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8 Best Baseball Turf Shoes [2022 Reviews]

Baseball Turf Shoes

Baseball is a game where players are on their feet all the time. Not wearing the right shoe can not only cause discomfort, blisters, and many serious injuries, but it may also hinder a player’s ability to perform better on the field.

This is why all professional baseball players and coaches are always cautious about wearing the right footwear, either for training or playing. They understand that baseball is a sport that requires the use of appropriate footwear both on and off the field to maintain stability and comfort.

Cleats are the most common type of footwear used on diamonds as they are well-known for giving players exceptional grip on grass and mud, helping them to stand steadily and sprint rapidly on these soft surfaces. However, cleats are not suitable for hard turf surfaces because the metallic or molded cleats on artificial grass do not dig deep enough to provide enough traction. This is why you should invest in baseball turf shoes.

Turf shoes are ideal for training and playing on hard surfaces such as turf or artificial grass. They have a highly durable rubber outsole with a rubber nub or tread pattern that resembles a sneaker rather than a spike. They not only improve traction on artificial turf, but they also protect player’s feet and assure their safety.

Turf shoes have small rubber studs on the bottom that hold the grass and prevent sliding. You will achieve far quicker speeds than if you were using running shoes or cleats, because of this gripping ability of the small rubber studs.

Choosing the best baseball turf shoes for your feet, however, might be difficult. Fortunately, in this article, we’ve explained some of the most important factors to consider when buying turf shoes, as well as a detailed review of 8 of the top baseball cleats you can get at a much affordable price.

The 8 Best Baseball Turf Shoes in 2022

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our review of the best turf shoes for baseball.

1- Nike Alpha Huarache Varsity Baseball Turf Shoe

The Nike Alpha Huarache Turf shoes are designed to provide baseball players the flexibility and traction they need while practicing on artificial turf or indoor surfaces. The upper of these shoes is made of synthetic leather that adds to their durability. Its strong rubber outsole has aggressive treads to provide additional traction on turf surfaces as well as on artificial grass during the game. To improve stability during lateral movements, the outsole is wrapped over the midsole.

The integrated Flywire technology in lace-up closure ensures a secure fit, while tongue and heel pull tabs make putting these shoes on a breeze. Due to the Bootie style construction around the top, they’ll hug your ankle like a sock.

Furthermore, forefoot flex grooves give flexible underfoot comfort, and the Lunarlon foam midsole helps to alleviate stud pressure.

  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Lunarlon Foam Midsole minimizes Stud Pressure
  • Provide Great Traction
  • Bootie Style Construction
  • Pull Tabs at Tongue and Heel
  • Size runs small

Our Take:

Nike Alpha Huarache Varsity turf shoes are great for practicing or playing on any hard surface. These sturdy shoes keep you dry and give you a stronger grip even when it’s pouring.

2- New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe

The New Balance 3000V4 Turf shoes are well-known for providing a breathable fit and responsive underfoot cushioning. With their synthetic mesh upper and super-soft Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, these shoes are designed to provide utmost comfort on and off the field.

They have a nubby rubber outsole on the bottom that mirrors the positioning of spikes on the New Balance 3000V4 baseball cleat, offering great traction with precision no matter what surface you are playing on.

Additionally, the tongue has a built-in lace cage that allows you to tuck your laces in for a clean, game-ready look and distraction-free play.

  • Synthetic Mesh Upper
  • Fresh Foam Midsole
  • Built-in Lace Cage
  • Breathable
  • Stiff and Narrow

Our Take:

New balance 3000 V4 baseball turf shoes are versatile enough to use on gym floors, carpet turf, field turf, and dirt. These turf shoes allow you to perform whatever moves are necessary to get yourself ready for the game.

3- Mizuno Dominant All Surface Mid Turf Baseball Shoe

Mizuno is a popular sportswear company that is producing high-quality equipment to help athletes perform better on and off the field.

Mizuno has created a long-lasting all-surface turf shoe with new dominant features that are designed to improve performance on natural grass, synthetic turf, and all popular indoor surfaces. These cleats provide a sneaker-like feel, with its Wave technology that offers pressure relief and shock absorption to help keep your feet safe and comfortable.

The highly dense, multidirectional stud pattern with their strategic 9 SPIKE positioning allowing for a stronger grip with each step. It features a breathable fabric upper with synthetic overlays in key areas to provide a seamless design with additional support and protection. A quick-drying lining and a removable cushioned footbed give underfoot comfort.

The extra cushioning around the collar area and full-length EVA foam midsole ensures all-day comfort. The traditional lace-up closure ensures a snug fit while a single-piece tongue and collar create a sock-like fit around the foot. They also have pull tabs which make them easy to put on.

  • Removable Cushioned footbed
  • 9-Spike Stud Positioning
  • Quick-drying Inner
  • Weave Technology
  • Ankle protection
  • Thin Cushioning

Our Take:

The sturdy and flexible design of Mizuno dominant turf shoe shows Mizuno’s dedication towards baseball shoes from which Serious Performance comes through on the diamond and turf. They are comfortable, solid, and stylish and one of the most adaptable baseball shoes you can get for yourself.

