9 Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet [DOT Approved]

Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet

The most important piece of safety equipment you should get for riding a two-wheeler is a helmet. If you don’t like the bulky appearance of a helmet on your head, you might opt for a low-profile helmet.

Low-profile helmets avoid the mushroom head appearance as they’re designed to perfectly fit the contours of your head, regardless of their material or brand. They are also lighter and more comfortable than other half or full-face helmets.

Low-profile helmets come in a wide range of designs, styles, and features, making it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. After doing comprehensive research and comparing the features of multiple motorcycle helmets, we have compiled a list of some of the best low-profile motorcycle helmets you can get for yourself. Continue reading to find out which one best suits your riding style.

Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

Here are the detailed reviews of 9 of the best low-profile helmets having DOT certification.

1- Bell Scout Air Helmet

Bell’s Scout Air Helmet features an innovative in-mold design that provides a low profile and elegant appearance.

This helmet is made with a Tri-Matrix composite shell and has an EPS liner on the inside, making it a light and durable helmet that meets or exceeds both DOT and ECE certification standards.

The shell extends down over the ears to provide better coverage than other half helmets. There’s a recessed section on the interior where you could install speakers for your communication device.

Bell provides 5 different shell sizes and 5 different EPS liner sizes for this helmet, which means you’ll get the slimmest and lightest configuration possible, regardless of your head shape and size. The D-ring retention straps and light padding inside provide a secure and comfortable fit.

To protect your face and eyes from the sun and other elements while riding, you can choose either clear or smoked full auxiliary shields.

  • Tri-Matrix Composite Shell
  • Lightweight Helmet
  • D-Ring Retention Strap
  • Better Head Coverage
  • High Price

Our Take:

The Tri-Matrix shell structure of this low-profile helmet makes it both lightweight and sturdy. Despite its powerful functionality, it is the lightest helmet available, weighing only 900 grams, so you won’t have to worry about neck pains after a long ride.

2- Sena CAVALRY Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Cavalry is a high-tech, low-profile Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with built-in audio and communication technologies.

It features a lightweight fiberglass shell and an aerodynamic low-profile detachable visor.

The most up-to-date Bluetooth 4.1 version is included in this ground-breaking helmet, allowing riders to enjoy all the great benefits of Sena’s communication devices without the hassle of using a headset.

You can easily take calls directly from your helmet with the built-in microphone and hear music louder and clearer than ever before owing to the built-in half-helmet speakers on both sides, as well as optional ear cups to increase the audio volume if needed on the open road.

For maximum functionality, the Cavalry Half Helmet is designed with Advanced Noise Control, Wind Noise Reduction, as well as 10 hours of talk time.

Also, you can easily modify device settings to play FM radio or to access any quick tutorial by just pairing your Cavalry helmet with the Sena Headset App available for both Android and iOS.

  • Lightweight Fiberglass Shell
  • Built-in Bluetooth Communication unit
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Antimicrobial inner liner
  • 5-year warranty
  • Bluetooth might not work properly at high speed

Our Take:

Sena cavalry is one of the most cutting-edge low-profile motorcycle helmets due to its top-notch sound quality and Sena’s Advanced Noise Control Technology. This is the Bluetooth motorcycle half-helmet that every rider craves.

3- Daytona Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona Open face helmet is Daytona’s smallest D.O.T 3/4 helmet. This stylish retro-styled helmet features a slim, contoured shell that fits your head shape and eliminates the mushroom appearance.

The custom-molded interior of this Daytona helmet is fully lined with moisture-wicking fabric to provide maximum comfort. The Nickel-plated rolled tubular steel rivets blend in well with the helmet nicely.

It has a Snap-on Gloss Bubble Visor that comes with 3 snap lids and works very well to protect the eyes from the sun and other elements. The visor is positioned low enough to avoid catching the wind at high speed.

Daytona includes chin straps that can be moved forward or backward to prevent hair or beard pinching. The quick-release lock is also designed to be operated with only one finger movement. and it is perfect to use even with gloves on.

  • Slim-Line Shell design
  • Lightweight Helmet
  • Snap-on Gloss Bubble Visor
  • One finger Quick Release Lock
  • Multiple Color and Design Options
  • No Forehead Padding

Our Take:

If you’ve been looking for an open-face helmet that offers multiple sizes, color graphics, your quest is over. The 3 different Shell Sizes of these Daytona Open face helmets are designed for both small and large head shapes, ensuring that you get the right fit you want.

4- GMAX Gm65 Torque Naked Half Helmet

The GMAX Gm65 Torque Naked Half Helmet is designed for motorcycle riders who want a helmet that combines safety, style, and comfort.

This helmet has a tough Thermo-plastic poly alloy shell and a built-in drop-down Sun Visor that gives 100% UV protection. This retractable UV400 sun shield is designed for quick and tool-less removal and replacement.

All-day comfort is provided with a detachable and washable antibacterial DuPont Coolmax lining that wick sweat away from your head, and a lightweight dual-density EPS technology allows for a low-profile fit.

