: full-face for security, open-face for freedom or half-helmet for comfort! This isn’t all, here is a detailed review of all its features:

Shell Material and Safety

The shell of the ScorpionEXO Covert X helmet is made of the company’s specially engineered TCT-Ultra process which combines fibreglass, poly-resin and aramid to create a shell that is impact protective, durable and lightweight so riders can take their bike up murky mountains feeling safe and secure.

To enhance the comfort of the helmet, the company has stitched in an expanded polystyrene foam lining under the shell which helps disperse impact forces upon accidents and then a layer of KwikWick III liner which wicks away moisture and keeps the rider’s head dry and the interior smelling fresh at all times.

Since the Covert X helmet is a 3-in-1 design, the safety it provides is a level up among the best helmets in the market. When it is worn as a full face helmet, it not only protects the head but also prevents the neck from getting scratched. 

As an open-face helmet, it keeps the top and back of the head safe and provides an enhanced airflow. The helmet serves to protect the most sensitive areas of the head as a half-helmet too allowing riders peace of mind and unmatched convenience while cruising through roads, mountains and sand.

Size and Fit

The ScorpionEXO Covert X helmet is shaped as an intermediate oval so most riders can comfortably fit their head and have it true to size. Speaking of, the helmet fits accurately and has a standard sizing chart given for convenience. It does not feel tight around the cheeks, cause heat exhaustion or strain on the top of the head.

Also, the KwikWick III liner is layered most at the highest part of the helmet so even if riders cruise around in a half-helmet style, they are protected well from impacts. Along with the moisture-wicking feature, the liner also complements the ventilation system and keeps sweat from building up inside the helmet.


The Covert X helmet by ScorpionEXO takes care of the sun glaring in the rider’s eyes through a built-in EverClear dark smoke sun shield which is also anti-fog and anti-scratch and a provided clear sun shield, allowing riders the comfort of riding with the helmet all-year and staying in style while doing so. 


The helmet comes with chin vents situated near the mouth and intake vents at the forehead which keep the cool air circulating inside the helmet and hot air moving away. With the help of the EPS foam lining as well as the interior liner, the helmet keeps the riders dry on the hottest days of the year and provides warmth in the winter.

Communication System

The Covert X helmet extends the convenience of the rider by providing pockets to mount or install a Bluetooth communication system (40mm speakers suggested). This works best in the open-face helmet style.

For riders that like to travel in a half-helmet style and would like to use speakers with it, ScorpionEXO has included padded sleeves that not only provide riders a way to listen to their favourite music or podcast on speakers but also protects the ears during the winter or when there is a chill in the air. 

Noise Control

The 3-in-1 structure of the ScorpionEXO Covert X helmet allows riders to choose their preferred level of noise by adding or removing the chin curtain or neck roll pieces. 

As a full-face helmet, noise is dampened to a minimum despite the enhanced ventilation mechanism. As an open-face helmet, the noise level does increase but it is controlled by the added speaker pockets covering the ears.

The Covert X helmet handles noise control exceptionally well in its half-helmet style as well by keeping the lower section of the helmet open, perfect for daily commute. 


The Covert X helmet weighs only 3.31 pounds at large size with all the liners included. The lightweight structure is a benefit of the fibreglass added in the shell. It helps prevent neck fatigue and head strain in the long run.

Comfort Level

ScorpionEXO’s Covert X helmet raises the bar on comfort through its use of expert-engineered shell which protects and prevents impacts at the same time, moisture-wicking interior liner that keeps the riders sweat-free, speaker pockets and Bluetooth accessibility that provides riders with extra convenience and a 3-in-1 design that shows it all off.


At $299, the Covert X helmet by ScorpionEXO is a premium pick but the features detailed here speak for themselves as to why this helmet has quickly become a fan-favourite. The heavier price tag is primarily due to the addition of fibreglass (the more lightweight a helmet is, the more expensive it’ll be). This proves ScorpionEXO does not compromise on safety for weight.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Multi-layered TCT Ultra shell

  • Safety Certification: DOT and FMVSS 218 Standard

  • Inner Lining: EPS foam and KwikWick interior liner

  • Communication System: Bluetooth-compatible speaker pockets

  • Special Feature: 3-in-1 helmet design

  • UV protection: 95% UV-A and UV-B protection

  • Ventilation: Chin and forehead vents

  • Visor: Everclear anti-fog face shield with Pinlock Max Vision face shield and Pinlock insert lens included

  • Retention System: Double-D ratchet system

  • Weight: 3.31 pounds

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Multi-layered TCT Ultra Shell
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional UV Protection
  • Durable
  • Versatile helmet design
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Moisture-wicking lining

What We Don’t Like

  • Looks plain as a half-helmet

Final Thoughts

The Covert X helmet by ScorpionEXO has revolutionised the helmet industry and with its killer looks, it has become a priority pick for experienced motorists and beginners.

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