4- Adidas Icon 4 Trainer Baseball Shoe

Adidas Icon 4 Trainer shoes are made with tongueless bootee construction to ensure a locked-down fit.

These turf baseball shoes are made of textile and synthetic materials, giving them a similar look and feel like your favorite running shoes.

Adidas designed the Gum rubber turf-traction outsole for multidirectional baseball-specific movements while the Heel counter and the synthetic sole of these shoes give the internal support and lateral stability.

The upper of these shoes is constructed with breathable mesh and TPU overlays for abrasion resistance and durability, and the lace closure allows for personalized adjustments to provide a snug fit.

  • Secure Fit
  • Durable Textile & Synthetic Material Construction
  • Abrasion Protection TPU Overlays
  • Gum-Rubber Outsole for Extra Traction
  • Difficult to put on

Our Take:

These Adidas Icon 4 Trainer shoes provide enhanced stability, comfort, and a snug fit. These shoes are perfect for fast running on turf surfaces and can also be worn on the field for longer periods.

5- Under Armour Yard Turf Wide Baseball Shoe

Under Armour’s yard turf shoes are designed for players who want comfort and traction for all surfaces, whether they’re playing or practicing on grass, turf, or any other artificial surface.

The charged cushioned midsole of these shoes transforms impact into explosive speed and power on the diamond. A robust rubber outsole with mini-lugs gives excellent grip and traction on turf and dry natural grass.

These turf shoes provide a sneaker-like feel with their molded heel, textile forefoot, and breathable mesh toe box.

Midfoot structure also has a plush sock liner that conforms to your foot wonderfully and provides a more secure fit.

The heel pocket has extra cushioning that would provide long-lasting comfort even if you wear these shoes all day long.

  • Molded Heel Pocket
  • Charged Cushioning Midsole
  • Breathable Mesh Toe Box
  • Wide Shoe
  • A Bit Heavy

Our Take:

Under Armour Yard Turf baseball shoes are designed for umpires and referees and are suitable for any surface, including turf, grass, and dirt.

6- Adidas Speed Turf Baseball Shoe

Adidas speed turf shoes are created specifically for baseball and provide excellent protection both on and off the field. Their synthetic mesh upper is reinforced with abrasion-resistant TPU overlays for enhanced durability and protection.

The flexible and strong turf-traction rubber sole has tiny hexagonal-shaped studs that are equally distributed to provide optimal grip and a greater moving ability for sprinting after fly balls. The built-in internal support is also included to give lateral stability across the foot.

These speed turf baseball shoes of Adidas have a widened lacing system for a tightened and secure fit. The mesh tongue with gore wings and the light cushioning on the collar provide all-day comfort.

The moisture-wicking textile lining increased breathability, allowing you to stay active and keep your feet dry. The bottom of the shoe has a cushioned footbed for lasting comfort.

  • Abrasion Resistant TPU Overlays
  • Mesh Upper increase breathability
  • Wide Lacing System
  • Moisture Wicking Textile Lining
  • Turf-Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Difficult to Tie

Our Take:

Baseball players will appreciate the durability and solid construction of Adidas Speed Turf shoes as they’ll make playing easy and comfortable for them.

Pitchers will benefit from the strengthened toe caps, which are resistant to wear and tear while also provide extra protection if the pitcher is hit by a ball or stepped on.

7- 3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer Baseball Shoe

3N2, based in Orlando, is dedicated to manufacturing the most durable and dynamic range of comfort-driven and performance-enhancing baseball footwear for both training and playing. The 3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer Baseball shoes are also designed to provide both comfort and performance.

They are constructed with genuine leather and Metamesh upper with double-stitched reinforcement in some key areas to give these boots the ability to withstand frequent wear.

The Ignite outsoles have durable single-form tread patterns that provide consistent support and rotational traction. The feather-light Glide midsole is designed to relieve stress from the knees, back, and joints.

They have molded heel counters and TPU shanks in the arches for a secure fit and stability, while the outsole’s uniform tread pattern gives enough traction that you need on the field.

  • Genuine Leather Construction
  • Meta mesh upper
  • Lightweight Glide Midsole
  • TPU Shank for Arch Support
  • Ignite Outsole for better Grip
  • Sole is Less durable

Our Take:

From running the bases to fielding the ball, these 3N2 MOFO baseball turf trainers are great to provide the comfort, grip, and durability you need to play your best game. You may use these shoes in the batting cage, outfield practice, and on artificial turf and grass fields for coaching, training, and playing.

8- Mizuno Synchro MX Baseball Training Shoe

Mizuno footwear designers researched the player’s foot direction and pressure points on a variety of surfaces to produce a high, dense, multi-directional stud pattern for these Synchro MX training shoes. As an outcome, they develop Mizuno’s revolutionary sole construction, which provides ultra-soft cushioning, improved stability, and excellent traction on multiple surfaces.

The upper section of their mid-sole acts as a solid base to protect the foot from sinking, while the bottom section provides responsive grip from heel to toe.