This helmet comes with a removable snap-in neck curtain to keep you warm when riding in the cold, as well as a D-ring retention strap system that ensures a snug fit.

For riders who don’t like tinted shields or who travel mostly at night, a clear visor is also included in the box.

  • Thermo-plastic poly alloy shell
  • Antibacterial DuPont Coolmax liner
  • UV400 Sun Shield
  • Removable Neck Curtain
  • Multiple Graphic Options
  • No Bluetooth

Our Take:

This sleek-looking helmet comes with a slew of modern features and is an excellent choice for everyday riding around town. Its stylish matte finish will make you stand out from the crowd.

5- Scorpion EXO-C110 Helmet

The Scorpion EXO helmet features an advanced polycarbonate external shell which makes it an extremely lightweight helmet. It also provides built-in sun protection with its speed-view drop-down sun visor that you can open and close at the touch of a button. It’s also anti-fog and scratch-resistant.

A quick-wicking, detachable, and antibacterial dual-density EPS lining stretches down to cover the lower back of the head.

This helmet has an aero-tuned ventilation system that generates a suction to draw hot air out from exhaust ports at the back of the helmet and enables the cool air to circulate throughout the helmet.

The retention straps have button snaps that allow you to install speakers in rear flap pockets. Furthermore, a unique chin strap retention design prevents the helmet from rolling forward off your head.

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell
  • Speaker Pockets
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System
  • Low-profile Peak visor
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Less durable foam padding

Our Take:

The Scorpion EXO-C110 helmet’s built-in sun protection comes in light and dark tints, as well as blue, amber, ruby, and silver colors. This helmet will not only make you look good, but it also keeps your head cool on long rides thanks to its subtle contemporary design and excellent ventilation system.

6- HJC CL-Ironroad Half Helmet

The CL-Ironroad is one of the most famous DOT-approved half-shell helmets of HJC. With its stylish and aggressive polycarbonate shell construction and aerodynamic low-profile visor, it is designed for riders who want extra protection without sacrificing weight.

It also has detachable ear pockets that are designed by using modern CAD technology to improve fitting inside the polycarbonate shell and are ready to house speakers from the communication unit.

It also comes with a neck curtain that can be removed with a zipper running along the base of the helmet. The fully removable and washable Nylex interior provides comfort and impacts absorbing EPS liner prevents brain damage in case of a collision.

HJC also includes a dial comfort adjustment system in this helmet, allowing riders to customize the fit to their preferences, while the double D-ring chin strap ensures a secure fit.

  • Speaker Pockets
  • Dial Comfort Adjustment system
  • Removable Nylex Interior
  • Aerodynamic Low-Profile Visor
  • Double D-ring Chinstrap
  • None

Our Take:

HJC CL-Ironroad Helmet is best for urban riders since it provides great ventilation, a snug fit, and a distortion-free view. This helmet is ideal if you’re concerned about your safety as well as comfort and want a stylish helmet that won’t break the bank.

7- TORC T55 Spec-Op Motorcycle Half Helmet

TORC is dedicated to creating helmets that are both safe, functional, and visually appealing. The shell of the TORC T55 Spec-Op Helmet is made of Thermal Polymer Alloy to keep the weight down and create a comfortable fit on your head. This sturdy and resilient advanced polycarbonate shell is engineered to protect the rider’s head by dispersing the impact energy over a large area which minimizes head injury.

It contains a multi-density EPS foam lining that also helps to protect your brain in a collision.

The integrated, retractable drop-down sun visor shields your eyes from dust, rain, and sun. However, this tinted visor is not recommended for nighttime riding due to the possibility of major visual distortions. You can ride safely at night without dropping the visor.

The antimicrobial and sweat-wicking inner liner is removable and washable which is perfect to maintain hygiene and to avoid bad odor.

  • Strong Shell Construction
  • Internal Drop-Down Sun Visor
  • Multi-Density EPS liner
  • Padded Chin Strap with D-ring Closure
  • Low-Quality Visor

Our Take:

TORC T55 DOT-approved helmet is best for riders having an intermediate oval head shape. You will surely get the right fit for yourself with its two different Shell Sizes.

8- Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

The Bell Pit Boss helmet is a low-profile, DOT-approved helmet that features a lightweight Tri-Matrix exterior shell, made with a combination of three materials: carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass composite. This tough and durable shell protects the head by absorbing high-impact energy.

This is a neutral head shape helmet, comes with a Speed dial fit system in the back that allows for a customized fit and helps to keep the helmet in place to minimize lift and slippage when you are riding at high speed, a feature not seen on other models.

The Bell Pit helmet has a detachable visor, a drop-down internal sun shield to protect the rider from harmful UV rays, and ear flaps with speaker pockets for audio enhancement.

The neck curtain has two functions: it keeps you warm in cold weather and it hides the speakers for your headset.

The Bell Pit Boss is a quieter helmet as it decreases wind resistance and eliminates road noise.

