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BELL Eliminator Helmet Review [2023]

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BELL Eliminator Helmet Review

Inspired by their car-racing helmets, BELL has launched the Eliminator full face helmet in a retro style competing with their ever-famous Bullitt helmet. It has quickly become the most popular choice for riders that love speeding in a classic helmet but want one engineered with modern technology. Read all about it below!

BELL Eliminator Helmet Features Review

The BELL Eliminator has shocked riders all over the world with its feature-fed retro construction, durability as well as the natural comfort it offers. It is also SHARP’s highest scoring retro helmet! Curious to know about it? Let’s go through every feature of the helmet in detail below.

Shell Material and Safety

With the shell constructed in fibreglass, BELL’s Eliminator helmet weighs exceptionally light on the head and is significantly durable against impacts. The safety and protection of the helmet is further proven by 5 stars on SHARP, the most rigorous safety test after SNELL.

A layer of EPS foam is situated under the shell of the helmet which is then lined by a layer of anti-bacterial interior lining which protects the rider’s head from injuries and keeps them clean. It can also be removed using a set of snaps and velcro given near the cheeks.

Also, the chin strap is fitted with a double D-ring fastener with a Magnefusion closure which allows the helmet to fit snugly and secure around the rider’s head. 

The helmet is easily operable by gloves, a win for riders that plan to take their bikes out in the winters and would likely be wearing thick gloves.

Size and Fit

The BELL Eliminator is designed in three sizes of helmet shells, allowing riders to easily find a helmet that sits snug around their head almost as if it was customised for them. The proportional fitting will also protect them from harm and prevent injuries.

Each outer shell is constructed in an intermediate oval shape so most riders can easily have the helmet fitted well around their cheeks and chin.


The retro-styled Eliminator comes with a distortion-free, optical class 1 visor that is also dual-pane, anti-fog and Provision. Needless to say, the field of vision while wearing the full face helmet is clear and better than most helmets on the market.

For closure, BELL has installed a large pin and hole seal which is operably using gloves and easy to manoeuvre around during emergencies. The visor can be easily adjusted using a single track which also keeps the visor locked in place, a major relief when riding through tough terrains or with friends in a race.

For those who love a classic take on modern helmets, BELL has made the removal of the visor a single-step issue by using two screws on the side that can be easily twisted out using a wrench.


Since the Eliminator is a full-face helmet, good ventilation is key to a good and comfortable ride so the helmet comes with 4 chin vents and 9 top vents to circulate cool air inside the helmet and take the warm air out from the back of the helmet.

Communication System

The full-face Eliminator comes with speaker pockets fitted inside the helmet near the ears which allows riders to install a comm system or a Bluetooth system and enjoy long distance rides while playing their favourite music or listening to podcasts. The pockets are padded which keeps ears warm in winter.

Eye-glass Compatibility

The BELL Eliminator extends the mark of inclusivity by designing a groove on the inside for riders that wear eyeglasses or like wearing sunglasses in the summertime. This is also helpful as the helmet does not come with an internal sun visor to protect the riders from harsh UV rays. 

Noise Control

The padding inside the Eliminator helmet as well as the efficient ventilation mechanism installed allows for a smooth, quiet cruise through paved roads in the city. However, since the vents are always open, there is a slight chance of hearing the wind whistle when speeding on tough terrains and mountains.


As the Eliminator is constructed in a fibreglass shell, the weight is minimised and measures only 3.09 lbs which makes it one of the lightest full-face and retro-style helmets in the market. The premium material also proves that safety of the rider isn’t compromised, in fact it is improved. 

Comfort Level

The BELL Eliminator defines comfort by deploying an outer shell that feels like air around the head, an antimicrobial liner that keeps away dust, debris and germs as well as closures that can easily be used while wearing gloves. Also, the added visors and the eyeglass groove is a plus.


The BELL Eliminator full face retro helmet costs around $429, a good price tag for a fibreglass helmet that is impact protective, inclusive in size, offers custom fitting and is comfortable to wear on long distance rides as well as daily commutes to work. This helmet is worth every penny.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Composite fibreglass shell

  • Safety Certification:  DOT/ECE certified

  • Inner Lining: EPS foam liner and an anti-bacterial interior lining

  • Communication System: Comm-system compatible, Speaker cut-outs

  • Visor:  Anti-fog visor

  • Ventilation: Chin vents and metal-reinforced holes at the highest part of the helmet

  • Size: XS - 2XL (outer shell) and XS - 3XL (EPS foam)

  • Shape: Intermediate Oval

  • Retention System: Magnefusion magnetic strap with a D-ring strap fastener

  • Weight: 3.09 lbs

  • Lightweight 
  • Prevents headaches and neck fatigue
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Large visors
  • Secure fastener
  • Comm-compatible
  • Eyeglass-compatible
  • Durable fibreglass shell

What We Don’t Like

  • Noisy on speeds above 50mph

Final Thoughts

The BELL Eliminator helmet checks off all the boxes for riders looking for a durable, lightweight full face helmet that has a great field of vision and keeps them cool on warm days. All of this wrapped up in an affordable price tag. This helmet is definitely a steal for every rider.

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