The “U4ic X” Strobel lasting board provides a pleasant underfoot experience with thick U4ic X material on 3 key areas for better comfort and cushioning while reduced U4ic X material on the lateral and medial sides for improved traction.

Additionally, a breathable and durable mesh top improves performance by offering lightweight support and comfort, ensuring that your shoe does not become a barrier to your great performance.

  • Two-piece Midsole Construction
  • Mizuno’s U4ic X Strobel board
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Affordable
  • No Cons

Our Take:

The Synchro MX baseball training shoes will be the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own. Because of their unique sole construction, these multi-purpose baseball training shoes can be used for a variety of activities. You may also wear them outside of baseball practice to get a stylish and comfortable feel while strolling down your favorite walking path.

Baseball Turf Shoes Buying Guide

Every player has distinct needs when it comes to buying the ideal baseball turf shoe. That’s why turf shoes are constructed differently based on the impact performance, speed, and comfort they will provide on an artificial turf surface.

In this guide, we described the key features you should look for before buying the right pair of turf shoes for yourself.

Fit and Comfort

Baseball involves a lot of running and standing steadily for long periods. So, the first thing you should look for in turf shoes is comfort and fit. The incorrect footwear will not only impede you from giving your best performance, but it will also make you feel uncomfortable.

The shoes that fit your feet like a sock and have plenty of cushions will make running easier and assure top gaming performance.

To find the proper size for your foot, try on multiple shoes while wearing socks and always select a shoe that allows for some toe movement without being too loose.

A soft midsole is also important for a comfortable turf shoe. The goal of this midsole is to absorb any shock that might cause harm to your foot.

Tread Patterns

Tread or stud’s patterns and height play a crucial role in providing the right amount of traction on different surfaces. Unlike standard cleats with molded plastic or metal spikes, baseball turf shoes include small rubber studs that help prevent sliding and damage on shallow surfaces like turf.

Turf shoes also have a great number of studs to evenly distribute your weight and prevent any stud pressure. This not only provides adequate grip in all directions but also allows the player to make quick moves easily.


Baseball turf shoes are available in two heights: mid-top and low-top. Low-top models are perfect for players who like shoes that let them move around the diamond more easily. They provide the least amount of restriction and the greatest amount of assistance in playing.

However, baseball players who have or are at risk of having an ankle injury should wear mid-top shoes. This will help them in avoiding any possible injury in future games.


Baseball turf shoes come in a variety of materials, but the most durable is leather. Leather retains its strength in all weather conditions and lasts longer. But leather is more expensive and often less breathable.

That’s why, most manufacturers made turf shoes by using synthetic leather and mesh, but for maximum durability and comfort, finding the right balance between the two materials is crucial. A lightweight and durable turf shoe is created by combining synthetic leather and mesh in appropriate proportions.

Shoes with an excessive amount of mesh materials may appear light and comfy, but they may not last long.

Conversely, while shoes made mostly of synthetic materials may endure a long time, they are often uncomfortable and less breathable, especially when worn for extended periods.


Turf shoes are an investment, so you want to make the best choice you can to make sure your money is well spent. Don’t skimp on quality to save money; you’ll end up paying more in the long run. There are a number of options available that offer the perfect balance between price and quality. You’ll probably find good turf shoes at a reasonable price.

However, the cost isn’t the only consideration. The most important factors are proper fit, comfort, and protection. We strongly urge you to never compromise your safety for the sake of a few extra dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use turf shoes for running?

Yes, turf shoes can be used for running. You can run at high speeds on the turf or grass surface in turf shoes without slipping because of the small stud’s gripping effect. However, they cannot be recommended as the greatest design for running on any terrain or road, comparable to athlete’s specialist shoes. Because turf shoes aren’t soft enough, you won’t be able to comfortably run mile after mile in these shoes. If you wear them for a high-intensity run, they can harm your feet. due to this, it is essential to consider getting a pair of appropriate shoes for yourself, depending on your goal.

How can I clean my Turf shoes?

Turf shoes are easier to clean than cleats because their small treads accumulate less dirt. First, rub the shoes together to remove grass, dirt, and filth. After that, dry scrub them with an old toothbrush then use a light detergent and water solution to wash away any remaining stains and grime. Next, wipe the dirt and soap with a moist towel soaked in warm water.

You can also place the laces and insoles (if removable) in a pillowcase and wash them in your washing machine to remove dirt and bad odors. lastly, let your turf shoes air dry at room temperature.

Final Words

If you are playing on an artificial grass or turf surface, statistics suggest that a turf shoe will be the safest option for you since it generates less rotational torque than other cleats. Turf cleats are great for training and playing on these surfaces because they are lightweight, secure, and provide just the right amount of traction.

Turf shoes are designed with optimal mobility in mind and will give several benefits, including improving your grip on the grass, preventing damage to the turf and field, and, most importantly, increased safety.

However, if you find that your turf shoes are creating too much slippage, you should consider switching to a solid metal or molded cleat. After all, your ultimate choice should be based on your personal preferences and needs on and off the field.

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