  • Tri-Matrix Composite Shell
  • Speed Dial Adjustable Fit System
  • Integrated Speaker pockets
  • Internal Sun Shade
  • 5-year warranty
  • A bit heavy
  • Quality of Visor can be improved

Our Take:

The three-shell structure adds some weight to this helmet but also enhances protection. This bell pit boss helmet is the appropriate choice for you if you need something for hot summer days that also protects your ear and neck in chilly winters without giving the mushroom head appearance.

9- WCL German Motorcycle Half Helmet

WCL German Motorcycle helmet is an SOA-inspired beanie helmet that combines the traditional look that all riders desire with the comfort needed for long trips.

You will not experience any fatigue in your neck and will not get the mushroom head appearance because this DOT-approved half helmet is one of the lightest and smallest helmets, weighing only 1 pound.

its red quick release strap system is designed to secure the helmet firmly on your head while also making it simple to remove when you’re finished riding or simply want to rest.

The strong ABS shell and dense foam interior of this helmet will protect your head from high-energy impact in the case of a crash.

  • Small and Lightweight Helmet
  • Strong ABS shell
  • Quick-Release Adjustable Strap
  • Comfortable Liner
  • Size Run Large

Our Take:

This WCL German helmet needs some break-in period and will perfectly mold to your head after the first few rides to provide a long-lasting comfortable fit.

How to Choose the Best Low-profile Motorcycle Helmet?

When choosing a low-profile helmet, you have to consider some important features to make sure that you choose the right helmet for your riding style to protect your brain properly. This guide will help you pick a helmet that best fits your riding needs.

Shell Material

The outer shell of the helmet should be made of a solid and sturdy material that can transfer the force of an impact across a larger area of the helmet without splitting or getting pierced.

The low-profile helmets are constructed by using either basic thermo-plastic (ABS or polycarbonate) material or complex composite fiber material which is a mixture of different fibers such as Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

Generally, composite fiber helmets are more durable yet expensive than helmets having a thermoplastic outer shell.

Helmet Weight

One of the most significant factors to consider is the weight of the helmet. The weight variation of a helmet is primarily determined by the price, size, and style of the helmet. Because the rider has to wear the helmet even for long durations, the weight of the helmet must not be too heavy for the rider’s head.

A lighter helmet will provide more comfort than a heavier one. Your neck muscles may become stressed if you wear a heavy helmet which can cause headaches, neck pain, back pain, as well as other injuries.

Size and Fit

Each person’s head is different, and not all helmets are created equal. The best motorcycle helmet for you is one that fits snugly and comfortably around your head.

The helmet fit highly depends on the size and shape of the shell, either round or oval. It’s better to know your head shape and size in advance before buying.

Remember, one size does not fit all. A helmet only does its job if it’s worn in the correct size. If a helmet is too small, tight, or big on your head, it will not only make your ride uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous. Your life will be saved if you wear the proper size helmet.


A visor is necessary to protect the rider’s eyes from the sun, rain, dust, and other elements. Since some riders choose to ride without visors, many low-profile helmets come with drop-down visors. These adjustable visors can be easily raised and lowered when riding. This means you can turn the visor out of the way when it’s not in use to avoid unrestricted vision.

But keep in mind, a tinted visor can be a little dark on cloudy days and downright dangerous for nighttime riding.

However, some light-tint (usually yellow) visors are also available which enhance night vision.

Inner Foam

Aside from improving comfort, the helmet’s inner form’s main function is to provide better impact energy management to prevent brain damage. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is one of the most widespread foams used in low-profile helmets. EPS foam’s superior ability to absorb impact energy and its extreme lightweight make it the best material for use in helmets.

It is preferable to choose a helmet with a high density of EPS because the higher the EPS foam’s density, the better the protection it provides.

Safety Standards

Your helmet must be DOT certified, the most essential certification issued by the US Department of Transportation, which makes your helmet legal to use on the roads. To make things easy for you, all the helmets we reviewed in this article meet the DOT safety FMVSS218 standards so you can easily pick any one of them without worrying about your head safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to wear a Low-Profile Helmet?

If a low-profile helmet has DOT certification, then it is safe to wear for road biking.

A DOT certification ensures that a helmet contains all of the necessary safety features. Such as, its thick inside lining is made of a durable material that’ll cushion your head and absorbs impact energy, while the outside shell is constructed of a sturdy material that can withstand high-impact force.

How do I know which helmet size I should select?

To know the right size for your helmet, you simply need to measure the circumference of your head. Wrap a soft measuring tape or a string around your head about half an inch above your eyebrows down to the back of your head to get your right head size.

Don’t forget to compare your head size with the sizing charts provided by the helmet manufacturer, as each helmet manufacturer has a different sizing chart for their helmets.

Are low-profile motorcycle helmets legal?

low profile helmets approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) are legal to use in every state.

Final words

Riding on two wheels can only become a fantastic experience if you are well protected and safe. Therefore, you need to invest in protective riding gear, most importantly a helmet.

Low-profile road bike helmets that are DOT-certified are a reasonable and good choice whether you ride a motorbike for fun or need a helmet for everyday commuting. Pick one from the list above and have a great time riding.

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